Mimi Faust Takes Shots at Nikko & Margeaux

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mimi Faust is currently at odds with her ex-boyfriend and video partner Nikko, and it’s all because she’s furious she had to learn through the blogs about his marriage.

Nikko didn’t see the need in telling Mimi about Margeaux, especially since they have been separated for years.

However, the separation didn’t stop Margeaux from moving to Atlanta and becoming a thorn in Mimi’s side.

Mimi took shots at Margeaux and Nikko during last night’s episode via Twitter (read tweets from bottom to top):

mimi faust twitter


  1. Mimi is so delusional, it’s sad. She got played and pimped by a couple who mastered con artistry. There’s no way she can spin it to make herself look any less dumb.

  2. But she is just as thirsty though I’m so sick of hearing about this damn sex tape. I literally changed the channel off of LHHATL last night because I’m sick of hearing about it they just beating a dead horse. I wouldn’t be surprised if all 3 of them planned this because its their only storyline and all of them are thirst buckets.

  3. Well technically Nikko’s d-ck put Mimi on so…I mean she wasn’t popping until the tape.

  4. Stevie put HER on. She wouldn’t even be on LHHATL if it wasn’t for him. So let’s not Mimi.

    1. Now this is the real truth. Mimi has some nerve. It’s always funny to see reality stars get all cocky like they actually have some legitimate reason to be on TV.

  5. The nerve of this geriatric p-rn star to call someone else thirsty…..especially with that dry-a-s sex tape!

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