Margeaux Calls out Mimi

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mimi Faust was pissed when she learned Nikko is married, but his wife Margeaux claims they have an open relationship, and there’s no need for Mimi to be furious about the situation.

However, Margeaux has an issue with Mimi not being honest about how the infamous tape came to be, so she calls her out in an interview with VH1 which was taped before the new season aired.

She says:

“I was more upset with Nikko because of how he told me the sex tape came about. It wasn’t so much that he had sex with someone else.

“Nikko didn’t manipulate her. They planned this together.

“She did it because she wanted to get back at I guess her ex…at the time…and she needed some money. And I’m like, ok. Just tell me the truth. We can work it out. We can have a glass of wine. We can still talk and be cool. But I don’t know if she will be able to handle that.”

Check out the video below:


  1. I don’t think Mimi is ever going to admit her part in all of this. So people need to stop asking her to.

    1. dont be serious.

      u mean to tell me u cant clearly see that nikko and his wife are planning a fake left go right to clean up nikko and his wife’s scam artist images??

      please dont make black ppl look dumb and like we believe everything we see!!!

      1. You may not want to call me dumb when you struggle to pick up on context and your comprehension skills are lacking. You know what they say about pointing fingers…

        Anyway, I stand by what I said. Nobody in this situation is innocent. Mimi just simply got beaten at her own game. You can outsmart a conman. Time for Mimi to drop the victim act.

  2. Mimi wants to pay her dust but she will have to answer to this eventually. We all know she was in on this with Nikko. She’s no victim.

  3. Mimi is wack as hell….IDK why they hyping her desperada a$$ up….cuz she aint gonna do shyt she didnt do nothin to K-Michelle when she knocked her ova the head wit flowers…she just ran her mouth and she did the same thing when Joseline attacked lol. She is about lookin stupid and getting paid to look it so well that’s all

  4. Now I can’t stand Mimi and I believe her and Nikko planned this tape but Nikko & Margeaux plotted against Mimi from the very beginning so how can this b-tch talk about Mimi all 3 of them ain’t sh-t. Mimi was looking for a come up and so was Margeaux & Nikko they are known con artist it is well known how they scammed people out they money they owe money to record label took the advance and ran so b-tch please you ain’t innocent.

    1. riiight. mimi thought she was doing this while continuing an actual relationship with an “unmarried” nikko, in her mind. she thought he and her were on some bonnie and clyde isht. but as we all seeen nikko did leak the tape and force mimi to agree. he strong-armed her into that negotiation.

  5. The fact that the tape is still the main focus of the show is why the ratings are dropping. These producers need to understand you can’t drag things out for multiple seasons and expect people to keep watching.

    1. Outside of her lackluster sex tape. What else does MiMi really have for a story line. Stevie & Jose have their own thing going on. & when MiMi had her sit down with Jose she was barely given the time of day.

  6. The ratings are sinking because folks are fed up with bs reality shows when the real show is in Ferguson and Baltimore and other cities. The real show is paying bills and buying food. No one has time or interest anymore for a sex tape that was touted by the female lead as the first EEO porno that Vivid produced.

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