SoGucci Williams Says Editing Made Her Look Like Aggressor in Altercation with Selena Johnson

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Selena Johnson and SoGucci Williams’ altercation has been a hot topic on social media.

Belle Collective” star Sophia “SoGucci” Williams is currently involved in one of the biggest controversies of the season. She’s not on good terms with JJ Williams’ ex-wife, Selena Johnson. Prior to “Belle Collective,” JJ and Selena became well known for their appearances on “Bring It.” They appeared to be in a great place back then as they co-parented their daughters. So Latrice Rogers didn’t think it would be an issue for Selena to attend her Goddess Lengths event, especially since SoGuccci and Selena had been at the same events with no drama prior. But things went left after Selena called SoGucci out for not speaking to her.  SoGucci only acknowledged Tambra Cherie when she approached them talking.

In response to Selena calling her out, SoGucci responded with insults. She went on to tell Selena that she doesn’t have to speak to an “extra.” At this point, Selena told SoGucci that she was married to JJ first. And she was on television before SoGucci had a “Belle Collective” to be on. So Selena told SoGucci she will always come after her.

As the insults continued to fly between them, eventually things became physical. Interestingly enough, there’s been many conversations on social media about who fans really think started the altercation. Some think Selena started it all by confronting SoGucci for not speaking. Others have accused SoGucci of starting the violence by walking up to Selena and threatening to throw a drink at her. This is the perspective Sunjai Williams has shared on X.

SoGucci Williams said editing made her look like she started the altercation.

Well, SoGucci had something to say about this perspective recently on the social media platform. She addressed this after a fan pointed out their annoyance with other cast members blaming Selena and not calling out SoGucci for her role in the violence. Instead, they have labeled SoGucci as the victim. And SoGucci has filed charges, dividing her blended family even further.

An X user wrote, “@Sogucci007 now the folks been standing with u even tho we watched u walk back to Selena ready to fight but it’s hard to do when u keep reaching to make like @Latrice_Rogers1 is so horrible. Is @MarieAbston paying u? #bellecollective?”

SoGucci responded, “Y’all only seen the edited version…was literally trying to walk off !!! Violence is not what the network stands for, believe me it was looked at closely.”


  1. There is no amount of editing in the world that will make her look like she ran up on Selena and tried to throw a drink if she didn’t do that. That is not how editing works. And if OWN really thought Selena was the sole problem, her own EP wouldn’t have interviewed Selena on his Youtube channel. Sogucci is defaming Selena to keep her off the show. I don’t think it’s going to work though.

  2. The delusional….This woman is delusional and she knows it herself as well as her husband 😂🤣 Bye Girl…😂🤣

  3. Honestly, I wished SoGucci woulda smacked the h••• outta Selena.
    Selena trying to claim first wife status…are you kidding me?? She crossed the line…period.

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