SoGucci Williams’ Daughter Claps Back at Sunjai Williams Over Jealousy Accusations

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SoGucci Williams’ feud with Selena Johnson has caused tension with her stepdaughters.

Belle Collective” star Sophia “SoGucci” Williams is having an eventful season. She clashed with Latrice Rogers over commercial real estate. Latrice asked SoGucci to help her find a new building for her Goddess Lengths business. SoGucci has coined herself as one of the top realtors in Jackson, Mississippi. So Latrice figured SoGucci was the right person for the job. However, she ended up feeling as if SoGucci was a bit too lax about helping her find a new place. So she hired another realtor to get the job done. However, she did so without talking to SoGucci first. And SoGucci saw this as a betrayal. This led to a breakdown in their friendship. However, they were eventually able to hash things out and they agreed to move forward.

Interestingly enough, SoGucci will have a hard time moving on from her drama with Selena Johnson and her stepdaughters. As we reported, the women came to blows at Latrice’s event. It all started after SoGucci approached Selena and Tambra Cherie while they were having a conversation. And SoGucci only greeted Tambra. When Selena reminded SoGucci that she was standing there as well, this led to words being exchanged and a full-blown altercation.

To make matters even messier, SoGucci decided to file charges against Selena. This is something that JJ Williams is in support of. While his daughters are upset by SoGucci’s decision to make the matter legal, SoGucci believes she made the right decision. In fact, she told her daughter Dee that she filed charges because she wanted to be an example for Dee and her stepdaughters. And she accused Selena of being jealous about her being in the spotlight.


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The children are getting involved in the drama.

Sunjai Williams and her siblings aren’t buying Gucci’s story at all. They believe SoGucci actually initiated the violence and put Selena in a position where she had no choice but to defend herself. So these days SoGucci doesn’t have much of a relationship with JJ’s daughters, so she hasn’t even met their grandson.

Well, some “Belle Collective” fans have been very opinionated about the situation on social media. They had some thoughts about Gucci’s scene with her daughter Dee. And the conversation made them conclude that Dee is jealous of Selena and JJ’s daughters.

An X user wrote, “SoGucci’s daughter seems jealous of Selena’s kids. #BelleCollective.”

Sunjai responded, “She is #bellecollective.”

Dee caught wind of the post. She wrote, “Girl **** you and them? 😂 😂 😂 How you gon tell me I’m jealous of you?! 😂 😂 😂”


  1. I’m actually mad at JJ for not checking all of them! He needs to put his foot down or plant it in some behinds because respect is questionable. The grown children need not be in this but parents are allowing it.

  2. But that scene alone proved Dee is jealous. She said out of her own mouth SoGucci abandoned her to be with JJ and his kids.

  3. I don’t think Gucci daughter is jealous 😕. I believe Selana is differently jealous 😅. She still wants to be in the lime light. I would’ve pressed charges as well. U not gone put your hands on me because I don’t speak it u. Girl byyyyyy

    1. 1st, Selena put hands on SoGucci after she threw her drink. Fighting is not answer neither is throwing rocks and acting innocent. “I don’t speak to extras”, when just agreed to stop taking digs. 2nd. SoGucci and her daughter are both jealous, they had the limelight first. SoGucci put her own child hold for the stepchildren. JJ is just stupid.

      1. You are so right. I saw the footage Sogucci is jealous. That is why she picked that fight. How do she think she is first when JJ has an ex. Lol

  4. Gucci charged Selena first with a glass in her hand and started the fight. The charges won’t stick. Her and her daughter are very delusional and jealous of Selena and her girls. Gucci is using Selena for a storyline. So pathetic.

  5. Carlos King said out of his own mouth that he only put JJ and Sophia/Gucci on Belle Collective because of their connection to Selena. So Gucci is projecting. She’s the jealous one and so is her daughter.

    1. I like SoGucci. If Carolos wanted Selena he should have gone with her. Let SoGucci and JJ share their life without all the Selena and daughters drama. I believe it is hard for Selena to see JJ and SoGucci living a successful life, (don’t take this the wrong way) while she’s in a mobile home.

    2. I would like it if he take them off of the show and just put Selena and her daughters on the show. It would be nice to see them again. We can watch the baby grow up like we watched them grow up on dancing dolls.

  6. The bottom line is nobody owes anybody anything. If Sogucci didn’t want to speak that is her prerogative she doesn’t have to. Somebody don’t speak to you f’em move on. Putting your hands on somebody is crossing the line doesn’t matter if somebody jealous or not.

    1. If someone charge at me I will defend myself as well. If you look at the footage you will see the drink that was thrown came from SoGucci. She said she wanted them to be one big happy family but she proved she was lying with her actions. She start mess with everyone, so I don’t know why she is on the show.

  7. Some of y’all need to rewatch that scene because SoGucci initiated that fight not Selena. Why are y’all pretending like Gucci didn’t throw her purse down, run up and try to throw her drink on Selena first? Gucci acted like a thug and got mollywhopped. She is not a victim, she’s the aggressor. The judge will drop the charges.

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