Martell Holt Was Almost Jumped at Stormi Steele’s Pool Party?

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Serious accusations were made about Martell Holt and his former mistress, Arionne Curry.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Martell Holt was a hot topic on social media weeks ago due to a strong accusation made by Melody Shari. She accused Martell of threatening to release an old video of them being intimate while they were still married. And she said this is why she believes the accusations that were made by Karson Bleu, a woman LaTisha Scott brought to the tea party Melody had in a previous episode.

Karson had been accused of being Arionne Curry’s friend and only appearing on the show to cause issues for Melody. But Karson denied this. She told her Instagram followers that she and Arionne fell out a couple of years ago. And allegedly, the fallout was a result of Arionne allegedly telling Karson that Martell wanted her to leak an old video of him and Melody being intimate. But she didn’t know what to do. So Karson told her not to do this for Martell. She then backed off from the friendship.

Martell then did an interview to respond to the accusations made by Karson and Melody. He said he was only “defending” himself because Melody was “bullying” him in her interviews.

Martell Holt was almost assaulted?

Well, it appears Martell may have been involved in some drama when he attended Stormi Steele‘s recent pool party. Karson was in attendance with her husband. And she later told her YouTube subscribers that things went left after Martell allegedly tried to confront her at the party.

According to Karson, Martell walked up to her and asked, “You talking junk about me, today?!”

This did not sit well with Karson’s husband. So he immediately checked Martell. And as they were having an intense conversation, Karson’s brother who was also there joined in to check Martell. And at one point, the two men were about to put their hands on Martell. So security for LAMH had to restrain everyone.

Marsau Scott got involved and he encouraged Karson’s husband to calm down and hash things out with Martell. So cooler heads prevailed, and an altercation didn’t take place. And Karson said Martell eventually told her husband that he understands that the way he approached Karson was out of order.

Karson went on to say that the heated moment may end up being aired on the show since Stormi’s event was being filmed.


  1. If funny that Martel will be quick to jump into a woman’s face,but when a REAL man steps in and check his AZZ that’s when he pipes down and apologize….He has yet to find the right person face to jump in and somebody will hand him his AZZ on a silver platter…Just a ole Queen….Boy go SAT YO AZZ DOWN SOMEWHERE!!!

  2. Of course Martell didn’t want to fight her husband and brother. He only has that kind of courage with women and gay men. He’s a coward and he definitely backed down when Melody’s male family members wanted action too. I don’t think he can fight.

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