Sheree Whitfield Claps Back After RHOA Fans Drag Her in Defense of Drew Sidora

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Drew Sidora is reexamining certain friendships on RHOA.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Drew Sidora is questioning her friendships during the current season. So far, she’s not convinced Kandi Burruss has been a true friend. As we reported, Drew thought it was insensitive for Kandi to blurt out, “and scene” while she was crying. At the time, Drew was stressed out about her marriage and a lawsuit she’s been dealing with. Kandi apologized to Drew while they filmed the After Show. But they ended up having more tension later on in the season. Kandi accused Drew of kissing LaToya Howard on the night the Bolo drama took place. Drew has denied this multiple times. Regardless, Kandi said they had a blowup over this at the reunion. So things only worsened between them.

Another person Drew has been clashing with as of late is Sheree Whitfield. Drew and Sheree originally had issues upon meeting one another due to Drew’s former assistant Anthony. Anthony told her Sheree didn’t want to pay him while he worked as her assistant. However, Sheree denied this. She then told Drew she didn’t want to work with Anthony because he gossiped too much. And he told people Ralph Pittman is gay. Drew went on to end her work relationship and friendship with Anthony.

Sheree Whitfield has no regrets.

On the recent episode, Sheree planned a sip and see for people to see her new granddaughter. When Drew found out Anthony was in attendance, she told Kandi she wasn’t going to come inside. And she alleged Anthony threw a shoe at her the last time they saw each other. So she didn’t feel comfortable enough to be around him again.

Drew and some fans of RHOA called Sheree out for having Anthony at the event. In fact, Drew said Sheree was told about her altercation with Anthony. So she suspects Sheree was attempting to set her up to have another messy run-in with Anthony.

Interestingly enough, when Anthony was asked about throwing a shoe at Drew, he confirmed the incident happened. But he alleged he threw a shoe in response to Drew assaulting him with a purse.

Well, Sheree clapped back at Drew and the rest of her critics on X.

She wrote, “Chile I can invite anyone I want to MY HOUSE. What you don’t know is I hired extra security outside of production. I paid them for staying over the time planned just to make Drew comfortable. This is definitely not the club they were fighting at boo! #RHOA”

Some of the fans weren’t moved by Sheree’s post.

An X user wrote, “You still need to be more protective of women. What a shame.”

Sheree responded, “I will never put any of the girls in harm’s way and we are all adults. Let’s be civilized!!”



    1. Exactly!!! It’s crazy that Sheree be with the mess…What is one of the ladies bring Martel BM Coleslaw on the show and an event she’s attending….I wonder how that would play out….Let alone bring his ex wife…

  1. Yes, Sheree knew exactly what she was doing by inviting Anthony, why else would you invite a “sh-t starter” who accused you of not paying. And no she doesn’t care about putting the ladies on harm’s way! Why else would you continue to film RHOA w/your ex-hubby Bob Whitfield [spousal abuser] & invite your so-called toy boy Martell Holt. Because she needs to “STAY RELEVANT!” BORING!!!

  2. Sheree,

    You are messy! That HWOA money has given you an arrogant attitude and point of view. Yes, you’re an OG but you’re an underdog. I want you to win. Your relationship with Martell is so fake that you all have never pecked each other on the lips upon greeting. If that’s all you got, do you and get your paycheck.

    As for Drew, it’s called HWOA. If one of your cast mates is uncomfortable, why wouldn’t your loyalty be with accommodating her.

    You ladies are losing your class and it’s sad. You gave a flamboyant friend a few minutes of fame and hurt a cast mate. Shame!

    Also, be careful that the tables don’t turn and you be wearing those shoes real quick. I’m rooting for you! Get it together!

    Lastly, Kandi Burruss-Tucker! I know you want to stay busy but stop kicking folks when their down. That’s the second time you did that to Drew and you did it to Kenya and Sheree. What you find as humor is hurtful to them! Stop it! you know that you’re a big sensitive baby and the moment someone hurts you then you’re going to test everybody’s loyalty. This was not your season but I’m still team Kandi! Get it together!

    Drew, you know who will have your back and who’s acting for tv. This is a sensitive moment in time for you. The ladies are trying to keep the show going but unfortunately, it is at your emotional expense. Grab hold to your sister who God has brought back close to you, keep going to therapy, take care of your children and keep enjoying Drew.

    Monyetta is a compassionate friend and can/will be loyal to you. Kenya will definitely have your back. Sanya is trying to fit in but I think this pregnancy is going to turn her around. Marlo is low and needs to go, Now! The other ladies are standbys and could/should be replaced immediately especially Cortney. She’s FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!

    1. U have hit the nail on the head!!!! No further comment from me!!!! Everything u have said is on point!!! 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  3. Anthony was on a You Tube reality show once and was MESSY N EXTRA EXTRA with a side of DRAMATIC!!!!!

  4. Yeah yall are all adults, and yet there you were pulling Kims wig almost starting a fight on the street like a 5th grader. ” Shaderay” you better be saving that money cause your play play boy toy aint got it if you go into foreclosure, and ya damn sho know Bob aint givin you nuthin. You were made a WHOLE FOOL at the sip and see Me, not the baby, with a WHOLE grown chile you dint know nuthin about! SHEESH!! You just can’t fix the foolishness each year that this chick displays!

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