Miss Wanda Calls out Stormi Steele & Issues a Warning + LaTisha Scott Throws Some Shade

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Stormi Steele and Marsau Scott’s feud has fans talking a lot on social media.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Stormi Steele is having quite the season thanks to her ongoing tension with Marsau Scott. Neither Marsau nor LaTisha Scott remembered to tell Stormi about the booth fee for their Blaque Business Expo. So when Marsau chose to do so the day of the event, this rubbed Stormi the wrong way. Words were exchanged and things escalated once Stormi said Marsau acts like a *****. In her opinion, Marsau has a history of being extremely “sassy” with the women on the show. Interestingly enough, Tiffany Whitlow and Melody Shari have also expressed that they believe Marsau is combative towards women way too often. Regardless, Marsau still feels as if Stormi crossed the line. And he’s not sure that he wants to be around her or Courtney Beasley like that moving forward. Interestingly enough, the feeling seems to be mutual.

During the recent episode, the two couples attempted to hash out their issues. Stormi once again said she called Marsau a ***** because he has catty tendencies. Marsau felt like Stormi was calling him out of his name again. So in response, he said he may just start ignoring Stormi. She told him not to do that because it’s disrespectful to ignore someone. And this is why KeKe Jabbar threw a drink in LaTisha’s face.

Miss Wanda called out Stormi Steele.

Well, Miss Wanda was not happy about that scene at all. She responded on YouTube and she gave Stormi a warning.

She said, “I don’t care how much money you got. I don’t care nothing about what you doing and how you got it. I don’t care. It don’t faze me at all. But what you’re not gonna do is sit on that show and send in for mine and think I’m gon sit quiet and just listen and listen.”

Wanda continued, “You’re doing too much, Stormi. I don’t know if you want to be the queen of the show or the king of the show or the master of the show or whatever. But they tell me that you’re a CEO. You need to keep that title…that CEO of Canvas Beauty or whatever it is cause I don’t know if Canvas Beauty is still around or not.”

She also addressed Stormi’s comment about KeKe.

“I would have told you upfront, you’re sitting down telling somebody it’s okay for someone to throw a drink in somebody’s face? Girl, didn’t your momma and auntie have a big argument over there? What if Tisha would have said it’s okay for your auntie to be cussing your momma out? It would have been a problem for her to say. But it’s okay for you to say it. No ma’am…keep the family out of your mouth, Stormi. This is family affairs over here. Let Tisha handle her business. She don’t need your help.”

In related news, LaTisha also seems to be over Stormi as well. One of her Instagram supporters expressed they were offended by the things Stormi has said to Marsau.

The person wrote, “I just watched the previews for tonight and I’m so sick of Stormi and her disrespectful and disgusting behavior and comments toward Tisha and her husband. Someone really needs to check that behavior because it’s not right!! She’s really trying to come for Tisha and Marsau and it’s so very irritating. Her behavior is triggering and provoking.”

LaTisha responded, “They trying to be relevant.”

Check out the screenshot and Wanda’s venting session in the video below.


  1. Stormy need to sit them lips down. They flapping too darn much. She’s impersonating the peacemaker but she’s really a troublemaker.

    1. You are so right Michelle, storming need to sat those big Mississippi lips down. She want to make sure she keep her job for next season. She is nothing but a big lipped country bumpkin trouble maker. She couldn’t not have called my husband a bwitch over and over but Tisha is classy. Ke ke threw that water in Tisha face She need to be kicked off the show!!

      1. You are so right. She will do anything to include selling her family to the “darkside”, to remain relevant on this show. Shame on you, Stormi. Get some integrity. Please!!

  2. It’s so annoying people how people twist words and always misunderstand what they’re reading and hearing. Stormi didn’t say Latisha deserved to have a drink thrown on her. She said KeKe threw the drink because she was being ignored and it’s disrespectful to ignore people who are trying to talk to you. Marsau is not a victim. The problem is he’s finally being antagonized back and we’re supposed to side with him. No thanks. I don’t care about a bully being bullied. He never plays with men the way he steps to women. I believe Betty and Stormi will give Wanda and Latisha the smoke they wanted with Melody and Miss Van. My popcorn is ready. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    1. You’re right Marsau is a Mitch (male b**ch). Wanda sit your fired but still talking trash (ghetto country) behind down somewhere. It’s always the stupid Scott’s talking about someone Kimmi and Maurice too.

      1. Latisha is a weirdo, trying to avoid her husband cheating azz! If she was upset should have checked Stormi from the gate! Marsau started it and Stormi shut it down! Say something! Her husband said it all…Stop disrespectful behavior. Organization written out for Vendors would have been the best ! Latisha talk like a country pumpkin, didn’t review her website 😌 who steals info, gets cause and talks trash! Girl bye!!!!

    2. Thank you for saying it Shayla. I really don’t see how Stormi is being disrespectful towards Latisha and Marsu.

      1. She’s not because of the way they handle the expo. Latisha has bigger problems, her husband and she don’t realize it or just don’t want to face it.

    3. I totally agree with you. Marsau needs to stay out of women’s business. I like Stormie she is absolutely correct.

        1. I feel Stormie was 1,000 percent right Marsau is a a-sh@@@@. And on top of that he is the most unattractive male on the show. Nothing going for him at all in the area of looks

    4. Shayla, I am agreeing with you wholeheartedly, Tisha, Marsau and Wanda are messy. Stormi has a right to speak to, speak up, speak on and have the last say so. Let’s not forget they used her website to build their daughters. She pretty much had to beg Tisha for an apology. Tisha never checks Marsau when he is wrong, she doesn’t defend herself and she is setting a poor example for her girls as far as Men go. Keke passed her drug test and if everyone wants to support her on her journey then it is what it is. At least Keke knew what she was on. Tisha and Marsau be on BS and want take accountability. Until people start standing up to them and they really don’t do accountability taking any Justice.

      1. KeKe passed the drug test but she was wrong for throwing the drink. It’s clear she was displaying negative energy when she arrived to the cookout. I don’t blame Tisha for ignoring her. She’s attacked her marriage way too many times. And even if Marseau is cheating that’s not her business. If Latisha wants to ignore rumors then that’s her choice. I believe KeKe is angry because she is jealous of Latisha. I can see why Tisha thought she was still using drugs, who throws a drink in someone’s face just for not speaking. And she proceeded to talk about Tisha to Stormi right in her face and nobody has addressed that. KeKe should be removed from the show just like Ms Wanda.

    5. I am with you, I am sick of Latisha and her husband, they think that they can treat stormy like they want Latisha know that she use stormy’s web site using her label, when she got caught she got smart about it. Then she went to husband. So why is Wanda trying to throw her little wait around. Did she forget stormy has a mother too.they need to stop thinking that they are of some importance on the show.

    6. Finally someone is speaking with clear minds and. Not with Tisha fan mind.. that is exactly what she said.. that ignoring people is what got the drink thrown in her face. Also Marsau mouth is why he keep being called a B.. he’s definitely no victim here… he keeps mess going & with the ladies at that… Wanda the one trying to be relevant again

  3. Yes, stormy has disrespected Marsau airport/Marsha by calling him a female dog. However, he deserved it. He always in a woman’s face. If Wanda wants to call anybody out, she needs to go to Marsau for how he constantly disrespects Tisha.

  4. The truth sounds like disrespect if you can’t handle the truth. Stormi didn’t say one thing wrong. She keeps reading the Scotts and y’all can’t handle it. Wanda needs to shut her pie hole. I can’t understand her diction anyway.

    1. Trina. What show have you been watching that is all miss Wanda ever did was call marsau out! That is a grown a-s man she can’t make him do right and if Tisha want to stay with him forever that is her husband and what business is it of ours! How many times have we, you included stayed with a man that we knew was cheating? Raise your hand because mine is raised don’t be a hypocrite.

  5. Miss Wanda, you are longer on the show. And yes, Canvas Beauty, is still in business. It’s the same business that your daughter tried to pilfer (that means steal) from Stormi. Please go sit down somewhere.

  6. Tisha can only be hard or say something on the internet . Wanda is insignificant. She needs to Stormy has a momma and a aunt. Their not scared of her. Marque does act like a batch with women. But Tisha knows that. He’s so disrespectful to her 😒 but she allows it. Tisha doesn’t have a backbone. So don’t be mad at Stormy. Stormy is saying what everyone else knows 🙄

  7. Wanda and LaTisha met their match with Stormi and Bettie. And my money is on Stormi and Bettie if a fist fight occurs. LaTisha can sense the potential a-s whooping and keeps it cute in Stormi’s presence.

  8. Wanda need to shut her “GIT-TOE” a-s up. Marsau is a Bytch and Tisha just wish she had the guts to call him that cause she d-mn well wants to. She know he playing her like a violin …..listen, listen ….that’s Marsau playing his baby’s momma🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻 Stormi called it right! What’s 2-Short’s favorite word???? B-TCH😜😜😜😜

  9. Wanda needs to stay in Bessemer Al her daughter is a full grown woman she can handle her own and her daughter is not so innocent and she allowed someone to disrespect her husband because she don’t have any respect for him she just afraid to call him out

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