Gizelle Bryant & Wendy Osefo Move Forward?

Photo Credit: Bravo

Gizelle Bryant’s anger for Wendy Osefo has been confusing to some RHOP fans.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Gizelle Bryant received heavy criticism during the latest season from fans on social media. Many felt that she was awful to Wendy Osefo and Candiace Dillard Bassett. When it comes to Candiace, things went left due to the controversial accusations that Gizelle made about Chris Bassett. Gizelle’s budding friendship with Wendy fizzled out after she questioned if Wendy got surgery and changed her style due to cheating rumors about Eddie Osefo.

During the most recent season, Gizelle said she didn’t want to be around Wendy or Candiace. Robyn Dixon had the same feelings. At the Season 8 reunion, Andy Cohen said the show had become difficult to watch because of the division. And he hoped the conversations that took place that day could lead to a resolution. However, nothing was resolved. Some fans particularly believed that a colorism issue was at the root of the tension.

After the reunion aired in full, Candiace and Robyn confirmed they were leaving RHOP. Candiace left by choice to focus on her pregnancy. Robyn said she was fired. The announcement of Robyn’s departure made some fans question how Gizelle would be able to navigate the show without her bestie. Weeks ago, bloggers reported that Gizelle was struggling to find her footing with the addition of the new cast members. And she wasn’t really in a good place with anyone outside of Ashley Darby.

Well, it seems as if the tides are changing. Wendy recently celebrated her 40th birthday. She threw a party. Of course, other cast members and the camera crew were there for the celebration. But what many didn’t see coming was Gizelle being in attendance.

Not only was Gizelle at Wendy’s birthday party but the two women actually hugged at one point. One of the guests recorded the moment via their phone.


  1. So this season will be damage control. Fans wanted Gizelle to move on YEARS ago and she thought she didn’t have to. I guess the second chair at the reunion made her reconsider.

  2. I don’t know but it may be a little too late. I still have no desire to watch personally. Last season was disgusting.

    1. Gizelle is being a Roman. “While Rome…..”, it’s called job security. She doesn’t want o be on the chopping block like her friend Robin. There is no way she had a change of heart in one season. Wendy watch your neck!

      1. Yeah. She needs soldiers to keep her pay check. I still do not like Gizelle. I do not believe she had the ability to change she’s a bitter woman and that comes across. Just get off the show and try to fix your life. She’s in a new season in life. Get a clue and move on.

  3. Giselle heard the word on the street, ” No one cares to see you on the show, better get some act right. ” Giselle realizes that she loves being on TV and the attention it brings. She’s now known for something besides being the cheated on ex wife of Jamal Bryant. Giselle better make nice with Wendy because Ashley will leave her standing alone, and Karen is not going to take sides.

  4. Gizelle Bryant only gravitates to women that are light or racially ambiguous. In other words Gizelle Bryant will be beefing with Wendy until 1 or both are off the show. 🙄

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