Kenya Moore’s ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ Boyfriend’s Wife Speaks

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore found herself the target of controversy because the man she met on “Millionaire Matchmaker” (James Freeman) just got married last month.

Kenya claimed in a statement that she had to learn of his marriage on social media but his wife Jaimi Gregory claims that’s a lie.

 Radar Online writes:

“James was on Millionaire Matchmaker in September [2014] and I met him in December. We met on and three months later we were engaged,” she told Radar exclusively. “Then on Good Friday, April 3, 2015 we got married. We just knew right away that we were in love.”

Gregory told Radar that Freeman “totally forgot he even did the show and so when the commercials started airing he told me all about it.”

“He said he went on two or three dates after the show aired with Kenya,” she claimed. “He told me they just kissed and nothing else. He said she just wasn’t the right person for her, but he wished her the best.”

Freeman’s wife said that in the last two weeks Moore started reaching out to her husband again. “Kenya wrote to him saying that they should celebrate since their ratings were so high,” she said. “But he told her that he had met someone and fell in love so it wasn’t appropriate for him to talk with her anymore.”


Jaimi them tells the publication that Kenya tried to reach out to James again about a week ago, and he ignored her out of respect for his new marriage. She claims Kenya told James she needed to speak with him, but he never responded.

As far as the picture Kenya posted to Instagram that looked like an engagement ring, James’ wife says they feel it was just an “obvious publicity stunt.”



In related news, Porsha Williams is getting a kick out of all of this. She called the whole situation karma on her Instagram account before deleting the post.


  1. Wendy just dragged Kenya too. She said the last time Kenya came on her show she said she was still dating James and now it’s been confirmed that she knew at that time he was married. Now Wendy wants Kenya fired. Lol.

    1. So y’all are going to believe this lying man and his lying wife of one month? Anything to bash Kenya,

      1. So we’re supposed to believe a person who has a track record of lying and manufacturing things for TV?

        1. Whats’ the track record you speak of? Walter never provided proof. Apollo admitted he lied. Her hair is hers. Her pilot came out. What lies?

          1. You go Twirl! The hate is real. Phaedra has been caught multiple times for lying. Porsha is a liar. I guess when nene said porsha man lives out of the country, she was lying too??? Ne ne flirted with peter, but her fans say it’s a different kind of flirting (saying he fine, rubbing on his face etc. Every chance she got. Let’s not leave out nene being married messing with that Italian guy excepting gifts and all. But I guess kenya is the only one that can be wrong or in the wrong. Twirl Stan for yours, because can’t nobody tell them nothing when they staning for who the like.

      2. Girl Kenya bought this on herself. Let’s not forget about Walter. Everybody can’t be lying on Kenya.

      3. both sides sound like liars to tell the truth. something happened and i think his diq was small, or he looked homo nude, and kenya pulled back, he sensed it, and went to someone who wouldnt mind. kenya beter start spilling tea because it ends up makin her look worse when she damage controls.

    1. Kenya ain’t going nowhere. And why should she? Y’all need someone to obsess over and seethe for.

      1. We’re not the ones seething on here today. That’s you boo. You also have the obsess thing on lock, hence your name on here and need to reply yo ever Anti-Kenya comment on UB.

        1. There’s no rule on here about how many comments a person can write. Y’all are just bothered Kenya has fans. Y’all would prefer for every comment on here to be against Kenya. Well get over it.

        1. There’s no proof she wasn’t lied to. I posted a link on here that shows this man was just with her at dinner last month. His wife said they started dating back in December. He was with Kenya last month. Do the math.

      1. No, what is pathetic is you running up and down a thread to defend a woman you know is a liar and fraud. She must really pay your bills for youto put in this much work.

          1. I have all the room to talk. I come clown her here for free and still get paid at my real job. You just stan for a woman with questionable morals who doesn’t know you exist. I think you got the sh-tty end of that stick, Boo!

  2. Chile…I knew either James or the wife was going to call her out for lying. She just needs to admit she was faking a relationship again and keep it moving. For someone who brags about having a college degree, she shows no intelligence with the decisions she makes.

      1. What did she lie about? If anything they were all in cahoots.. This woman came out talking so fast.. She’s seeking attention. If any of what she’s(the wife) saying is true she would’ve been put out a statement or 2… Timing tho Timing Something is bout to b promoted. For all we know the husband is a scam artist n set this whole ish up (giving Kenya’s alleged background) n the wife she needs to stfu cuz she’s being bamboozled!!

  3. I’m just going to say this and I’m done with the subject. I am a huge fan of Kenya and I will continue to be. I believed her yesterday but now I just don’t know what to believe. This is worse than the Walter situation. She really needs to talk and explain what happened. And no, not another IG statement. If this was fake and for a storyline, she needs to admit that. Because yesterday she had everyone questioning this man’s character and that’s not cool.

  4. Is this supposed to shock us? We all knew Kenya is full of sh-t. All that heifer has done since day one is lie, and she will continue to lie after all of this too because she has no real life to film. I’m sick of her a-s.

  5. According to Twirl Kenya was suppose to have the last laugh…….whomp whomp to that…….some1 called it yesterday on here saying that 1 of them was gonna make a statement being that Kenya posted what she posted on her IG……SMDH…….NOW EVERY1 KNWS 4 sure this BISH IS A FRAUD!!!!!!!!!! She can’t get her own real man or relationship she doesn’t even know how to fake a relationship correctly….time to just go ghost

    1. Kenya is going nowhere. She remains the most talked about housewife and y’all will keep obsessing over her. So she wins.

  6. He forgot he even did the show? Um ok.

    I know everyone hates Kenya, so yall will automatically hate her, but something doesn’t sit right with the wife’s statement. They met & then fell in love.

    But then he ignores her when she texts. It doesn’t say anywhere that he told Kenya that he got married.

    And u know, SOME men do lie to the women that they love…. So it is possible the wife is not all that informed.

    Who knows. Kenya lies a lot, so u never can tell, but again, something is still off.

    1. He forgot he did the show…hell, Kenya certainly doesn’t make an everlasting impression on men. He forgot all about her a$$. BTW, a lot of people meet on and marry soon after. My cousin met a really nice man and they were married shortly after they met and now they have a family and been married for 4 years almost 5.

    2. right. something else happened, kenya knows, and she’s not spillin. the aspect i dont like bout kenya is she doesnt have that “realness” factor. she tries to look perfect but it ends up making her look MUCH less flattering than it should.

  7. And another thing for you Kenya stans IDK how yall ever thought she was real…….she still wears colored contacts, like who is still wearing those???…acting like that’s her real eye color. U can not trust no man or woman that wears colored contacts…sorry not sorry!!!

  8. The Walter thing is why people won’t give Kenya the benefit of the doubt. That’s why it’s best to always be honest. You lose credibility with people when you lie multiple times.

  9. This is horrible. She needs to have a few seats and hide somewhere. Her friend Cynthia tried to back her lie up by saying that she met him. I’m sure Cynthia did meet him. She made sure she set it up where Cynthia could conveniently be there during one of the show dates. I can’t wait for Porsha, Phaedra and Nene to tweet.

    1. Porsha, Phaedra and Nene should worry about their own problems. One is an escort, the other has a criminal husband in jail, and the other one has a husband who behaves like her servant. They should mind their business.

      1. Did Kenya mind her business when she inserted herself into Phaedra’s marriage? Or Porsha’s marriage for that matter. Or when she decided to spread the tea that Porsha was dating men for money? Or how about when she decided to confront Phaedra about Mr Chocolate. Maybe if she had minded her own business people wouldn’t be shouting karma about this situation.

        1. And all those people came for her first. Question, who got the worst karma out of all those people? That’s the real tea.

          1. Nobody came for Kenya first. She heard second hand tea and went in. Now she’s the most talked about housewife for all the wrong reasons. When your biggest supporter Wendell Wiiams is saying you need to be fired for the stunts, you have lost in life. Kenya stays losing while everyone else sits back and laughs.

          2. Losing is getting your peach taken away. Kenya is still on RHOA and making good money.

          3. Kenya’s TV show is only good enough to premiere on Facebook and whoever put out her hair line could’t even raise the cash to market it properly, hence her trawling the Internet to steal pictures. She’s never been able to get anyone to put a ring on her finger, still has no kids and has become known for being desperate enough to invent multiple boyfriends in order to hang onto her peach, which is her only reliable source of income these days. Phaedra has her boys, her funeral business, her law firm and her peach, while Porsha is co hosting a radio show and still getting more than enough time on the Housewives. So who is experiencing the bad karma?

          4. That’s your opinion. A lot of people loved the pilot. There’s a good chance it will be picked up. Kenya didn’t steal that picture. She never used it for marketing. She reposted it and then talked about her hair line. It was not used to advertise the line. She’s never been able to get someone to put a ring on it but she’s been proposed to 7 times? *giggles*

            Phaedra’s husband in in jail and she’s now a single mother. Remember she’s the same one who kept telling Kenya she couldn’t get a husband. Now she doesn’t have one either and she’s single too. Her funeral business isn’t anything to brag about. And her law firm is a joke. She was taking cash in a parking lot from Sheree.

            Porsha’s radio spot doesn’t even pay more than Claudia’s. Did I mention she lost her husband too and is an escort?

            And the worst Kenya has been accused of is pretending to date people? And she holds on to her peach and has been on two different reality shows since her debut. But I’m the delusional one. *SMH*

          5. Kenya’s stans loved that rachet premiere, everybody else could see it for the backyard, low-budget production that it was. No ma’am, that sh-t will stay on facebook where it rightfully belongs. No network save TV One, Centric or BET if they’re desperate would touch that crap with a 10-ft pole.

            The owner of the pictures pressed charges against her because she used the pictures in a post about her hair care line, falsely and without his permission. When he reached out, she blocked him and eventually took down the pictures without an apology…he has a case, and I hope he sues the sh-t out of her fraudulent behind.

            Phaedra’s hubby may be in jail, but Kenya’s still trying to pay for a pretend boyfriend, and can’t even get that one right. No husband, no kids, no dog, not even a cat! I say Phaedra got the better end of that stick with her 5 degrees, law firm, funeral business and two kids. But you keep reaching on Kenya’s behalf though, Twirl!

            Kenya only has a peach though! She failed to win on CA and was harshly criticized by Trump who called her one of the worst contestants he’d ever had. She tried sucking up to him, and that didn’t even save her. Face it….she’s a laughing stock! Porsha was the dumb one who is now on television full time, about to get her peach back now that Demetria is gone, and Claudia’s is in jeopardy, and who is killing it with her hair line. Meanwhile Kenya is on one show, still doing films in her kitchen, lying about having a relationship, just finally possibly maybe paid Janet Hubert her money, and is still pathetic. Again, you need to find another job cause your girl remains a loser in life. I hear Subway is hiring!!!

  10. I doubt he forgot he filmed the episode but I do think Kenya had a fake relationship with this man so she could have material for her storyline next season. I bet she was going to be on camera talking about how great her boyfriend is and why she can’t bring him on the show. Ugh.

  11. I’m gonna sit back and wait for Twirl to come do her PR and try to clean up this mess for Kenya! *files nails*

    1. I don’t have to clean up anything. Most people outside of this blog are on Kenya’s side and they see James was a liar who used Kenya.

      1. Girl stawp the madness! I don’t know what you drank this morning, but Kenya is being eviscerated on all the blogs and in the media for this latest stunt. Except for you stans, nobody believes her! All y’all pathetic for trying to keep this story of a woman scorned going. Kenya lied…she’s a fraud….she’s been found out! Deal with it!

    1. If you’ve been engaged 7 times and never made it to the altar, at some point you have to realise the commin denominator is you. Kenya is a narcissist, and serious head case. Real men don’t want the aggravation!

        1. So Twirl,are you saying all the guys Kenya has stated she was engaged to, were all bums? Lol, that’s funny and so are you. You can continue to reply to every post about ya girl, but it makes you look weak and desperate to be up in Kenya’s diaper booty… everybody can’t be lying on her and some point twirl, you gotta just say, damn, my girl effing up and I can’t keep justifying all this shyt. In other words, stop making yourself look idiotic behind Kenya, you’re being duped…

          1. Kenya has never been engaged. She said she was proposed to seven times and never said yes to any of them.

            “I fully understand that there has been a void in my life because of this, which relates to my romantic relationships. I have never had any issues with falling in love, dating, sustaining long-term relationships, or attracting great men in my life, who have loved me unconditionally. Although I have had now seven proposals of marriage, I have never accepted one.”

            She didn’t feel any of the men who proposed were good enough to marry. She didn’t want to end up like Phaedra, Cynthia, Nene or Kandi.

  12. I think Kenya did know he was married a while ago. She didn’t find out on the blogs. Now where things get fuzzy is James acting like he didn’t even remember doing the show. Now that’s a flat out lie. It’s possible he just told her that so she wouldn’t feel some kind of way about what he had with Kenya but come on now.

    1. I think he said it because he was shame that he went out with Kenya after watching a few past episodes and digging up her past. He was shame to say he went on the show and dated Kenya.

  13. And what happened to Kenya haircare line? I thought she was taking pre-orders on Mother’s Day but that never happened. LOL.

    1. I have searched the internet and can’t find her products. What??? I’ll use Carol’s Daughter.

  14. This woman is lying to protect her trash a-s husband of two weeks. Y’all hate Kenya so much y’all can’t even use common sense and figure out this sh-t doesn’t even add up. This man lied to Kenya and his so called wife. Why isn’t he being dragged instead of Kenya?

    1. Porsha called her out last week for being with a married man. If Porsha knew, Kenya damn well did too! Face it, Kenya is a fraud who pulled the wool over y’all eyes once again. We here on UB knew she was lying and fronting per usual. We non-stans definitely called it from Day One, and yes her trifling, lying ass needs to be dragged ferociously!!!!

      1. Girl whatever! If he was with Kenya in Vegas a week ago, that means he was cheating on his damn wife!!!!!!!! Why are y’all not dragging this man too?!!!!!! That’s my point.

        1. Was he actually in Vegas? Was there photographic evidence of them there together? I only remember Kenya posting up a picture of her hand sporting an ugly looking ring and saying that ‘anything can happen in Vegas’

    2. Because there obsessed with kenya. I think they even dream about her. When it was posha, Cordell was a lier. When it was phaedra, Apollo was a lier. The hate is real or should I say obesession.

  15. It’s really simple. Kenya thought this man would play along with her stunts and he had to shut that down. He went out on a couple of dates with her but wasn’t feeling her personality. Why is that so hard for stans to believe? Kenya may be all that and a big of chips to you, but not everyone feels that way. She added fuel to the fire with that engagement stunt, so I believe he decided to clear things up by putting the wedding pictures out there.

  16. James can come out his own mouth and say Kenya was a fake relationship for TV, and stans would still ride with Kenya. I don’t understand how you can stan for a person who lies about everything. You can never know the real her, so how can you stan?

  17. What really kills me with Kenya is even though she might not have known he was engaged to be married but she knew good and got damn well that the her and that man was not in no real relationship like she tried to portray. For weeks she tried to make it seem like they were good in a relationship posting a ring in Vegas when she knew good and damn well they weren’t together that is so fake and phony and speaks to how much of a liar she really is. Somewhere Walter should feel very vindicated even though I believed him it was a few idiots that didn’t.

  18. What I find odd is y’all keep saying Porsha knew the tea and all of that, but if James was really with Kenya while she was in Vegas two weeks ago, what does that mean? That means he’s been juggling both women. Again do the math.

    1. Whose to say he was really in Vegas with Kenya though. Porsha could have thought just like everybody else when Kenya posted the picture with the ring on her finger in Vegas that she was with James. But Porsha probably had already found out that he was married before everybody else while Kenya could have been still fronting. That’s a logically explanation.

      1. How do you know James really didn’t give Kenya that ring though? Y’all are assuming a lot of stuff.

        1. Maybe he did or maybe he didn’t but it’s skeptical at best. Y’all act like Kenya is above faking a relationship or leading people to believe one thing and it being completely false. Lets not play games here this is someone who was accused of faking a relationship before. It’s a reason why people don’t believe her she doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt because she has been accused of something like this before but whatever I guess lies twirls on lol goodnight.

  19. Kenya caught lying again.lmao Boy when will she stop. Now imma grab my wine so I can sip and laugh. Keep going in yall.

  20. The fact the Twirl responds to everyone comment individually is insane, lmao. You taking this stan stuff too far.

    1. I’m not the only one who is responding to multiple comments though. I think you’re just calling me out because I like Kenya.

  21. And y’all remember when Walter went on that radio show and said Kenya paid him to fake date her, Kenya’s response was calling him gay. Kenya will assassinate anyone’s character if they expose her.

    1. Same thing posha said about cordell. Now phaedra saying she was scared of apollo in other words trying to say Apollo used to hit her. Lol!

  22. “He said she just wasn’t the right person for HER…”

    this makes absolutely no sense. he married a dumb bthic. but we know y she gets a pass lol

  23. I believe Kenya. This man played both women but instead of dragging him, y’all are dragging Kenya. Makes no sense to me.

    1. We don’t need to though unless you want to add extra nails to Kenya’s coffin. She already looks like a liar. If he shows the text messages from her, she’s done. Y’all better leave well enough alone!

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