Wendy Osefo Accuses Gizelle Bryant of ‘Weaponizing’ Her Daughter

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Gizelle Bryant doesn’t think she can move forward with Candiace Dillard-Bassett or Wendy Osefo.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Gizelle Bryant is a hot topic on social media due to her actions on the recent episode. The cast traveled to the Dominican Republic to celebrate Ashley Darby‘s birthday. Robyn Dixon was in charge of planning all the festivities. Despite all of the ongoing feuds, Robyn said she was inviting everyone. Interestingly enough, the tension has only been worsening among all the ladies. This has played out during multiple scenes when the cast had to be in a group setting. However, Gizelle took major offense to what she saw while she discussed her daughter Grace Bryant.

She saw Candiace Dillard-Bassett and Wendy Osefo roll their eyes and smirk as she expressed concern about Grace attending college in Florida. Gizelle later told Robyn that she was furious about how they acted. Robyn said children are “supposed to be off limits.” Ashley and Mia Thornton said they noticed Candiace and Wendy made faces as well.

Apparently, Wendy caught wind of the conversation. The episode concluded with her asking Robyn to tell her what was said.

Wendy Osefo accused Gizelle Bryant of weaponizing her daughter.

Well, the first few minutes of the next episode have been released. In the preview, Wendy accuses Gizelle of “weaponizing” her daughter Grace.

“I’m not going to speak on anyone’s child. I’m not going to speak on your daughter because, in the past, you have weaponized Grace against me.”

When the others look confused, Wendy continues, “When we were in New York two years ago, you said that I gave your daughter a nasty look. Anytime it comes to a conversation, about your daughter, I do not want to speak on it because of the environment that you Gizelle have created surrounding when it comes to me with Grace.”

Robyn says it was about the faces they made.

“But it’s not about speaking or not speaking. It was the looks on y’all faces.”

When Karen Huger and Keiarna Stewart said all the women make faces when a foe is speaking, this bothers Gizelle.

In a green screen interview, Gizelle calls out Karen.

“Karen, I get it. You don’t want to take sides. You always want to hump the fence, you are the fence. We’ve had our issues but there’s no way I would let anybody disparage Rayvin. So I would think I would get the same respect from you in return. But I’m not and I see you.”

Candiace accuses Robyn and Gizelle of hypocrisy, “Y’all laughing, then it’s fine. But if I laugh about something, it’s problematic.”

She goes on to say she isn’t coming for Gizelle’s children.

“For myself when I say I don’t like Gizelle, so no, when she speaks, I’m not listening. I am uncomfortable. I don’t want to deal in anything that she has going on. But when it comes to her children, I want her children to be well.”

Ashley chimes in, “But then why did you chuckle, babe? Why was there a chuckle? Was it because you didn’t want to talk about Gizelle? Like it was in relation to Gizelle not Grace? Is that what you’re saying?”

Candiace responds, “It has nothing to do with her children or anyone’s children.”

Wendy tells Ashley to cut it out, “Don’t do that.”

Candiace once again says she isn’t coming for anyone’s children, “None of your children.” She adds, “We can leave it right there.”

Interestingly enough, fans have noticed how divided the cast appears to be. This came up when Gizelle appeared on “Watch What Happens Live.” A fan asked what can be done to make the group “fun” again. Gizelle said she has been fun.

“I don’t know, I’ve been fun. Some people just need to…”

Andy Cohen then said, “I mean there are pockets of you that just refuse to acknowledge each other.”

Gizelle responded, “Umm…yes. So…I don’t know. Let’s hash that out at the reunion, Andy.”

Andy agreed, “Okay, well, we’re going to.”


  1. Giselle always has an excuse. Karen and Kaireana were right the ladies all roll their eyes when someone who they have problems with speaks. At no point did anyone say anything about Giselle’s child. Once again Giselle, Mia, Robyn were trying to make a moment from a nonexistent moment. Giselle is trying to blame Karen for not taking aside, would she like it if Karen didn’t agree with her? Giselle acts like Karen is agreeing with her. What if Karen doesn’t agree with Giselle?

  2. I think this is why they can’t take Wendy. She’s intelligent and perceptive enough to be able to see through their bs every time.

    1. Andy should be tired of being called out about Giselle and Robyn. He has covered for the Bandits every time and every season. He has covered for Giselle and Robyn when they stuck to Bravo with their podcast.

      1. Andy covers for all his favs and who he thinks brings $ to Bravo. This is why all of the shows are pretty much tanking.

  3. I agree it’s time for Giselle, Robyn, Mia to go, as well as trouble maker (Charisse). Regarding the (2) Nigerian the show doesn’t fit they (roots or lifestyle) as an Nigerian.

  4. Candiance and Wendy got on my d<#n nerves! They don’t have to like Gizelle but I feel it was VERY rude and disrespectful! The one time Gizelle was being vulnerable and or transparent and they sit at the table making faces! Wendy did a piss poor job of whatever it was she was trying to do when asking Gizelle questions. She should’ve just not said anything of it wasn’t sincere. I think Gizelle was in her feelings with Karen. Karen knows what it feels like for your daughter to go to another state for school. She also set up a lunch for her daughter to talk to Giselle’s daughter about college life. No I'm not saying Gizelle is innocent by no means but DANG! I wish Gizelle would give serve both of the. Their a-ses on a platter. Candiance should have stock in Kleenex as much as she cry! Wendy just need to sit down! I love Nnenka by the way. Jmo

  5. Gizzle and Robyn think their sh-t don’t stink. Whatever they do they don’t want any consequences. But when it’s Wendy and Candace the women of darker complexions it’s always a problem 🙄. As for Mia, Ashley and Meka they r kiss a-s.

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