Kenya Moore Still Feels Sanya Richards-Ross’ Husband Was Aggressive + Sanya Claps Back

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Sanya Richards-Ross wasn’t here for Kenya Moore’s comments about her husband.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Kenya Moore and Sanya Richards-Ross have had tension on the current season. However, things only escalated during the trip to Jamaica. Sanya was hoping the trip would be peaceful as she showed the ladies her home country. However, she clashed with Kenya and Sheree Whitfield when it came to her IFIT events. Sanya and her husband Aaron Ross booked a couple of projects with IFIT. And Sanya invited all the ladies to come out to see her and Aaron film them. Sheree and Kenya weren’t able to make it. They blamed Sanya for not answering her phone. However, Sanya said she was too busy working to answer their calls.

When Kenya and Sheree called out Sanya about the situation at dinner, Ross got upset. And he felt like Sanya was being ganged up on. So he got up from the table to speak. He said, “Hold on please, don’t **** with my wife.”

Kenya wasn’t feeling this. And she opened up to Sheree about it the following day. She told Sheree, “Her husband getting up and yelling at everybody…that’s not your definition of aggressive?”

Well, Sheree went back to Sanya to tell her what Kenya said. This didn’t sit well with Sanya. So she called out Kenya on the recent episode.

The cast addressed the issue on the After Show. Although Sanya said what Kenya said was disrespectful, Kenya stood firm by her comments.

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  1. The irony of Marlo calling anyone else jealous. Anyway, one day we need to talk about how society only feels certain black women are deserving of protection. Single black women are hated so much that people lie to themselves and say it’s okay for men to speak to them any kind of way. Aaron was wrong. Sanya is capable of defending herself when other women disagree with her. They are gaslighting Kenya about this jealousy nonsense but Marlo took issue with Todd speaking to her two episodes ago after she disrespected him to his face. I wouldn’t be okay with my husband cussing at other women in my honor. It’s unnecessary. I can handle it.

    1. A lot of women are pick me’s unfortunately. They think the biggest accomplishment is having a man. So they feel good about themselves when their man “defends” them and is aggressive towards women they don’t like. It’s pathetic.

      1. I’d be turned off by my man if he got involved in my little petty fights with other women. Men arguing with women isn’t attractive to me.

    2. I don’t want my husband fighting with other women on my behalf either. There are so many conversations daily on Twitter about black men being emasculated but now it’s cool for them to cuss out single women their wives don’t like? How is this manly? People gotta start being real and stop forming opinions based off who they like and dislike. Imagine the outrage if it was Porsha, Phaedra and Nene her husband did this to.

  2. Kenya is such a hypocrite. She is accusing Sanya’s husband of being aggressive and he was defending his wife. Mark embarrassed her and treated her worse, but she kept her mouth shut. She is picking on Sanya because Portia was smart to leave the show otherwise she would have been the target this season for Marlo and Kenya. Now they are gasping for a storyline.

    1. Exactly 💯💯 Kenya is just too much…She didn’t speak up when her “Husband” Marc called her Ken and got her all the way together!! I’m just sick of her and Marlo at this point!!

  3. This is such bullsh-t and I’m not even a Kenya stan. If Kenya was still with Marc and he did what Aaron did, people would be dragging Kenya and Marc left and right. There was no need for Aaron to talk like that to women. Sanya wasn’t even getting dragged.

  4. I’m still waiting on a logical explanation as to why what Sheree or Kenya said required Aaron standing up from the table and using that kind of language. I still haven’t seen it yet. I remember when NeNe, Phaedra, and Porsha defended a man being aggressive to Kenya and said she earned it because of her mouth. Kandi was the only one who called out their bs.

  5. Kenya is always acting like she is being picked on and Kenya starts so much mess on this show. Kenya is mad because her rent a husband Marc left her. Kenya has a problem with men, just look at all the men she has been with. They all leave her because of her mouth. Her mouth got her in trouble with Porsha.
    Kenya is just bitter and mad.

  6. Why do black women constantly try to shame single women for being single? “She can’t keep a man!” Umm, okay are men supposed to be a prize? Look at the stats. Most men are awful and a lot of marriages fail. I suggest black women focus on obtaining real accomplishments. Then just maybe they’d stop wasting time in bad relationships because they’re afraid of being judged for not having a man. Kenya isn’t perfect, but she’s right on this. Men should never speak to women this way.

  7. I truly think most of the backlash Kenya and Kandi receive is due to colorism. Neither one of them are any worse than the other housewives. And honestly, housewives who have more fans have done things much worse but only Kenya and Kandi are expected to tolerate the harmful things done to them. Fans even say they deserved it. It’s sickening.

  8. Kenya wishes that Marc would defend her!!

    I remember feeling embarrassed for Kenya when
    Marc came on the show. Marc defended NENE against Kenya!

    Kenya never has anything going on besides her endless Divorce to Marc!🙄 Bitter !

  9. Chile whatever Sanya’s husband made himself look very goofy in that moment. It wasn’t that serious. And Sanya constantly has Sheree and Marlo telling her what to say, think, and do. Embarrassing.

  10. It’s not about being single or having a man Kenya’s husband and pass boyfriends spoke to her more aggressive than that, and she still stayed with them and didn’t call them out on it. Kenya has a problem with Sanya because Sanya is the new black women in the spot light now that has been awarded something great from their country.Kenya thinks she can say whatever she want to anyone but they can’t say anything to Kenya cause her feeling will get hurt. Kenya is very disrespectful, you see how she was treating Sheree’s friend when they were looking at the models. Kenya needs to get a better storyline besides her and Marc and speaking disrespectful to other women on the show.

  11. Kenya and the rest of the women on this show are paid to fight with each other. The husbands are not paid at all. So they need to stay out of the arguments. Sanya didn’t have an issue with Kenya until Sheree told her to. Even now Kenya still doesn’t have a problem with Sanya but Sanya wants a problem with Kenya just like she wanted a problem with Drew. If she’s going to start fights and beefs for storylines, she needs to be able to handle it without her husband’s help. She looks weak and unable to be on this show. I expected better from Sanya because I’m a fan of her track days.

  12. One thing I’ve always liked about Kenya is she never needed help or backup. And she’s a girl’s girl so even if she doesn’t like one of the girls, she’ll still have their back if a man violates them. It’s crazy that Sheree instigated this because Kenya was one of the only women on the show who supported her after Sheree said Bob physically abused her. She didn’t even like Sheree at that time either. Kenya isn’t a pick me and I love that about her. Sanya’s responses are very male identified. She wants all this protection for black men but doesn’t care that a black woman was made uncomfortable by her husband. Typical.

  13. Marlo isn’t married either and we’ve never seen her with a man on this show so she should sit this one out. Sanya is being ridiculous. Black women don’t have to be silent when a black man makes us uncomfortable. They don’t matter more than us. And like NeNe said, men need to stay out of women’s business. Funny how people want that standard upheld until it comes to Kenya. Then it’s okay to cuss out women and be aggressive to them. Whatever.

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