Spell Check: Kenya Moore Hilariously Checks a Hater

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Reality Television star and Real Housewives of Atlanta newbie Kenya Moore can easily be labeled as the most talked about housewife this season, as she has been involved in multiple scandals since Season 5 of the hit Bravo series premiered a few weeks ago.  The former beauty queen and former Miss USA doesn’t exactly seem to get along with most of her the other housewives, but it would be her alleged fake relationship with on screen beau Walter Jackson that would make her one of the most intriguing women on the show currently. Walter claimed in a recent interview that Kenya asked him to pretend to be her boyfriend for the cameras so she could secure her spot on the show. Apparently to be on the show, it is required that the ladies have men in their lives romantically. Kenya didn’t, and according to Walter, although they haven’t dated in three years allegedly, he agreed to help her because he didn’t see the harm in getting his 15 minutes of fame. But unknowingly for Walter, Kenya also needed him to pretend that he wanted to get married, and Walter began to struggle once she began to hound him about marriage during filming.

Kenya denies the allegations completely, but it seems like many people believe Walter. And as a result, Kenya’s managed to become the housewife that some people just love to hate. It also doesn’t help that Kenya flirted with Phaedra Parks’ husband Apollo and almost got into a physical altercation with Porsha Stewart.

So of course, she deals with nasty tweets on a daily basis. But Kenya couldn’t really focus on the insults spewed when one hater tweeted her the other day because they couldn’t properly spell the insult (read from the bottom up):

kenya moore twitter beef


  1. Even though I don’t care for her because she is a lier, I still don’t think that people should attack her on Twitter.

  2. That person was doing the most!!! Reality TV isn’t even real, so why send hate tweets? People are ridiculous.

  3. Late Comment! I love Kenya Moore. Say what you want, but just spell her name right. It’s funny people throw insults and can’t do alot of things correct under the sun. Why Miss USA has to be a garden tool. No she is Miss USA. Keep up the good work Ms. Moore. If you need an assistant holla at your girl! I have character too! Just keep up the good work and don’t let your head fall down. I love ya girl.

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