JJ Williams Clashes With Daughters at ‘Belle Collective’ Reunion + Carlos King Steps In

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SoGucci Williams’ feud with Selena Johnson has caused tension in their blended family.

Belle Collective” star Sophia “SoGucci” Williams became a hot topic on social media due to her controversial onscreen moment with Selena Johnson. Although the two women have been around each other with no real big issue, that wasn’t the case at one of Latrice Rogers‘ events. When SoGucci arrived, she saw Tambra Cherie and Selena were having a conversation. She approached but only acknowledged Tambra’s presence. In response, Selena called out SoGucci for not speaking. SoGucci then accused Selena of trying to use her for camera time. When Selena reminded SoGucci that she was on TV and had JJ first, SoGucci was heated. After she threatened to throw her drink at Selena, an altercation ensued.

SoGucci blamed the entire incident on Selena and Latrice. She accused Latrice of inviting Selena to the event so the altercation could take place. However, Latrice said this was ridiculous. She is friends with Selena and she’s invited SoGucci and Selena to the same events. And they never had any drama, so she didn’t think that would change.

Although SoGucci said Selena initiated the violence, a lot of viewers did not see it that way. In fact, they felt like SoGucci walked toward Selena first and Selena acted in self-defense. This is how Sunjai Williams feels things unfolded as well.

Carlos King had to step in when things became tense between JJ Williams and his daughters.

During Part 3 of the Season 3 reunion, JJ faces off against his daughters as they vent their frustrations. In the trailer, JJ says, “I would never have a woman around my children that’s gon disrespect them…”

JJ’s daughters disagree and insinuate that SoGucci has disrespected them. In response, he alleges Selena has gotten in their heads about SoGucci.

They deny this and JJ then says, “You were looking for a momma and you got a sister and a friend.”

Carlos King steps in at this point, “One second…I have to end this.”


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    1. She been making herself look foolish even when she was on dancing dolls. She still wants jj and feels her kids should not like so gucci you can tell how she was at baby shower cause gucci asked for water. Latrice is an instigator and messy with all the women.

      1. SoDookey, please get off of this blog and learn how to be a decent stepmother and wife! Right now you’re a flop at both! Some of us actually watched Dancing Dolls, so your lies won’t work on here. And you described yourself SoDookey, not Latrice. You will continue to lose in life as long as you keep instigating division in your family!

      2. SoGucci, is that you? I never saw Selena act as if she wanted JJ back on the other show. Baby, you just mad that you were not featured on that show and Selena had been on this show. Latrice has been inviting Selena to events as well as the others, it became a problem because producers started capitalizing on her popularity from the other show to draw more viewers. Honey, that helps all of the cast. More viewers means more money. JJ not going anywhere calm down.

  1. I understand JJ loves his wife, SoGucci, that does not mean he has down Selena because SoGucci is jealous. SoGucci is worried that JJ is still in love with Selena. He is allowing her insecure emotions to cause drama with his children and mother.

  2. SoCoach… You were the one that instigated that altercation.. then you lied to your husband and then pressed charges.. you are so insecure and I’ve seen Selena and she has never tried to get JJ back . You are miserable and jealous.. and JJ you should’ve never allowed the disrespect in the 1st place.. you’re on your way to losing your daughters!!

  3. I watched Dancing Dolls and JJ and Selena got along just fine! Now his wife is insecure because she asked him if he still had feelings for Selena a few episodes back. The way that she treats Selena every time that she sees her, and she cannot stand when someone mentions her name. Cliff dated Selena and you don’t see Latrice acting a fool. So Gucci started that altercation by saying “I’m going to throw this drink in her face.” She needs to stop tearing JJ’s family apart and he needs to stop allowing it. She’s jealous of his relationship with his girls and it’s obvious! He better wake up before he doesn’t have any family left fooling with her.

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