Kenya Moore Blames Dating Troubles on Lack of Good Black Men

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore was recently embarrassed publicly when her “Millionaire Matchmaker” boyfriend got married to another woman just weeks after she claimed they were still going strong, but the reality star claims the real issue is a lack of good black men.

She tells Hello Beautiful:

What’s the best thing about dating outside of your race?

Kenya Moore: For Black women, we just have to be open because there’s not a lot of eligible bachelors, that are Black, for us to choose from anymore. If you take away the ones that are gay, in jail, this is a real issue. Statistics show why we don’t have the choices. You take the ones that are gay, in jail, don’t have a job, the ones that are already married and the ones that are dating and marrying outside our race, what do you have left? You don’t have much to choose from. The nicest thing is that you have options.


  1. I’m a little tired of this argument but who actually wants to date this woman? I don’t know much about her, but her personality isn’t attractive to me.

  2. Isn’t Kenya in her 40s? She’s saying there aren’t enough black men to date, but she also had plenty of time to date a white man or another race but she hasn’t managed to attract them either. So that means the problem is her.

  3. Kenya thinks her looks should be enough to get a man but it doesn’t work like that. Personality is even more important. And from what I’ve seen on RHOA, I don’t see how any man would try to date her. She lies all the time, and she’s very delusional about what she brings to the table. If I was a guy, I’d pass right by her too.

    1. Kenya thinks that the men aren’t paying attention. But in this media savvy world everybody knows who she is. If it was just her tv personality you could say she’s just acting for the ratings, but her personal life is a mess too. White men may give her a chance, but the crazy doesn’t lie dormant for long. She’s the reason she can’t find a man.

  4. These comments from Kenya are disgusting and are further more proof that she looks down on black people. It’s sad she uses her platform to give life to the lie that most black men are gay or in prison. Just terrible.

  5. Women like Kenya never get a good black man because they passed up many of them when they were younger because they wanted the shady dude who had a lot of money and “swag.” It’s called karma.

  6. Hmmmm! So a former Miss USA, college-educated, attractive black woman can’t find any man, black or otherwise to wife or date her. I’d say that after 7 engagements the common denominator in these scenarios needs to take a long look in the mirror.

  7. Girl bye. All that energy and time you put into finding fake boyfriends for TV, you could have gotten a real one. Your bad.

  8. There’s actually a lot of great black men waiting until their 40s to get married but Kenya wouldn’t know that because they avoid her like the plague. Kenya is just not someone most people want to deal with – men included.

  9. Well this interview surely won’t help her get a black man since she spent most of it bashing them…

  10. It’s hard to date as a black woman, but Kenya can’t really think she’s not contributing to her dating issues at least a little.

  11. I’m not sure why y’all are trying to shade Kenya when she only said what plenty of black women have said before. If she had low standards and was desperate to have a man, she would be married to losers like the other housewives. Finding a good man is hard.

    1. This. They know exactly what Kenya is talking about but they will front like they don’t because they can’t stand her. A lot of black women can relate to Kenya’s situation. It’s hard to date when you aren’t trying to settle.

  12. This is kind of embarrassing. This woman is gorgeous and won beauty pageants, but in the last few years she’s been faking relationships and blaming black men for not being married. The mighty have fallen.

  13. You know people keep saying she might be gay and I’m starting to wonder now. We have never heard about her dating anybody. Just a few rumors about her and married men from back in the day but that’s it. And she’s worked around a lot of famous people so yeah…very odd.

  14. This topic comes up so much in my circles. But I peeped game while I was in high school and told myself to scope the scene for a potential husband while I was in college and I must say I lucked out a lot. Finding a partner takes work and proper planning. For most of us spouses just won’t fall in our laps. You have to work at it like you do everything else in life.

  15. I’m sure the pickings are slim in LA because a lot of black men date out there, but Kenya isn’t helping her situation either by acting like a lunatic.

  16. She has some nerve stereotyping black men like this. Now I see why she’s so close to Claudia’s self hating a-s.

  17. So she’s not the only blk woman to make this statement. I think its a bit of a copout for many females though. You push the blame onto the men and totally ignore the fact that you’re not a complete mature package Thats marriage material.
    But folks will say anything to help them sleep at night.

  18. Ok then why not go out here and date a white, asian, latino, etc. man? I get annoyed when women talk about how they should date out but never do. Like get it over already.

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