Millionaire Matchmaker Success: Kenya Moore Shows off Her New Boo

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

One of the most popular jabs “Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars toss out at Kenya Moore are about her dating life, especially since the beauty hasn’t had the best luck in finding love.

And while Porsha Williams, NeNe Leakes and Phaedra Parks enjoy teasing her about not having a man, Kenya may have just lucked up in the man department.

We told you weeks ago that Kenya was booked for an episode of “Millionaire Match Maker,” and it was revealed that she’s still dating the guy she met on the show.

Now that the episode aired last night, Kenya took to Instagram to reveal that they are still going strong:

kenya moore instagramkenya moore instagram 2


  1. Look, Kenya is a beautiful woman but you can watch RHOA and instantly understand why she doesn’t have a man or many friends. And I don’t doubt this man is just another fake one for upcoming storyline purposes. Kenya lies a lot.

  2. I really don’t understand why people find it hard to believe men could be interested in her. I don’t get it.

      1. What are we jealous of? I’ve been asking you Team Twirl people this forever and never got a real response.

        1. There’s plenty to be jealous of. She’s beautiful, a business owner, a reality tv queen in just a couple of seasons on RHOA, paid, and has luxurious hair that grows out of her scalp. That’s enough to keep most of you pressed. On what universe would a man not be attracted to Kenya Moore?

          1. LOL. Why is it so hard to believe people don’t like Kenya because of her nasty personality? When you’re an adult, you learn to like or dislike people for things of more substantial nature like their personalities, attitudes and the way they treat people. Shallow and childish people like yourself only need good looks and long hair to root for someone.

          2. If y’all don’t like Kenya because of her nasty personality and the way she treats people, why do y’all like Nene? *giggles*

          3. @ Twirl, so you admit Kenya is just a wannabe and carbon copy of Nene? It’s about time.

          4. Did you, a grown-a-s woman say that we the commenters on this here site are jealous of Kenya Moore Whore because of her….wait for it “….luxurious hair that grows out of her scalp?” What are you – 12? We are not in high school and no one is jealous of that mental patient. Did you not watch last night when Kandi and Cynthia both called her out for having pieces in her hair when they were in Tags Boutique, or weren’t you paying attention?

          5. Your comments get even more embarrassing by the day. You do understand that the women on this site love very successful and beautiful women like Beyonce, Rihanna, Taraji, Kerry Washington…etc? We don’t have a problem giving props to women who are really doing it big. Kenya just isn’t likable to many. It is what it is.

          6. Kenya never said she didn’t use pieces. She wears them for thickness like a lot of women who have long and thin hair. So try again.

          7. Like beyonce or riri but who would hate on Kentucky when thetexted are millions of beautiful blk women n the world and I’m included in tht million. I bet your just a fat lazy woman who is a Kentucky stan

    1. Only haters don’t like Kenya. And most of them are more manless than they think Kenya is. Kenya is private. That’s it.

      1. Is it a requirement that everyone in Team Twirl has the same borderline racist rhetoric? I’ve noticed, even Claudia speaks it. There’s all kind of women out here who aren’t impressed by Kenya Moore. Grow up.

      2. If she was so private, she would never have invited Walter onto RHOA, she never would’ve been seen with the married man she was messing with….sorry, I meant her “African Prince” (her words). And she wouldn’t have put Brandon’s a-s on her page and try to pass him off as her man. That’s not seeking privacy, that’s called being an attention whore!

      3. Please shut up. RHOA is the kind of show that you’ll have favorites as well as people you can’t stand. That’s reality television for you. Y’all are so annoying.

      4. If she was private she wouldn’t be doing reality shows. But maybe she didn’t have a choice. It’s not like her acting career ever took off.

  3. If this is real, good for her. But I can never be sure when it comes to Kenya. This is the same person who was busted for paying a man to come on RHOA and pretend they were in a relationship. This also isn’t the same man she posted on IG a year ago either. And then there’s married man gate.

  4. She’s obviously uncomfortable in this photo. Body language is everything and it’s clear that these two are putting on a front. The only other thing I have to say is that it’s quite sad for people to think (black) women would be jealous of this lady for superficial reasons. Black women with long hair isn’t uncommon; Neither are beautiful, black, female entrepreneurs. It’s no wonder they refer to women as animals..their mentality is so barbaric and outdated.

    1. Well said and this kind of talk is one of the main reasons I don’t enjoy RHOA anymore. Kenya, her stans and Claudia say some despicable things about black women that I can’t forgive.

  5. You Kenya stans are so rude and racist. Y’all do know Kenya herself is a black woman too, right? So when you bash black women, you’re insulting her too. But this isn’t about long hair and being attractive. Kenya has a personality you either love or hate. There’s no in between. Just like NeNe. Should we all group up and start bashing the NeNe haters and call them manless, ghetto, and bald headed for not liking NeNe?

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