Sanya Richards-Ross Responds to RHOA Fans Calling Her Fake Neutral

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Sanya Richards-Ross has been accused of riding the fence and being fake neutral on RHOA.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Sanya Richards-Ross has been receiving a lot of criticism on social media. Some fans have accused her of being fake neutral. In fact, they didn’t like how Sanya handled Kandi Burruss and Marlo Hampton‘s ongoing feud. On the show, Sanya said she felt like Kandi wasn’t trying to hear out Marlo. And she seemingly agreed when Marlo said Kandi didn’t show much empathy about her nephew’s death. Kandi’s issue with all of this is she’s been spending a lot of time with Sanya away from the cameras. They have been on vacations together as well. So Kandi didn’t understand why Sanya didn’t go to Marlo and try to get her to understand Kandi’s perspective, too.

Well, this was addressed during Sanya’s recent interview with “Way Up with Angela Yee.”

Angela Yee asked Sanya, “The things about you that come up is people act like you go back and forth and who is she really friends with? She said she was neutral but she’s not neutral. Do you feel like you were forced to kind of have to pick a side?”

Sanya Richards-Ross doesn’t think she double-crossed Kandi Burruss.

Sanya answered, “It’s a good question, Angela. So here’s the whole thing about that. I feel like the fans and people who watch the show and are invested, which I love, forget that I’ve only known these women for the same length of time. So I’m literally trying to get to know everybody. At that point before Season 2 started and the off-season, I had gotten really really close to Kandi and Marlo. Those are the two I hung out with the most. So the first couple of weeks they get into this huge fight and I’m like, oh God!”

She continued, “I really was trying to be a good friend and trying to mediate the situation. I didn’t pick a side.”

Sanya added, “I went to Kandi, I said, ‘Hey what is your perspective?’ I told her Marlo’s. Went to Marlo, did the same thing, and told them let’s just try to squash it. I feel like people don’t understand that’s not riding the fence. That’s what a friendship looks like when you’re in a friend group where two of your friends have fallen out. So I felt like I wasn’t trying to pick a side or come across like I was riding the fence. It was more about just trying to show up for the both of them.”

She did confirm that she is now closer to Marlo, “As the season continues, I do become closer to Marlo throughout the season. But that’s just organic.”

The drama with Kenya Moore was also brought up.

Sanya’s fallout with Kenya Moore was also discussed. As we reported, Kenya recently unfollowed Sanya on social media. She told her Twitter followers that Sanya isn’t really a friend and she’s far from neutral. Apparently, Kenya didn’t like that Sanya went on to shade her even though Kenya helped her raise thousands of dollars for her charity.

In response, Sanya told Angela that while she appreciates Kenya’s help, she didn’t like some of the things Kenya did that weren’t shown on the show.

“One of the things that I love about the women on this show is regardless of what’s going on with us if it’s a good cause or something happens to someone, everyone shows up for that person. And that’s just been my experience. What Kenya did, helping us raise $80,000, helping so far over 18 women who are suffering from homelessness with their children, I mean incredible. But while that’s happening simultaneously, we’re trying to build a friendship too off camera, on camera.”

Sanya continued, “So I felt like, we talked about this at the reunion too, so I don’t want to jump into it, but Kenya’s amazing. And I love that she did that for my Mommi Nation but at the same time, there were things that she was doing to me personally that I didn’t feel like she was trying to build our friendship.”


  1. Sanya is DEFINITELY a flip flipper!! She goes on whoever side that gives her attention and this season her TRUE colors have been exposed.First it was Kandi now Marlo she’s trying to hard to fit in..Just my opinion.

  2. Kenya ain’t wrong. Sanya is a flip flop & couldn’t remain neutral even if she tried. She, Marlo, Sheree can all go, along with Courtney and her supporting character energy.

    1. Troy, your comment is on point and funny!

      Who is Courtney? She’s got a baby by Bryson who used to be so fine. He’s fell off somehow. Maybe, the show could help him get a boost. Courtney looks like rags to can I fit in with ya’ll.

      I like Sanya and I do believe that she wants to be neutral. She just doesn’t know how. She’s compassionate because you have to be compassionate to want to hang out with Marloooo.

      Marloooo’s world doesn’t compare to Kandi’s, Kenya or Monyetta. And, it looks like Cynthia is coming back for a guest appearance. Marloooo is a hurt soul who has a lot of insecurities. I don’t believe that she has any money. Bravo is probably saving her and Sheree’s life right now.

      Sheree should have been a multi-millionaire. She’s had a lot of seasons to get her finances together. Kandi and Kenya are building empires.

      Sanya, be careful! I like you and your family’s dynamic. Don’t let Marlooo take you down with her. Yes, she may have been on HWOA for 11 years but 10 of those years were as a friend. She doesn’t have what it takes to be a housewife and she always has something to say about someone’s husband/man or child.

      Marloooo is a detriment to the show. If Andy Cohen wants to keep taking that risk, that’s on him. SHE NOT READY!

      Best Wishes!

      1. Thank you sis, I appreciate you! And it’s true! Sanya is a fencesitting flip-flip aka the black Kyle Richards (the flip flop queen herself), Marlo the Convict is a Bitter Betty who threw her nephews out of her crib because she “needed a break from parenting” (Girl BYE!). Sheree aka She by She Took 15 Yrs to Build A Business. When she’s not dating ex-cons (she’s hanging out w/one haha), she’s dating a dude with community D who’s a known serial cheater & had a kid with the sneaky link. Courtney adds nothing to the show. She is exactly like Marlo: desperate to get a peach & it’s monkey see, monkey do w/her. She’s following Marlo’s footsteps by attacking Drew, Kenya & Kandi. It’s pathetic & she can several seats. She needs to understand that she is not a leading lady. More like an extra.

  3. I think Sanya is a great athlete but RHOA has shown that she’s very selfish and a user. She is close to Marlo because they are a lot alike. And that is not a good thing. That last interaction with her sister on the show was very eye opening for me.

  4. Sanya has no business being on RHOA I’m sorry. It’s like they hired her to be the new Cynthia and she just can’t deliver.

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