Kenya Moore’s ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ Boyfriend Gets Married + Kenya Reacts

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The seventh season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” may be over, but Kenya Moore is still having lots of drama off-screen. Kenya claimed she was still dating the man she met on “Millionaire Matchmaker” but it turns out James Freeman just tied the knot with another woman.

Hit Shows To Watch writes:

According to sources, James Freeman married Jaimi Gregory on April 3, 2015. On James and Jaimi’s Facebook page, they tied the knot and shared wedding photos with friends and family. We also found their wedding registry on Bed Bath & Beyond website.

kenya boyfriend married

kenya boyfriend married 2

kenya boyfriend married 3

kenya boyfriend married 4

Jaimi Gregory is a successful 36-year old volleyball coach and attended Stanford University in June 2000.

We are not sure how the couple met, but it appears they got married pretty soon…


Interestingly enough, Kenya stated at the reunion and on social media recently that she was still dating James, and Porsha called her out on Twitter for allegedly being with a married man while in Vegas recently. Regardless, Kenya addressed the situation on Instagram:

kenya moore instagram


  1. BOLMFAO! I know y’all are gonna have a field day with this one. I can’t wait for “Twirl” and “Anonymous” to respond.

    1. It’s going to be Patty Stanger’s fault for not veting him properly. You watch! Not the delusional b-tch that can’t keep her thighs closed to married men….never her!

      1. How is this Kenya’s fault when he didn’t tell her he was dating someone already? She had to find out he was married by the blogs but it’s her fault? Please.

        1. Girl, that friend contract was up as soon as the show aired, and he was free to marry his true love. Kenya hoped to keep the lie going with that bogus ring BS last week, till Porsha busted her. This statement is just damage control. You girl knew what was going on….trust!

          1. If his wife was his true love, he would be faithful to her. He was obviously still seeing Kenya while with her. Imo, his true love is himself.

          2. “Because men never lie and don’t jump at the chance to be on TV?”

            IDK, but Kenya does. LOL.

        2. Twirl,come on now! At some point you gotta stop making excuses for the delusion. Ya girl got caught in her shyt as usual, it’s the Walter shyt all over again, minus rhoa. And, if you believe for one second that Kenya didn’t know all this time he was dating another chick, then you’re more delusional as Kenya. Absurd!!!

          1. I think y’all are more delusional than I am. He got paid to be on TV. If you don’t think he would lie to get on a show to get a check. I’m not the only delusional person on here. All I’m saying is y’all are so quick to blame Kenya like this man did nothing wrong.

          2. That man did the job he was paid to do. The problem is Kenya kept going around claiming him after the contract expired. Now she looks foolish. I mean she brought this on herself.

      1. Boo this is the most butt hurt I’ve ever seen you. You need a box of tissues to wipe up all those tears?

        1. You need your own blog Yeah I Said It! You are always on point. Please continue to post, I laugh all week at some of the things you say

        2. No. Hold on to the box because you will need it very soon. Kenya always gets the last laugh. Remember that.

          1. No she doesn’t. Her show is a flop, hair care line will flop, and she still can’t outdo Nene. All she does is collect Ls girl. We’re the ones who get the last laugh at her expense, always.

  2. Oh the irony! Let me find out this heffa paid him like she did Walter and was in on the whole damn thing!

    1. Walter lied. Let it go. This man conned and used Kenya to get on TV. The truth will be revealed soon.

      1. Uh huh! Right….he lied! She’s had how many seasons to show those receipts, Why’re we still waiting then? Shes always the victim instead of the common denominator! Girl bye!

      2. how the hell could he think he’d get a come up off something so immoral??? i dont get it lol…and who gets come ups from millionaire matchmaker?

  3. Sh-t all this means is their contractual relationship is over and he married the real woman he was dating when he went on the show. Kenya lies about every damn thing. Why her stans deny this I’ll never understand.

    1. You’re talking about James right? Because he’s the only loser in this situation. He lied to get on a reality show. Kenya is good. She still has her businesses, fame, and money.

  4. Another L for Kenya. How does it feel Team Twirl? They were never really dating. Her whole life is one big lie. I bet she is also lying about her pilot too. She said it was picked up by a major cable network but we know that is just another lie. Her hair care line is a lie as well. By next week people will be accusing her of taking their money and not shipping products. LOL.

    1. Hershey, Porsha’s tea is always on point. The next tea to come to life is about Peter and his waitresses.

  5. How embarrassing. But to be honest, I don’t think they were ever really dating. Both were paid and they went on their separate ways. The married man Porsha was talking about is probably someone else.

  6. I don’t really need to comment. It is going to be hilarious reading all of the comments. My day started off sh*tty but it is starting to be entertaining. Yaaaassssss!!!!

  7. LOL!!!! She always has egg on her face. So what happened Kenya? Was he paid boyfriend number two? Walter 2.0? Girl…

  8. This is humiliating. I see she tried to do some damage control by addressing it on IG before all the blogs picked up on it so she could spin it. It would have been easier for her to just admit the episode was fake and just another part of her manufactured storyline.

  9. Chile and this happens just after that ring stunt she just pulled. Kenya sit your ashy a-s down. You keep letting your stans hype you up and that’s why you keep getting exposed.

  10. Y’all better get all your laughs in now because when the whole truth come out, y’all will be seething. Kenya is not to blame for this. She was used. This man is another liar just like Walter.

  11. Look at all you bitter women cheering and celebrating this because Kenya’s beauty and success makes you so mad. Enjoy this now. Team Twirl will get the last laugh. Kenya is the Beyonce of reality tv. Y’all can’t help but hate.

    1. Oh stop it. Nobody is bitter about Kenya. We just enjoy laughing at her because she’s a clown who has to lie about her success so delusional people like yourself will stan for her. Yeah, she’s beautiful, but all that success you speak of is manufactured. In other words, it’s nothing but lies she’s made up for a storyline. And that my dear is hilarious to us. Deal!

  12. Lawd ain’t no coming back from this one. Twirl and stans, just take this L and keep it moving.

      1. She can’t defend it. Twirl is trying bless her heart, but she’s just looking sillier than usual.

  13. Welp. Reality TV continues to be fake. No wonder the producers love Kenya so much. She can fake it like no other.

    1. Actually these are the only jobs that she can get. This is the way she makes her money only. She has to create a show and not pay people (no one wants her in show business other than reality), she has to pay a man because men just can’t seem to stomach her. Lies and fake stories is how she continues on reality.

      1. Let’s face it! That heffa is crazy and her p-ss probably smell like onions! Show me that man who will put up with that bullsh-t!

  14. Kenya has to be the most pathetic reality star of all time. She can’t get a man in real life, so she pays for one. She’s been busted for this twice now.

  15. This just made my whole damn week. I knew she was lying but I just couldn’t prove it. Not only was the man not even dating her, but he had a real boo he married right after. Kenya better tighten up if she’s going to keep lying about this kind of stuff. First Walter, now this. Hilarious.

  16. I think she blocked Porsha after that tweet so that’s how I knew Porsha was telling the truth. Kenya didn’t find out that man is married on the blogs. She knew it too. She just thought it wouldn’t get out. So now she’s trying to play victim as usual.

  17. Why am I so late too this damn good post but lol at Kenya once again getting caught in a lie. They were never together she is such a liar.

  18. Kenya better be careful. If she keeps trying to make this man look like the bad guy who lied to her, she will force him to tell the whole truth and admit the show episode was fake. She needs to stop while she’s ahead.

  19. You stans are confusing me though. Usually yall brag about how smart Kenya is and how she’s always playing chess but now a man conned her? Which one is it? Is she smart or gullible?


  21. Im late so I’ll just get my life thru these here comments. Yall 70 in(daaaaayum). I know yall actin

  22. Y’all on ran poor Twirl off. Now when she runs out of excuses, you know Kenya messed up. LOL.

    1. Nobody ran me off. But I know there’s nothing I can say to change opinions. But please believe Kenya will get the last laugh. She always does.

      1. The only time Kenya was vindicated was when Apollo admitted to lying about her and it wasn’t all lies because she had been blatantly flirting with him and asking for threesomes. As for Walter, Kenya has yet to prove that he was lying about her asking him to be her fake boyfriend, the same way that she has yet to prove that Janet Hubert was lying about not having been paid for months, as Kenya was only able to say recently that Ms Hubert had received the monies that had been owed to her since last year. As it is Kenya’s claim about a network wanting her show is clearly not true as she’s had to settle for premiering it on Facebook. Similarly her hair products line clearly has no real budget attached to it as she was reduced to pilfering other people’s photos in order to market it. And now it seems clear that she talked up her involvement with this man in order to garner interest only to end up with egg all over her face. When I’m sitting none of that adds up to Kenya getting the last laugh.

  23. This woman just keeps lying. She lied about not wearing tracks (then turns around and has the nerve to try to sell hair products that are supposed to give you longer hair), she lies about who she dates, she lies about her projects, she lies about her own family, and lies about her plastic surgery. Will she ever tell the damn truth?

  24. Who was really buying that relationship? Come on now…. If this wasn’t an arrangement on the part of that man, Bravo, and Kenya, wouldn’t that white women have come out and said something? The man was allegedly in Vegas with her not to long ago and now he pops up married? Uh-uh, this was nothing more than an ill-fated stunt by Kenya and company. It’s official now, she’s washed up.

  25. daaaaaaaamn. that’s y i only f w Ns that mess w. Ns lol!!! he didnt learn from terrance howard??? HERPES!!! lol

  26. Well well well WELL look at my tea!!!! I am so happy I was able to expose yet another untruth of Kenya Moore’s it was worth the loss of sleep making sure I had accurate info to share (I fact checked)….

  27. Wow! I don’t get how a man will go on a show to find someone, but is seeing someone else. It’s actually a good thing for kenya, she dodged a bullet. Seems as if the man is an opportunist. Good luck with that marriage.

  28. Kenya is trying to be a victim yet again like she didn’t know from jump this wasn’t real. Smh.

  29. They are saying James got married a week after they filmed the episode. I don’t know how true that is though.

    1. That’s just a lie Kenya’s stans are running with to drum up sympathy for her. They filmed the episode back in November, and he got married last month. Now Kenya was the one posting fake engagement pictures and claiming him on IG like it was all good. She knew he was taken. All of this was staged. He’s another Walter.

  30. Well even if James did lie to get on the show, water seeks its own level and Kenya’s lying a$$ just met her match!

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