NeNe Leakes Claps Back After Sheree Whitfield Insists on More Recognition for RHOA Success

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NeNe Leakes’ latest interview led to a lot of discussions on social media.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes grabbed a lot of attention on social media recently. She did an interview with Carlos King. And she opened up about her time on the show, as well as her very controversial departure. NeNe confirmed she hasn’t been watching the current season. But she does sometimes check out some of the clips that have made rounds on social media. Regardless, NeNe told Carlos that RHOA is the house she built. That can’t be changed even though she is no longer a cast member. She also pointed out that the ratings were significantly much higher while she was around.

Well, Sheree Whitfield took to Twitter to respond to NeNe’s comment about RHOA being the house that she built. Apparently, this comment bothered Sheree. And in her opinion, RHOA was built by an ensemble cast.

Sheree tweeted, “OUR house…The beauty of an ensemble cast.”

Her tweet resulted in a lot of RHOA fans joining in on the discussion. Many told Sheree that while she deserves respect for being an OG, she didn’t contribute much to the success of the show. And it was NeNe who was hands down the breakout star. So they didn’t think Sheree had any right to be slighted because NeNe only said the truth.

NeNe Leakes stood firm on her interview comments and reminded Sheree Whitfield that Andy Cohen said the same thing years ago.

NeNe responded to Sheree’s comment on Instagram. She may not be on good terms with Andy Cohen, but she reminded Sheree that Andy himself said RHOA was NeNe’s house.

She wrote, “Let’s not forget ANDY COHEN told y’all… This is the house that Nene Leakes built. REMEMBERRRRRRRR! He posted it on Twitter. Go google it. Sheree was never there long enough. Oh and I referred Sheree to be on the show! Ok bye.”

Check out the screenshots in the video here.

The tweet NeNe was referencing was the tweet Andy penned back in October 2018. After NeNe said she was considering a break from the show, Andy tweeted,

“#RHOA is the house that NeNe built!”


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  1. Sheree has been jealous of NeNe’s since season 1. She really thought she was going to be the star but that was NeNe’s fate and not hers. Sheree gives nothing and that’s why she’s been fired multiple times. And when she does give, it’s always some fake nonsense.

    1. Amen!!! Sheree thought she’d be the IT girl but Nene and that big ‘ol personality of hers was the heartbeat of RHOA.

  2. Nene will always trigger Sheree and it’s so funny to me. It is Nene’s house and always will be.

  3. That interview was more entertaining than everything we’ve seen so far on RHOA this season. That alone should humble Sheree.

  4. I stopped watching this show a long time ago. It maybe time the show is cancelled as it has run its course. Both Nene and Where’s are trying to make themselves relevant but no really cares because there are other things to worry about. Nene decided to leave the show so I’m unsure what she is doing. She need to focus on herself, her family and her businesses and be the boss queen I know she can be. As for Sheree, get a real job!

  5. RHOA would have never popped off without NeNe. I don’t care what Sheree’s delusional a-s has to say.

  6. Sheree needs to have 2 seats! She is sooo pretentious & everyone knows & sees right through her. Sheree concentrate on making authentic cothing so you don’t have to steal other brands! Girl, bye bye bye, be gone!

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