Colorism Accusations Multiply Amid Latest RHOP Reunion Trailer

Candiace Dillard Bassett Mia Thornton RHOP
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Gizelle Bryant blames Candiace Dillard Bassett and Wendy Osefo for the physical altercation with Deborah Williams.

The reunion for “The Real Housewives of Potomac ” has been very triggering for Candiace Dillard Bassett and Wendy Osefo. Previously, the group had another cringeworthy conversation surrounding colorism that fans called out on social media. Fans also called out Nneka Ihim, calling her a “GEB Puppet.” Lastly, in the third installment of the reunion, Gizelle Bryant will lay the blame at the feet of Candiace and Wendy for the altercation that occurred with Deborah Williams at her and Ashley Darby‘s fashion show. 

Well, Bravo recently released a preview of this gaslighting exchange. In the clip, Gizelle not only detailed her blaming Candiace but also blamed Wendy for causing the incident.

In the preview, Gizelle ensures that Candiace, Wendy, and Deborah are blamed for the altercation that occurred once the cameras stopped recording. 

“I think Deborah, Candiace, Wendy, K… Everyone’s responsible.”

This immediately angers Candiace and Wendy. Candiace instantly responds, saying, “Wow. Y’all want me to be friends with this? Y’all want me to make up with this?”

Wendy then asks, “Well, what did I do?” She then says, “Here we go with these blanket statements.”

Gizelle responds to them, saying that’s how she feels about the incident. That comment inflames Candiace and Wendy further. 

Under her breath, Mia said Wendy had nothing to do with the incident. As Mia says this, Wendy stares at Gizelle and wants to know, again, what she had to do with the altercation.

“What did Wendy do in the physical altercation, when each time you see me literally dodging not to get hit? So, what did Wendy do?”

Keiarna Stewart, who joined everyone on stage to discuss the incident, says that Wendy was only holding her back, trying to prevent things from escalating. Mia Thornton agrees.

At this point, Gizelle reluctantly agrees to absolve Wendy from blame. However, she still has her sights set on blaming Candiace for the incident. Gizelle explains that seeing the altercation on TMZ was a bad look for the business.  She called seeing it on TMZ “disturbing.” 

Karen Huger then jumps in, asking Candiace why she called Deborah vermin when Deborah started the incident. 

“After she walked up to me…, the cameras were down, and we were standing around. I was standing there with my champagne dancing, and she walked up to me… She walked over, got right in my face, and said, ‘Do you have something that you want to say to me?’ 

I said, no, come get this vermin out of my face.”

Mia then says to Candiace, “You can’t do that,” to which Candiace says yes, she can. Candiace tells Mia that she cannot tell her how to respond to Deborah, who threatened to confront her physically on social media. 

Andy Cohen then asks if Candiace would have swung the champagne bottle at Deborah, but Candiace isn’t sure what she would’ve done. Candiace then says that she saw Deborah lunge at her.

“I’m not expecting you all to fight for me, so I’m on my own,” says Candiace as she fights back tears. Meanwhile, Robyn smirks and Ashley rolls her eyes as they see Candiace fight back tears. 

Social media erupts.

When this preview hit social media, it almost instantly brought forth sharp and poignant responses from fans calling out the show and venting their issues with the lighter-skinned cast mates. Candiace sees the clip shared on social media and calls It triggering, seemingly washing her hands of it all.

“You all can literally have this. It’s triggering. Good luck!”

Meanwhile, others called out how Gizelle, Robyn, Mia, Ashely, and Karen have been seemingly absolved from accountability. One X user wrote, “It seems all the light-skinned women on this show are free from accountability. They relentlessly antagonize the darker-skinned women. And the darker-skinned women always have to be on guard because they are always attacked and held accountable for being attacked.”

This isn’t the first time RHOP fans have expressed they believe colorism is at play. An Essence Magazine editor highlighted this in a recent article that went viral on social media.


  1. The dark and brown skin girls are always held to a different standard. Then what also blows my mind is how the light skin women have said and done worse to each other but they forgive but never forgive Wendy, Candiace, and Monique for anything. It’s textbook colorism. Nneka is next. I’m done. I’ll read recaps on here only.

    1. When we point this out, they just gaslight us. I really can’t do it anymore. This show makes me feel terrible. I have to quit watching for my mental health so I commend Candiace for quitting.

  2. Gizelle, Robyn, Mia, and Ashley are vile and I’m disgusted to say Robyn is my soror. This show is dead to me. I will not be helping their ratings ever again.

  3. Is Mia serious?! I’m so confused as to why Carlos and fans have been hyping her up so much. She’s a horrible human being who puts her own wants before her family, kids, and friends. She has no morals whatsoever. And saying what she did here just shows she still isn’t sorry for assaulting Wendy. Ugh I’m over this whole network.

    1. It’s very hard for: Dark Skin Women In 2024.
      I was channel surfing and I seen where this young lady seen COLORISM played a part in her own family, she light skin her oldest sister dark skin, they were out at the mall (no need to say anymore) she stated this is so Real how people treat DARK SKIN versus LIGHT SKIN.

  4. The colorist biracials really believe dark skin women should be their punching bags. They believe they have a right to bully and antagonize them and they should just take it and still desire their acceptance. It’s so gross. This is why they feel Candiace shouldn’t have said anything back to Deborah. It’s how colorists think.

  5. Who the f-ck is Ashley sleeping with on production to keep slithering away from accountability season after season?!

    1. I agree. She sucking someone off to stay on the show. I have not watched the last 2 seasons. I am just disgusted with these women not liking darker skin women. Andy lets the get away with this stuff. Ashley starts all this ish then go sit her crusty pus in a corner to watch it play out. Gizelle better hope and pray her daughters do not have to go thru the colorism she displays

  6. This right here is why RHOP will never be as popular and successful as RHOA. The cast is full of colorists who are protected by Andy and Bravo and boy do they bring the show down. Actual black women who watch are expected to just be triggered and keep watching. Nah, I’m out. Better shows to watch out here anyway.

  7. Gizelle and Robyn literally behave like racist white women. And they play victim when called out just like the racists do. I will never support them.

  8. I understand why Candiace left now. She’s always seen as wrong even when she’s only reacting to disrespect and threats of violence. Deborah and Ashley are the only two at fault. Saying otherwise means you have biases. And well colorism is a bias whether consciously or not. I hope Wendy leaves too because Karen will not have her back.

  9. Stop watching RHOP and giving them ratings because the GEB’s act just like racist white women and they have used their complexion for their own advantage and Ashley messy behind as well. Giselle and Robyn never take accountability and Andy needs to hold them accountable for their parts that they play. They have been getting away with mess all their lives because of their skin color. Robyn, Giselle and Ashley needs to be fired. Start over with new people. #Andy Cohen please make some changes before your show is boycotted. Stop allowing the GEB’s to get away with everything and stop blaming Wendy and Candice when they speak up for themselves. Giselle, Robyn and Ashley are liars and mean girls. All three needs to be fired!

    1. I totally agree with You. Gizelle, Robyn, needs to be ashamed of themselves, COLORISM does plays apart in this SHOW point blank. It’s very sad.
      Essence magazine came out on Potomac, regarding this matter.

  10. I am so sick of these high yellow black women (Gisele and Robin) that have been given a platform, TO showcase: BLACK EXECELLENCE. AND HAVE FAILED MISERABLY ‘, They remind me of the term “house
    Negros. I guess this is why Andy Cohen is so enamored with them. Frankly I am to through with these rwo

  11. The colorism is so blatant now and you still have GEB stans gaslighting people on Twitter daily. Karma never misses though.

  12. It is very disheartening to read all these very true comments on colorism as it pertains to RHOP. In its infancy it was fun to watch the ladies interact with each other. Things begin to take a turn when Monique a brown skin sister in a working marriage and financially well off came on the scene. Gizelle was very jealous and it was clearly apparent. Candiace and Wendy two brown sisters joined and over time the GEB begin to stir the pot. The lid came off at the last reunion and now there is no way back from the edge and pain this topic has illicited from its viewership. It’s so glaringly obvious. Nobody is going to win here except Andy Cohen and Bravo. It’s the “jigga boos against the wanna bees” as Spike Lee 80s masterpiece School Daze playing out all over again. We have enough going on in the country in terms of race and TV for all intent and purpose is suppose to be relaxing. This colorism issue is a trigger. I simply don’t care to be triggered and feel disgusted about a scripted TV show with 4 of the most intellectually stunted stuck on privilege broads (Gizelle Robin Ashley Mia) and throw in ugly thirsty Deborah on TV. I believe all the daughters of these women are brown skinned…..the irony.
    Go away or retool the cast. This simply ain’t working no more.

  13. This colorism is getting extremely ugly, this has gotten way out of hand, the hate is real, this is worse than white people at war with black people, I’ve never seen nothing like it.

  14. What?! I can’t believe Ashley is getting no blame in this when it’s clear as day Deborah came there with the intention to fight. She said what she was going to do months before it happened.

  15. RHOP has become a toxic work environment for anyone who doesn’t pass the paper bag test. It’s wild seeing a network punish the victims and stand with the aggressor who doesn’t even work on the show. Not only can Wendy, Candiace, and Keiarna sue, they SHOULD. Deborah has been antagonizing Wendy and Candiace from the beginning. They didn’t do anything to her to warrant it. Allowing an outsider to attack cast members should never be tolerated by Bravo. It’s a safety issue. Gizelle should have been fired for the damaging lies she told about Chris. Robyn should have been fired for refusing to do her job. Mia should have been sacked for assaulting Wendy. Monique was made an example of but nothing ever happens to Ashley, Gizelle, Robyn, or Mia. They can do whatever they want. Like it’s so blatant at this point that I feel like they are taunting viewership. So I just have to let this show go. It’s not for me.

  16. Like can anyone explain to me why Gizelle hates Wendy so much? It’s so bizarre. I can’t recall Wendy doing anything to warrant this extreme hatred.

    1. Gizelle hates Wendy bc Wendy is everything she wants to be…..happily married. Smart well educated and has a real career and the support of her husband. She don’t have to hustle and she has a supportive family.
      The math ain’t mathing in dizzy favor and she’s pissed. They are both my sorors….it’s too bad

  17. This is why I stopped watching the show. Gizelle and Robin seems to have a thing for always attempting to hold the dark-skinned women accountable on things. Ashley is the ish starter then when the ish hit the fan she is quiet as a mouse. Gizelle had her kids by a dark-skinned man, therefore she needs to watch herself. She and Robin shares nothing of their lives like the other women Remember Robin had an issue with Wendy finding her self-confidence? Karen trying to look like a version of Tina Knowles

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