RHOP Ratings Hit Series Low & Married to Med Ratings Tank + RHOA Inching Closer to Return

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Multiple black ensemble reality shows are seeing huge declines in ratings as fans call for cast shakeups.

The current seasons of “Married to Medicine” and “Real Housewives of Potomac” have been very controversial. When it comes to “Married to Medicine,” fans had strong reactions to Quad Webb being iced out of the group. As we reported, Toya Bush-Harris was hesitant to invite Quad to her trip to Napa Valley. She was still upset about Quad questioning if she and Dr. Eugene Harris had anything to do with Anila Sajja’s break-ins. In response, Toya and Eugene were very offended. Toya said Quad was playing a dangerous game with her and Eugene’s reputations. To move forward, Quad would have to take accountability. According to Dr. Jackie Walters, the trip was Quad’s last chance to admit her wrongs. If not, she would be asked to return to Atlanta because the group was moving on.

When the ladies confronted Quad about what happened with Toya and her absence when the cameras weren’t around, Quad was taken aback. She admitted she no longer felt a connection to the others. Quad also denied that she suspected Eugene and Toya had something to do with Anila’s house being broken into. This resulted in Dr. Heavenly Kimes calling Quad a user and Dr. Simone Whitmore telling Quad that she had to go back home by herself.

After Quad was dismissed, fans hopped on social media to label the ousting as unfair. Some brought up the similarities of the dismissal of Mariah Huq as well. Regardless, Heavenly and the others said Quad sealed her fate by not fixing her relationships.

RHOP hits a series low.

Carlos King said he thinks “Real Housewives of Potomac” may be headed down the same road. He specifically believes Candiace Dillard-Bassett and Wendy Osefo are being iced out. This comes as Essence Magazine called out the show in a critical article about the season. The writer said the show suffers from “an undercurrent of colorism and blatant unfairness.”

Well, ratings for RHOP and Married 2 Med aren’t looking so good. In fact, “Real Housewives of Potomac” hit a series low. The latest episode brought in 642,000 viewers.

When it comes to “Married to Medicine,” the recent episode wasn’t far away from the series low it reached for Part 3 of the Season 9 reunion (478,000 viewers). The latest episode brought in 541,000 viewers.

Readers probably are aware that the latest season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” struggled as well. Things got so concerning that the network heads decided that the show needed a long hiatus to make tough casting decisions. It was rumored a major cast shakeup was coming and multiple people may get pink slips.

Kenya Moore made an appearance on V-103 via “The Big Tigger Morning Show.” She said a cast announcement would be happening soon. And she also confirmed that everyone from last season was not asked back.

The conundrum that some black ensemble shows are currently facing has made it clear that the right cast changes and the handling of production issues are imperative to survival. This is something Miss Kitty echoed days ago when she confirmed the “Black Ink Crew” franchise is likely dead.


  1. It’s just time for reckoning. For years fans have complained and begged the cast, network, and producers to fix these shows because they lost what made them great. They were too arrogant to listen. So it is what it is. And Married to Medicine was cursed the day they pushed Mariah off her own creation.

  2. Firing Candiace and Wendy would be the final nail in the coffin for RHOP just like firing OG and losing Tami was for BBWLA. I have no more hope for RHOA or Married to Medicine honestly.

  3. IMO this is what needs to happen:
    BBW – Canceled (Cause Shaunie needs to find something else to do.)
    RHOP – Take a hiatus and bring a new cast. It’s too many cliques.
    RHOA – Get some new blood to mix with a few OGs. (Leave Sheree and Marlow in the gutter where thru belong. Let Kandi have a spin off and bow out gracefully.)
    M2M – Bring back Quad and Mariah, either Jackie or Simone gotta go and either Dr. Heavenly or Toya gotta go. (Those duos give the exact same energy so one Survivor from each will suffice. ) Also add some NEW young blood to it. (Sorry, Sweet Tea doesn’t count cause of her proximity to Dr. G.)

  4. Just to keep some authenticity, RHOA needs to keep Kandi & Kenya, the rest can go. Just bring back the “REALNESS,” that’s what’s missing [I loved Shamari]. And please don’t bring Kim back, I will definitely stop watching!

  5. Both RHOP and M2M stopped being positive purveyors of African american culture and sister hood along time ago. They sold their souls for the money and notoriety that came with being on these shows. This was suppose to be a collection of educated affluent black women who became mean girl.gutter barbies. Good riddance to garbage tv

  6. Viewers are more conscious and desire quality programming. Days of watching salacious slander and scripted fights and drama are gone. Let’s get back to primetime tv , TGIF and good ole fashion movies.

  7. These shows are all about educated black women acting like buffoons while double crossing each other for white executives. Naw, I’m good. I saw the light when NeNe and Mariah were fired. I just watch clips. They can all be canceled as far as I’m concerned. Especially when I read ignorant and colorist comments from RHOP fans.

  8. RHOP.. Cast shouldn’t be able to choose not to be around someone. If so then quit or fire them. This is your job, I don’t know of any job where you can tell your boss what you’re not goin to do. Robyn and Gizelle needs to go!! Robyn brings absolutely nothing to the show and she’s boring. Like every season what is the story line? Robyn blaming everyone else but the person that she should be blaming which is her roommate. Neka please don’t bring her back. I just look at the previews I stopped watching.

    Married to Medicine, Jackie, and Heavenly can go Jackie is boring and Heavenly is messy and talks too much. I notice her husband never says anything to her at all

  9. I stopped watching RHOA after Kenya’s 2nd season.. stopped watching RHOA after the 1st season of the older woman ( grande dam) being a Bully.. stopped watching M2M when they treated Mariah Huq so badly…. BBW.. is a farce because non of them are married except Jackie and she’s a delusional bully..

  10. When they ganged up on Monique, I stopped watching RHOP.
    When they brought Heavenly in and ousted Mariah, I stopped watching M2M.
    Left RHOA alone when they brought NeNe back the first time.
    Its about time the decline in ratings is catching up. Time to bring the reality back in reality shows and stop script performing for the audience.

  11. The housewives in ATL needs a makeover. Bringing Sheree back was a bad choice. She is class less and manipulative. Kenya should also be given the boot, she gives off bulling at is best. She has no morals.
    The married to medicine crew is hopeless. Dr. Heavenly is trashy with no class. How she got out of dental school is surprising. Dr. Jackie is self absorbed. She full of herself. I can understand why her hubby was looking for something else. Quad is a total joke. She needs to get a real job, like a like a phone rep. Because she likes the sound of her voice.
    The Potomac crew needs a makeover. The only colorism controversy is with Wendy who doesn’t want to be black and Candice who thinks she can sing and is totally fake in every way.

  12. There is so much I want to say about this Show. Let’s start with Charisse: Trouble Maker, Boring, Clothes & Hair Boring (she needs a mommy make over too😀), Two-Faced. Ashley: Two-Faced, Needy, also trouble maker. Green Eye Bandits: Both need their Exit Papers. Mia:She’s trying to find the next Rich Man, she needs her Exit Papers too. 2 Nigerian Women: All I have to say about these ladies: How does your fellow Nigerians feel about their own appearance on television? Aneke, however you spell your name she’s very materialistic and trouble (watch out for her). Throwing her wealth in their faces, not only that they were so Dumb to helped her open her wedding gifts, they were her “Maids” for that day😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  13. RHOP-Gizelle and Robyn made the show extremely difficult to watch and both should GO!!! I no longer watch RHOP at all because of the lying duo! M2M Quad should have left the show years ago! Bring back Mariah!!! RHOA will NEVER be the same without Nene.

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