Chris Bassett Drags Robyn Dixon over RHOP Reunion Comments

Photo Credit: Bravo

Robyn Dixon originally supported Chris Bassett after Gizelle Bryant made controversial accusations.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Candiace Dillard Bassett isn’t happy with the accusations that were made about Chris Bassett. As we reported, Gizelle Bryant said that Chris made her uncomfortable at last season’s reunion. She alleged that he asked her if they could talk. But being alone with a married man wasn’t something she felt comfortable with. Things really escalated after Ashley Darby said that her friend alleged that Chris tried to hit on her at Karen Huger‘s event. Gizelle later accused Chris of groping the woman. However, she later clarified that she misheard the allegations from Ashley during a previous conversation.

Robyn Dixon originally said that she didn’t think that Chris was wrong in his situation with Gizelle. She just couldn’t see him doing anything to make her feel uncomfortable. So this was something she disagreed with her close friend about. Candiace and Chris really appreciated this. And Chris has denied doing the things he’s been accused of by Gizelle, Ashley, and her friend.

Chris Bassett clapped back on Twitter.

Interestingly enough, Robyn took a different position during Part 1 of the reunion. While they were discussing the drama between Gizelle and Chris, Robyn said, “Can we agree though that it probably is not the best idea for a married man to be in a hotel room with a single woman?”

This didn’t sit well with Chris. He took to Twitter to respond to the scene after a fan tweeted the clip.

He wrote, “Robyn ain’t **** for this comment…this COMPLETELY contradicts everything you said at lunch with Candiace and I…and after everything that has come out AFTER the reunion….let me go pay for some rando’s hotel room…I’ll be right back 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️.”

Robyn’s comment had plenty of people talking on social media due to recent developments. A woman alleged having an affair with Juan. She sent the hotel invoice to a blogger. And it had Juan’s personal information on it. Days later, Robyn confirmed that Juan did communicate with the woman. But he only paid for her hotel room because she lost her wallet.

She also denied that Juan slept with the woman. In fact, Juan told her that the woman came to DC to see a Baltimore Ravens player she was in a relationship with. However, the woman has denied Juan’s version of events. And she said she is not saying a Ravens player. She also said that she only came to DC to see Juan.


  1. 8 mile sit your petty ssss down somewhere she’s right!!! He should have kept his Inebriated sss in His petty sss wife’s face and had private conversations with her not Gizelle !!!!! 8 mile and Candace deserve each other there’s so Petty Candace and her generational wealth and you married 8 mile the cook from across the tracks 😂 I love all the hate for Gizelle it’s nothing but jealousy and they get so mad because she doesn’t engage in a screaming cursing match !!!!!

    1. you sound stupid why would they be jealous of Gizelle she has nothing, everybody on the show has more than her. She does nothing but mind everyone’s business, don’t even have a career. She need to go play with that little boy she’s messing with and stop worrying about someone’s husband. She might be pretty but there’s no grown man that want her that’s why she said somebody husband always hitting on her. All they want her for is a side chick

      1. You should google them you would be surprised. It’s funny how people come after Gizzlle maybe because she doesn’t flaunt it or dress like everyone thinks she should or designed her house like everyone thinks she should doesn’t really mean she’s broke. Did you know everyone that promotes a business on Bravo shows must pay Bravo a percentage. Gizzlle is very smart she bought the land with the dwelling on it and remolded it to her liking so she has tripled the value. Still you don’t have to tell everybody. She’s dating but if you have girls you don’t have a bunch of uncles running around, you don’t end up alone in your room with a married man you don’t sit in a man’s lap etc. All I’m saying you have to understand Gizzlle she’s not on that immature BS. IJS

    2. Robin is full of sh-t, her husband cheated once and he’s doing it again, Gizelle needs to stay out of people business and stop going from man to man every seasons she’s with a different man she’s miserable sit your old behind down and fix your own relationship if that’s what you call them.

    3. Really? No she don’t yell and scream, she starts rumors, lies and petty messes then sit back like she is innocent. Jealous of Gizelle? Why would Candice or any of the other Women be jealous of Gizelle? Now that’s something to LOL about. Candice is right, she comes at married people and their relationships. She is the messy, petty one on the show. Her and Robyn Dixon with the cheating husband

    4. It’s clear you didn’t watch this season because had you did you would have seen that Chris paid none of them weirdos attention. The cameras showed it all! Gizelle wished she had what Chris and Candiace has along with her sad friend Robyn! You tried it tho😩

  2. Yessss Chris……..
    When she said tht I said …. I rather a conversation then my man using our money because we are married to pay for an Instagram gurl room…

    1. They wasn’t married when that happened, they were only living together, wasn’t intimately involved as much then, since they remarried I’m sure Juan is not indulging in anyone but Robyn

  3. One thing that’s interesting to me and I questioned is if Giselle was so “uncomfortable “ why did she agree to go to her room w/ Chris? And, when she saw that her glam squad was gone she should’ve said “look, I don’t feel comfortable being in here with you alone. Let’s find somewhere else to have this conversation.” I don’t know if she was truly uncomfortable and just said that to Robyn to make it seem like she was and later have a way to verify that she’d said that. I believe that Robyn and Giselle are very calculating and shady and would definitely cook up something to keep themselves relevant on the show. Robyn is always coming to Giselle’s defense. It’s kinda weird.

    1. 💯💯 I said the same thing! No one made her go in that room once she seen there was no one there she could’ve just told him they need to go somewhere else!! She’s full of sh**!

    1. You just may get your wish….I seen on YouTube that they just might fire Robyn… Giselle AND Karen…we shall see

      1. Ain’t gonna happen and definitely not Gizelle 😂 you actually believe YouTube blogs before Bravo sends offers letters to the cast 🤔

  4. Why is the Grand Dame looking like an old hag. That hairstyle is not becoming and the makeup is too much. Release the hair.

  5. Well, Well, Chris and Candace are seeing Robyn for the snake she is. Robyn is not going to go against Giselle, not when it really counts. She said what does Candace and Chris feels being hurt have to do with her and her life. Chris and her friend Candace were used to keep attention away for Juan’s side chick information. So much for honesty among friends.

  6. People forget the reunion with Nikki Minaj rude a-s was antigonizing Candace and Chris didnt like it. so on break, Chris came iver to Candace and mentioned that he didnt like the line 8f questioning. Gizzelle, being the nosey h03 she is, was listening and asked him whats wrong. Chris said, we can talk later. And that is why Chris asked Gizelke, can I talk to you. He thought he coukd trust her trifling a-s and he was going to explain why he dint appreciate Nikki’s questioning. But in Gizzelle fashion, tacky like her, she made it more than it was.

    1. Is what it was,🤷‍♀️ chris should’ve talked to his smart mouth wife, or why didn’t chris and candace address their issue with nikki instead

  7. Not being alone with a married man is an old Southern “genteel” or common courtesy/etiquette I bet we’d be hearing about regardless. For semantics sakes, if Gizelle did “meet”, we know it would be a problem with the same results. The lot of them whining she is a homewrecker. Both Candiance and Wendy have said the root of the problem is she brought it up on camera. So it’s okay to be brought up online? Wouldn’t you rather hear it from a “friend”

    They would never get rid of Karen or Gizelle. They are the big OG’s, LOL! Robyn, I could see going either way. Ashley, probably not, she tells everyone all the secrets and gossip.

  8. Gizelle is jealous if any woman with a strong relationship or marriage. Candace in spite of her “reads”, is seeing success as a recording artist, a successful business woman with her sister and a college graduate! I’m so proud of her for these accomplishments!! Robin what’s ALL up with Juan??? You’re not tossing all his misgivings out in the air!!! Gizelle, messy Gizelle and thought she was smart and messy Ashley ought to marry each other!.


    Robyn deliberately withheld the truth that her husband cheated on her AGAIN –
    then decided to SELL the truth AFTER the season was over.


  10. So if her Wallet was lost or stolen, how she get home on a Airplane, they ID, with your tickets, Really ROBYN…. JUAN is sneaky, but it’s ok you KINDA LOVE HIM, HE KINDA KEEPS YOU AROUND, for the kids sake,

  11. I been watching this show from the beginning. Gizelle and Robyn has always keep their lives somewhat hidden from the world because their lives are very boring all they do is lie, stab you and the back and try to break up happy homes. I know Robyn not that dumb to believe Juan didn’t sleep with that women 🤔 I need to tell ROBYN try that again. Plus Gizelle need to mind her business she 50 plus acting like a child that hides their hand after doing something wrong and as for Ashley the AKA bone collector in the group she needs to stop it she can’t talk about no one with her husband stunts I love the way Candice can read them

    1. Candice can’t read Nobody, she is the one needs reading, always tryin to check people as if she’s unchecked with her childish behavior

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