Candiace Dillard Bassett Has a Shady Encounter with RHOP Fan During BravoCon

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Cheating accusations had RHOP fans discussing Candiace Dillard Bassett’s marriage on social media.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Candiace Dillard-Bassett has been busy promoting the new season of the show. She’s been a hot topic in the headlines due to her fallout with Robyn Dixon. As we reported, Robyn didn’t discuss Juan Dixon’s inappropriate communication with another woman during the previous season. Instead, she revealed the situation on “Reasonably Shady.” Candiace took issue with Robyn’s actions because Chris Bassett was in the hot seat during that season. Candiace has said she thinks Gizelle Bryant planned to make Chris a storyline and Robyn willingly went along with this. Robyn denied this and their friendship has been non-existent since.

Since Robyn and Candiace’s fallout, Robyn had some thoughts about the recent cheating allegations about Chris. As we reported, a woman alleged she had an affair with Chris and terminated a pregnancy. Blogger Georgio Says was able to get in contact with her. She gave him photos and the blogger said the man’s tattoos do not match the ones Chris has.

Regardless, Gizelle and Robyn still had some things to say on “Reasonably Shady.” Both think there could still be some legitimacy to the claims made about Chris. Candiace clapped back on X. She accused both women of being miserable and deflecting from their own problems.

A fan surprised Candiace Dillard-Bassett with a shady BravoCon comment.

Well, it’s possible that the cheating accusations about Chris may have been on one particular fan’s mind recently at BravoCon. While Candiace was on the “Real Housewives” panel, a fan approached the microphone to ask a question about Monique Samuels.

She said, “If Monique wanted to come back to Potomac and do the whole thing, would you be on the show or would you throw a royal hissy fit and be like it’s me or her?”

Candiace answered, “Good question…well, I don’t run scared from any *****. If she had the qualifications to return which currently she does not, then we could have a discussion but as it stands now, no thank you.”

Now this is when it became even more shady. The fan then replied, “I mean how much longer will you?”


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  1. Candiace was trying to be shady and Monique’s fan said not on her watch. Mess. Anyway, I hope Candiace wasn’t referring to Monique’s divorce being the reason she doesn’t meet the qualifications because everyone on RHOP ain’t married so…

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