Nicki Minaj Slams Safaree Samuels During Concert

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

While Meek Mill is still taking shots at Drake on social media despite the Canadian rapper hoping to put things to rest with a recent diss track, Nicki Minaj appears to still be lashing out at her ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels.

The other day Safaree’s manager hopped on Instagram and claimed he witnessed SB write lyrics for Nicki, but the Young  Money star denies her former boo ever penned her lyrics.

At a recent show, she says:

“See a b*tch a*s n*gga can’t write my raps. You know why? You don’t have the heart or the mind frame or the motherf*cking intellect b*tch n*gga.”

Check out the video below:

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  1. This girl is so corny. Girl Bye. Go away. Start a residency in Amsterdam. bye. Ugh. I hate sounding like a bitter hater but she’s getting besides herself. She’s going to fade soon n its needs to b now. Calling on other woman real rappers. Smh.

  2. Shut the eff up Nikki- ur lyrics are not deep enough for only intellects to understand. Ur sounding like a bitter broomstick! I’m tired of this. Ur jelly cause SB moved on to a chick & ur stuck looking at stank breath just so he can get his album sales up.

  3. I wish Nicki would just stop. Whatever SB and his people are saying shouldn’t matter when A). she’s one of the biggest names in the business right now and he’s pretty much a nobody B). She has a man she claims she’s in love with.

  4. Nikki miss the “D” I see. If she didn’t she wouldn’t be so concerned with Safaree. Girl get over it already.

  5. I kind of wish Nicki and Meek would just sit down somewhere. They are doing the most and it’s making it so hard to root for them.

  6. I wish she would just stop. Does she not realize she is hurting her own image, no one else’s?! It seems to be like she was more centered and focused when she was with the “b*tch a*s n*gga”. Perhaps she’s taking her success for granted and that is a very risky thing to do.

  7. Why is she try a sound like Katt Williams??? Anyway….she is giving this bish n***a too much AirPlay… I see why her and Meek are together and why SB dumped her a$$….she let her fake a$$ body get to her head and she’s ignorant

  8. Nicki needs to stop her and Meek been looking real lame. They keep talking about SB,he put up a picture of him and his girl right after Meek put up a IG pic of him and Nicki in the exact same pose smh. They trying they best to make SB look bad but its them that looks bad Meek looks weak worried about your girl ex man. Nicki looks crazy was with a man for 12 years barely showed him any affection with Meek for less than a year and she cant keep her hands off of him smh.

  9. When you keep dragging your ex, eventually it becomes a self read because even though they are trash, you stuck around for so long. So what does that say about Nicki?

  10. I really feel like Meek is going to be Nicki’s downfall. The Drake thing is just the beginning. He’s hurting her career.

  11. She gon mess around and become a has been taking a page out of her boyfriend’s drama filled book. Its interesting to people who like drama for a minute but even they get tired.

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