Trina Takes Shots at Khloe Kardashian & James Harden

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Reality star Khloe Kardashian has been staying busy trying to get chose by yet another NBA player although she still can’t locate Lamar Odom to make their divorce final, but some find it strange that she keeps dealing with men who have  former ties to Amber Rose and Trina.

The situation is tad bit more disturbing to Trina considering she once considered Khloe cool and she even considered Kim an actual friend at one point in time, so she’s annoyed Khloe has now dated two of her most recent love interests (French Montana and now James Harden).

Trina decided to take some shots on her social media accounts:

trina khloe shade

trina khloe shade 2


  1. I’m sure I’ll get a lot of lip for this but here goes. Trina is the symbol of sloppy seconds. She’s “dated” a lot of people from Lil Wayne to multiple basketball players, and she has never been wifed. She couldn’t even get French Montana to commit to a relationship with her while they were living together, to this day they were only FWB. At least Khloe can get men to actually claim her and wife her.

    1. It’s not hard to get self hating idiots to wife you up. You should log off and read about white privilege.

      1. It’s not like that. I’m just saying Khloe actually manages to get men to claim her publicly and Trina has not. The fact that she let French use her and play her like he did is embarrassing.

    2. She wouldn’t be so salty if she had a man right now. I see right through Trina as well. Don’t be afraid to speak your truth on here.

      1. And you think Khloe has a man? James Harden is far from a man. He hasn’t even figured out how to turn down Instagram whores. If this gets serious, Khloe will be arguing with his groupies on Twitter soon enough.

    3. If black people like yourself defended the black community as much as y’all defend the Kardashians, we’d make so much progress as a people. Stay sleep though.

        1. No need to sigh. I gave you the truth you needed to hear. Too many black people are defending this family and they don’t lift a finger to help your communities or fight your social injustices.

    4. I’ve never had to say this to you before, but shut up. Khlogre ain’t winning in no area of her life boo. She’s the ugliest Kardashian and the one man she was able to get to marry her ugly a-s ended up on crack because he was miserable. And let’s make sure we don’t forget she got Harden after he did so poorly in the finals and just got blasted by some random THOT on Instagram. His stock started declining already, so he probably figured why the hell not? He’s not even in the conversation when people talk about the next generation of NBA stars. He’s a shorter and wider Dwight Howard without all the illegitimate kids. So yeah, SHUT UP.

      1. LMBO James Harden has some potential. He just needs to stop chasing all these hoes so he can work on getting a championship. He’s not focuses and it shows.

        1. And that’s his problem. He still doesn’t know how to leave groupies alone. It’s hard to focus when groupies are putting you on blast all the time.

    5. We can put air quotes around dated when it comes to 99% of the men Khloe and Kim were running around with before they became TMZ’s faves. Kim can barely go to an industry event without being reminded of all the men she’s ran through and Khloe can match it.

  2. Khloe ain’t thinking about Trina. She’s desperate and needs a new sponsor and way to stay relevant immediately since Kylie is killing her and Kim. She will do whatever she needs to at this point.

  3. James is not a good catch anyway. Trina should be thankful. Khloe is so thirsty that she doesn’t even care that she’s basically settling for the king of Instagram Thots. His DMs are always a mess. He will never really be with one person.

  4. Well Trina ain’t lying though the Kartrashians always going after people sloppy seconds. I’ve been critical of Trina and I think she gets played a lot by men but that doesn’t mean it isn’t some truth to what she is saying. People need to wake up everything the Kartrashians do is calculated it’s not a coincidence that Khloe is dating a man who recently was dating Amber Rose and Trina two people she has beef with. James ain’t nothing but a ploy in a game Khloe is playing he doesn’t care because he’s a male thot who will screw anything.

  5. I told yall last week Trina wasn’t gonna be feeling this here. I know she isn’t dating him anymore but now it’s about respect. How you used to be a friend and now chasing after all my ex’s?? She need her head tuned up. Might not teach her nothing but it sure would feel good.

  6. I hope all these black women are noticing how little the Kardashian women care about their feelings.

  7. I think Trina has every right to be petty is she wants to. Khloe is shady and I really hope the rest of her black “friends” aren’t bringing their men around her. For some reason too many black men think the Kardashians are upgrades and wife material. :-/

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