Melody Shari Threatens Martell Holt’s Side Chick + Plans to Get Even Legally

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Melody Shari and Martell Holt may never be on good terms again.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” stars Melody Shari and Martell Holt went through a very nasty divorce. As we reported, Martell had a baby with Arionne Curry, his former mistress. Melody found out Arionne was pregnant after she filed for divorce. Melody filed because she came to the realization that Martell was cheating again at the height of the pandemic. She knew he wasn’t telling the truth when he told her he was going to the gym all those times he left the house during quarantine. Fast forward to now, Martell and Melody’s co-parenting relationship is just as messy as their divorce was.

Martell sued Melody for full custody of their children. He alleged that the reason why he did so is because she had “20-something” different babysitters. Martell also said he didn’t want her brother, Marcus Minnifeld to watch the kids. Melody said this is because Marcus is gay and she suspects Martell is homophobic.

Regardless, Melody vowed to fight back in court and she also demanded full custody of their children. In the end, the judge ruled to keep joint custody as the active agreement.

Melody Shari has had enough.

Although Melody and Martell will continue to have joint custody, it still doesn’t seem like their co-parenting relationship will improve any time soon. In fact, Melody exchanged words with Arionne on social media hours ago. Everything kicked off after it was alleged that Arionne has the explicit video Martell threatened to leak. As we reported, Martell threatened to leak an old video of him and Melody having an “intimate” moment while they were married. Weeks ago, a woman who appeared on LAMH with LaTisha Scott said that Arionne allegedly told her Martell asked her to leak the video to spite Melody. And the woman backed off from her friendship with Arionne as a result.

Hours ago, Melody suspected Arionne had been shading her on Instagram Story. So she responded on Instagram Live by telling Arionne to “pull up” and she’ll still whoop Arionne’s “***.”

“My choosing to be professional to handle my business and ignore you does not negate the fact that I will whoop yo ***. And I mean that with everything in me. Period.”

Arionne clapped back by calling Melody “bad bodied” and taunting her for filing for bankruptcy amid the divorce.

Melody returned to Instagram Live to tell Arionne she filed for bankruptcy in response to Martell filing for bankruptcy first. But she challenged Arionne to find something of substance to say because all her digs are superficial.

“First of all, ain’t nothing bad-bodied over here. Let’s be clear. Come with something deeper than that. Come with something better than that. That’s the first thing lames wanna throw out is about somebody’s body or somebody’s hair. All that surface ****. Come with something deeper. Let’s talk about your morals or lack thereof. Let’s talk about your integrity or lack thereof. Let’s talk about that.”

She continued, “Let’s talk about stuff that actually has a little bit of substance.”

Melody also confirmed that she will be making some legal moves regarding the alleged video.


  1. I wish Melody wouldn’t entertain this. She should just let her lawyer handle it and stop responding to nonsense.

    1. I agree!! Melody let her talk and just get as much evidence on her and Martell crazy butt. Martell has lost his good thing and he is loosing his mind. Melody let it go and continue being the mother and boss you are.

      1. I really do not believe that Martell want Arionne and I think he has.decided to go on with his life. Feel that he is focused on making $$$$$ right now…

  2. I agree with you, Lauren!

    I wouldn’t entertain this young girl/woman. Why is Melody even relevant to her at this point in time? Martell has made a mess and has caused havoc in a lot of people lives. Melody, you have been blessed and you will continue to be blessed. Protect your kids and yourself and move on. Let the legal system take care of what it must take care of. You cannot argue with foolishness. That young lady has no remorse for her actions. So, she is in God’s hands. Vengeance is his and we all weep what we sow.

    Best Wishes & Continue to Live your Best Life!

  3. I find it hilarious yet sad that Arionne is taking up for a man that never ever never claimed her as anyone. Yet she demanded to be on the show. Melody need not give any of it energy. But Arionne can get it if she wants smoke.

  4. I agree however after so much bs and for so long, I am sure Melody, has reached a point that she has had enough. Be in prayer, because the DEVIL is a LIE! Melody will be the VICTOR, she has GOD on her side.

  5. are in too blessed to be stressed. Martell knows he lost his family due to being out there in the streets and what did he get …Trash!! He is miserable and just wants to lash out at Melody. He wanted his mother to but that failed and everyone he can to come at you, but he can’t win. So, he goes and gets a silly fool to bid for him. Anytime a man risk hurting his own kids by threatening to release a video to make his ex wife and kids look bad, it says a lot aboyt Martell’s character. Document and do everything legally, next time you go to court the judge will see his behavior and you will get full custody. Keep your head up!!🙏

  6. Mel I love you and hope to meet you one day. My family is from bayou Al batre and I love your show.

  7. What Martell and CK have done to this black queen is deployable and disgusting. OWN has not responded to these allegations. Matter of fact. They gave him a new show with the same lack of morals and ethics. Cancel CK. Hopefully Motel and his side piece will be in jail and have to register as a sex offender.

  8. Totally agree I would not entertain!!!! I need feedback regarding Melody, skin care products, have anyone used her products? Thanks!

  9. Coleslaw is a creep! What woman holds on to a sex tape of another woman on top of the fact that you slept with this woman’s husband. Straight nothing a** tramp. She probably watching that video everyday. She is so stupid and she looks like a pervert.

  10. I feel after three years of dealing with someone that are jealous of a woman in which she cheated with her husband Melody gave him enough time to get his act together but he didn’t want to change but when you think the grass on the other side is greener now Bo weaver is ready to come home but little did he realize love don’t leave her anymore now he has to tuck his tail with the low budget side piece and just make her his wife that’s what she wants they have a child together so go ahead and marry your side piece and live happily ever after!!!

  11. Melody is a queen and Martell realize he f up and his money is a little funny. He trying to get full custody of the kids so Melody can pay him child support. That side chick should be shame to so her face after her little booty call with a marry man. Team Melody to the end


  12. What’s far more believable is that- long ago Martell may have shared w/Coleslaw that he and his then/now ex- wife made a sex tape. He benefits in no way having a tape of he and his then wife having intimate relations released. He like his former wife is making serious attempts to build his Brand and thus rebuild his wealth. Doing so while also re-entering the dating scene. Having already gone public with someone he noted is special to him. Meanwhile lil miss Coleslaw post the Holt’s divorce- STILL has not received the title of exclusive girlfriend nor
    wife. Something she’s thirsted for since day-one of her meeting Martell. This latest stunt sounds more like a “get-back” move at BOTH the Holts.

  13. Coleslaw will not be pulling up. She’s trying to pretend that she would release the video to help Martell and hurt Melody, really it’s to hurt both. Martell is never going to make her a main chick, and that is not Melody ‘s fault. Coleslaw picked her role and now she is tired of it , nope she stuck.

  14. Melody is tired of this creep who keeps harassing her. She needed to be put in her place. Arionne acts like she was the wife. She kept disrespecting Melody because Martell never shut her down. She doesn’t know her place. Most women would have beat her butt long time ago.

  15. Melody needs to hire Gloria Allred. She’s a skilled lawyer and handles high profile cases.

  16. Arionne Curry needs to go on about her business and leave Melody alone. Being in adultery will make you delusional because your whole relationship is a lie. She is still believing the lie and trying to make it a reality. Melody is tired of A. CURRY TAUNTING HER and she wants it stopped. Martell should be telling Arionne to leave Melody alone. But instead, he is fueling the fire. My Ex did the same with his side piece so I can relate to what she is going through. I just left them in their mess. I pray that Mel continues to heal and ignore them. She will be all the better for it. Let God deal with them!!

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