RHOP Newbies Nneka Ihim & Keiarna Stewart Have Tension Amid Wendy Osefo Feud

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Wendy Osefo and Nneka Ihim’s feud has rubbed some RHOP fans the wrong way.

Real Housewives of Potomac” newbie Nneka Ihim has been a hot topic on social media. Her feud with Wendy Osefo is very controversial. Nneka’s cousin-in-law told her she heard Wendy was upset about Nneka joining the show. She also alleged that Wendy’s mom said she was going to “submit” Nneka’s name to a shrine. At the height of the tension, Nneka accused Wendy’s mother of being a witch. It’s been pretty contentious between the two Nigerian women since. During a past interview, Wendy called Nneka out for bringing something so culturally insensitive to the forefront of RHOP. And she thinks Nneka only gave life to xenophobic stereotypes.

When Wendy and Nneka sat down in front of the cameras to discuss their issues, it didn’t go well. Wendy told Nneka that she understands how dangerous it is to accuse someone’s family member of being a witch. And Nneka had a problem with her because of hearsay. However, her issue with Nneka is what she said to Wendy directly – calling her mother a witch. So Wendy wanted an apology and confirmation from Nneka that all the accusations made about her mother were untrue. But Nneka only apologized for calling Wendy’s mother a witch and referring to Wendy as a ***** during a heated exchange.

Wendy concluded that Nneka didn’t really want peace. They will be cordial but Wendy doesn’t want much else.

Nneka Ihim calls out Keiarna Stewart.

Well, Wendy and Nneka’s tension will come up again during the next episode. The ladies are still enjoying their time in the Dominican Republic. Gizelle Bryant pulls Wendy’s friend Keiarna Stewart aside to ask her how she’s been enjoying her time with the group.

Keiarna answered, “First of all, thank you so much for inviting me. I’m actually having a time. For me, it was just about getting to know everybody one-on-one.”

Robyn Dixon then asks, “I am curious cause Wendy brought you around. Did she try to like before bring you around like tell you about everybody?”

Keiarna answered, “No, she didn’t.” She continued, “The shade was obvious but she’s never said I don’t like Gizelle.”

She went on to say that Wendy’s main issue is her tension with Nneka.

“I felt like at the time her pressing concern was her issue with Nneka. And it’s so deep, even for me. It’s like I’m trying to get it culturally.”

Gizelle said it’s deep for Nneka, “I think it’s deep on Nneka’s side.”

After Ashley Darby agreed with Gizelle, Keiarna said, “But for the cultural significance, so for me, if I say I’m happy to move forward with something, and I really wanna be done with it, I’m just going to apologize and move forward.”

This stirs Nneka, “But did she apologize? Are you telling her the same thing, that she should apologize to me?”

Keiarna says, “She was the one who felt offended.”

Nneka says she was also offended. Gizelle backs her up and Keiarna breaks it down.

“And you did what you needed to do and that worked for you. So it didn’t work for her. And that’s the point.”

Nneka is over it, “I don’t care.”

She goes on to tell Keiarna not to stir the pot.

“What I’m saying is don’t stir pots that are already piping hot.”

Keiarna gets straight to the point, “Is it another issue?”

Nneka doesn’t back down, “I mean you should know. You want to stir my pots, you should tell me there’s another issue.”


  1. I like Keiarna so far. Nneka is acting like she lacks common sense. It’s hard to be cordial with someone like that.

    1. Nneka likes to play stupid despite being an attorney. I don’t like people who play stupid.

      1. Let’s be real about these (2) Nigeria Ladies, first they come here thinking they are better than US (you’re still black). Nneka, has a party calling it (Opening Her Gifts) y’all were her HELP (maids) 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀. Gizelle, Robyn, Ashley & Mia all need to be Replaced. I’m glad Essence Magazine, came out on this show. Thanks

  2. Nnecka is going to feel so foolish when the GEB’s turn on her. They’re using her to get at Wendy & she doesn’t get it, she thinks they’re her friends. Wendy is strong & will outlast them in this battle. Nnecks
    if she returns is going to be dog meat for the GEB.

  3. Nneka is right with Mia on being the attack dog for the GEB. Nneka and Mia are giving all they got to attack Wendy and Karen. Neither of them realize that they are being used. The Bandits only care about each other. Wonder if they really watch and listen to what the Bandits say is the green interview. Mia has there long enough to know how to Bandits works. Nneka is just trying too hard to make an impact. She’s coming off really dry.

  4. These Nigerian Women should have been watching, Watch What’s Happening, a couple of weeks ago there was a Nigerian Mom on , her son plays for thyme NFL , she said as in their Culture certain things are not to discussed in public forums , They practices that go o in their culture, I agree

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