Sanya Richards-Ross Defends Marlo Hampton Amid Backlash for Feud with Kandi Burruss

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Kandi Burruss feels Marlo Hampton crossed the line.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Marlo Hampton and Kandi Burruss are clashing on the current season. As we reported, Kandi strongly believes that Marlo is using her nephew’s death to make her look bad and hurt her restaurants. Marlo said that the incident that took place at Blaze Steak & Seafood triggered her. She went on to allege that the man who pulled the trigger is someone who worked at Old Lady Gang as well. Kandi denied this on her YouTube channel. She said the man never worked at any of her establishments. So Kandi suspects that Marlo’s actions were all in bad faith. In her opinion, Marlo will do anything to take her down.

Well, things were pretty explosive on the recent episode. Kenya Moore told Kandi that Marlo alleged that the shooter worked at Old Lady Gang. And she also said Kandi should have done more to acknowledge her nephew’s passing. So Kandi confronted Marlo. As the two women argued, Marlo denied that she is trying to attach Kandi to the unfortunate situation. But Kandi told Marlo that is exactly what she was attempting to do. And it’s foul.

During an onscreen conversation with her managers, Marlo told both that Kandi should have sent flowers and catered food from OLG. Later on in the episode, Sanya Richards Ross gave her thoughts about Marlo and Kandi’s blowup. And she didn’t like that Drew Sidora labeled Marlo as being aggressive. Sanya said that Kandi was also being aggressive during the exchange. And she feels that some of the women are being unfair.

Marlo Hampton received some support from Sanya Richards-Ross.

Sanya defended Marlo some more during her interview with Carlos King. Carlos asked Sanya, “Are you on Marlo’s side when it comes to where her and Kandi are going through? And can you shed some light that we may not know? Because I know Marlo for real for real and I’m confused.”

Sanya responded, “It’s tricky, right because you can’t tell someone how to feel. It’s a tricky thing to navigate because somebody died. Her nephew died so there’s the gravity of that. And then there is this feeling where she just feels like Kandi sometimes just kind of brushes past issues big and small. Do I always agree with how Marlo goes at things? No. But do I try to validate her feelings? Yes.”

She continued, “The fact that she felt like Kandi never really acknowledged it or showed up in the way…see the other thing that people have to understand too is a lot of times people value friendship the way that they are friends. And Marlo is one of the most thoughtful…she’s one of the kindest people I know. Last season when I had Covid, she sent me flowers, a teddy bear, she sent me medicine. She called me every day. And that’s her love language.”

Sanya believes it’s all about reciprocity for Marlo, “She I think just expects people to reciprocate that. And what I understand from Kandi when I was talking to Kandi as well is she’s not that girl. I’m not all the way a thoughtful person like that either. Marlo is teaching me how to be more thoughtful of people.”


  1. Sanya is such a disappointment. I expected a lot more since they announced she was joining RHOA. Anyway, I want people to stop defending Marlo like she wasn’t exposed for multiple lies the last episode. Stop playing in our faces.

    1. Thank you, Queen! Is Marlo going to crack! Because she truly dishes it out but can’t take it. The backlash can ruin your character for life. You go too far below the belt. You need to take a speech class and a read class.

      You want people to feel sorry for you when you say things so low to them. I’m surprised that anyone can deal with you. Sheree and Sanya are only using you to be the fool so they can keep their checks.

      Get help now, Marlo. Before you go to a point of no return!

      Sanya, mind yo own. You’re not even ready for all of this. But your statement “Put some respect on my name, I am 4 time olympic gold medalist” is what you need to be focusing on along with your husband and child.

      Marlo will ruin your reputation and the day you do or say something against her, you will truly feel her raft.

      Best Wishes!

  2. They all talk about how sweet Marlo is until they become her next victim. Marlo is no one’s friend.

  3. Sanya is a flip flopper and a liar …she told Kandi she defended her when Courtney was talking about her ….when in fact she was laughing with them…I can’t wait for the reunion…. Sanya needs to go

  4. I like Marlo and without her no one would be talking about RHOA this season. RHOA is not giving!! All of these women are a No for me. Bring back the glamour, glitz, sophistication, elegance, class and light shade!

  5. Shout out to *Queen much respect to you for your comment *Inger much respect to you for your comment *I’m saying much respect to you for your comment *Gemini ‘s twin much respect to you for your comment. I’m elated to know that there are *Women out here who has their own mind & thoughts. Marlo is no Victim

  6. I agree, Sanya is a flip flopping liar. She’s known Marlo all of one season. Kandi outta drop her friendship with Sanya as soon as possible.

  7. The fact that she expected kandi to cater her funeral without asking or anything is petty all by itself

    1. Yep it just shows Marlo and her family are very entitled people. I believe in staying far away from people like that.

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