Peter Thomas Confirms New Reality Show

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Peter Thomas spin off confirmed? We told you a few weeks ago that the rumor mill was buzzing about RHOA star Peter Thomas being in talks with Bravo to secure his own spin off show, and it now appears that Peter himself has confirmed the gossip to be true.

The other day Peter took to his Instagram account to announce that his new Bar One location in Charlotte is conducting¬†interviews, and the location will be the home to a new reality show called “Building Bar One”:

peter thomas spin off confirmed



Will you be watching?


  1. I don’t know. Some of the people on RHOA are only entertaining when they are stirring the pot. By himself, Peter may not be all that entertaining.

  2. This is why Cynthia got a backbone all of a sudden and is finally talking back to NeNe huh? Bish got her own reality show with her husband now. Well played Cynthia.

  3. So that’s why he’s been acting like a mitch and getting in women’s business! LOL! I don’t want to see him. Neither he nor Cynthia are compelling. He’s using up all of her money for his hair brained business scams and cannot keep a dollar in his pocket.

  4. Please, I would i would watch one episode of this dirt bag scoundrel, mess starting frosted pieces of mule sh-t. Man go somewhere with his dummy head, boring, stupid, follow the leader big head little brained wife. A-s wipes!

  5. I wish I would rather. No one is going to waste any time on Peter and Cynthia outside of rhoa. Bravo knows this and its just a way to kick em off rhoa

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