Ashley Darby Explains Why She Asked if RHOP Cameras Were Going Away Before Altercation

Ashley Darby RHOP Season 8
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Ashley Darby has been called out on social media over the latest RHOP altercation.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Ashley Darby is a hot topic on social media due to the Season 8 finale. As we reported, Gizelle Bryant and Ashley started a new athleisure line called GNA. They planned a fashion show to promote their designs. Although the event was a success, the evening turned into total chaos once Gizelle left to be with her sick father.

Sometime after, Ashley’s friend Deborah Williams confronted Candiace Dillard Bassett for nicknaming her “Sesame Street” and “ Cookie Monster.” Candiace did such in response to Deborah previously accusing Chris Bassett of trying to hit on her during Season 7. However, producers played footage that showed Chris paid her no attention. Regardless, Deborah figured she was the victim in the situation because fans doubled down on the nicknames Candiace gave her. Ahead of the fashion show, Deborah made an Instagram post.

This is what she posted back in 2023 before the fashion show went down:

“@therealcandiace be sure to keep this same energy when you see me in person…
which will be SOOOOOOON you AND @bassett33 both wish y’all could eat this Cookie Monster goddess realness. #BREAKFASTisSERVED”


Ashley Darby asked why the RHOP cameras were being taken down before the altercation.

Since Deborah seemingly made it clear before the fashion show that she had tension with Candiace and Chris, many RHOP fans blame Ashley for Deborah throwing a drink at Candiace and attacking Keiarna Stewart when she attempted to intervene. Ashley’s critics believe she may have allegedly invited Deborah to the event so she would go after Candiace. They suspect this is why Ashley asked the producers if the cameras were being taken down moments before the altercation occurred.

Well, Ashley addressed this on Instagram. She told a follower she only asked because copyrighted music would be played during the party.

“I wanted them to play regular music. We can only play cleared music while cameras are rolling and we had so many guests asking when the bops would start.”

Ashley also responded to the backlash on Instagram Story.

She wrote, “Fighting with my words and never with my hands for 8 years for people to say I set up a fight.”


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RHOP fans once again pointed out the hypocrisy. Many want Ashley to acknowledge that Candiace also fights with her words. But Ashley said her words go too far.

An Instagram user wrote, “Candiace used her words and your friend threw a drink.”


  1. I just think it’s nasty work for Ashley and Deborah to change the narrative like they did. In no way was Candiace the aggressor. Both times Deborah disturbed Candiace’s peace first. So no one gets to tell Candiace what she can and can’t say in response to being violated.

  2. Ashley, Gizelle, and Roybn, is in cohoots to get rid of Candice and Wendy. I hope it is true Robyn is not coming back next season. Candice is not coming back either her choice. Candice have a real career she need to focus on.

  3. I can understand Ashley wanting to stand up for her friend Deborah, she was wrong to think, believe, or whatever, that Deborah was cool, and wouldn’t confront Candice. Ashley is a weak link and has always been one. Ashley has allowed Candice, Mia,Wendy, Giselle and Robyn talk to her anyway they wanted and she drunk a few drinks and carried on. Deborah was not going out like that.

  4. Ashley sounds crazy saying Candice can go to far. She can say whatever she wants. Just because u and your funny looking friend were in her feelings. She had no right to throw that drink. Cookie Monster came in with a agenda. They should press charges on her.

  5. I hate that Robyn is leaving. I like her and Candice. Ugly Deborah is just jealous. She had no right to come for Candice. She’s mad because the truth came out about her lying on Chris and happy Eddie

  6. Ashley has been a liar and troublemaker since she came on to the show. She, Giselle and Robin need to go. Mia is a compulsive liar as well. The last thing for Ashley to do is talking about someone’s words going too far when in fact she is the queen of going too far or doing too much. She needs to work about that ex husband of hers.

  7. Sesame Street shouldn’t have lied on Chris. He wasn’t paying Ol’ Crossed Eyes any attention…… and that’s why she was in her feelings. It was clear that she was jealous of Candiace and wanted to start trouble. Ashley was the coy accomplice tho’.

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