Tami Roman Has Haters

Tami Roman took to Twitter to address her “haters.”

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tami Roman sure does know how to strike a chord in people. Rather she’s acting like a crazy and violent old drunk on Basketball Wives or blaming television executives for why she acted like a fool on national television; it’s obvious that she can’t escape the negativity of the fourth season of the reality television train wreck that has brought in VH1’s highest ratings during prime time. Since being labeled as the series bully, the reality television star is at a point where she is absolutely tired of explaining herself and being verbally attacked on the social networks.

So what’s the easiest way to elevate yourself even when you know you’re wrong as hell about something you could have completely avoided with better judgment? Blame the adversity on your haters and refuse to take any real authority on your own actions.

When it comes to this method of childishness, Tami Roman, a mother of two seems to have mastered the trade.

Recently, the reality television villain took to Twitter to vent out her frustrations with her “haters” in the only way she knew how:

tami roman tweet haters

Tami is entirely too old to not be able to decipher between legitimately earned criticism and unwarranted jealousy. It’s obvious people just find a woman who’s in her 40s and still bullies and acts like a hood rat unlikeable.  Either it’s her level of arrogance or delusion that is at the most insanest of high levels, which causes her to write some of the most ridiculous tweets aimed for her imaginary haters.

No one can fault Tami too much for being the average delusional grown person who actually believes they have anything to really hate on. That’s actually the new norm in our society.

Unfortunately, Tami’s Twitter rants won’t be ending anytime soon as Basketball Wives has been picked up for another season on VH1.




  1. I find it hilarious that she tries to speak so properly but turns into the ghetto version of the incredible hulk when she gets a few drinks in her system. Oh the irony,

  2. Tami Roman makes a living being ghetto on reality television. It’s been her career of choice since she was on The Real World. She’s hasn’t evolved or grown since then. So one would argue that Tami needs more to do also.

  3. It’s interesting that Tami needed to tweet about her haters when she’s one of the biggest haters on the show. Her beef with Kesha is stupid and makes absolutely no sense. The state of television is just plain terrible.

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