Kenya Moore Accuses Sanya Richards Ross of Being Fake Neutral + Sanya Throws Shade

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Kenya Moore doesn’t care about Marlo Hampton’s past with her current boo.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Kenya Moore and Sanya Richards-Ross have been having tension on the current season. They originally agreed to work on building a friendship after prior issues. Sanya took issue with Kenya saying that Aaron Ross spoke to her and the other women aggressively while he defended Sanya during the previous season. Kenya didn’t feel like Sanya did a good job hosting the cast trip to Jamaica. At times, Sanya had to be away from the group to work. However, Kenya felt like she still could have done a better job interacting with the others and planning activities. Regardless, Ross felt like Kenya and the other women were being too hard on Sanya. So he stood up at the dinner table and told them to not “****” with his wife.

On the recent episode, Marlo Hampton revealed she went on a date with Kenya’s current boo Roi Shlomo. But nothing came from it. And the date happened because the man DM’d her.

Kenya brushed off this information and took it as Marlo’s attempt to get under her skin. However, Sanya felt like Marlo also pinpointed Kenya’s hypocrisy. In a scene, Sanya said that Kenya made a big stink over Martell Holt DM’ing her in the past because he was currently dating Sheree Whitfield. But she didn’t seem to mind that her new boo was in Marlo’s DM before Monyetta Shaw-Carter introduced them.

Sanya Richards-Ross shaded Kenya Moore.

Well, Kenya watched the episode. She now feels like it’s safe to say that Sanya is a fake friend who plays neutral when she’s far from it.

A Twitter user wrote, “What are we even talking about right now? Sanya why are you going so hard on Kenya’s man after she done helped you raise all that money for your charity? I’m sorry, this fake stuff is tew much…#RHOA”

In response, Kenya tweeted, “Because @SanyaRichiRoss is not my friend or neutral PAY ATTENTION #RHOA.”

Kenya then went on to unfollow Sanya. Hours later, Sanya threw some shade on Instagram Story.

She wrote, “When you stay relevant and working without having to post one tweet 🤣😂.”


  1. Sanya,

    I like you because I do put respect on your 4 x Goal Medals but you are too messy. I’m not sure what Bravo is paying you but it is belittling your character.

    You have a great family, husband and child. You’re coming off as a sh_t starter who can’t be trusted. Marlo and Sheree’ will turn on you. You’re new and you need to go back and watch the previous seasons. Marlo has no loyalty for anyone and Sheree is trying to maintain the Chateau.

    Be careful! Kenya, Kandi & Monyetta are good people who are truly trying to prosper in life. Drew is good too but she’s hurt.

    I think the HWOA should fire everybody at this point and start with a whole new crew like NY. You all are getting harder to watch from week to week.

    Stay beautiful and keep your dignity. When you mess up with your family, you are messing up and I see it coming. The housewives can destroy lives.

    Best Wishes!

    1. Why is everyone attacking Sanya she only stated the truth. Did you not see Kenya make a big deal out of Martell dming her, but now that Marlo mentioned that her guy dm her, suddenly it’s no big deal. Marlo said it was no big deal and nothing happened.

      1. I totally agree l think that all these housewives shows have run its course time for something new and fresh cancelation time

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