Watch: Brandi Maxiell is Completely Done with Draya

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Draya may have burned a bridge with her BBWLA costar Brandi Maxiell as a result of her insensitive comments she made regarding Brandi’s battle with cancer.

Now Brandi wants to cut Draya out of her life completely.

VH1 writes:

In a sneak peek for the next episode, Brandi chats with Malaysia about the epic fight she had with Draya the night before. In grainy footage, Draya screams at Brandi that her cancer story line is “boring on this show” and that Brandi has a job “because of her.” Brandi couldn’t be more over Draya and Malaysia is shocked that their friend took a turn on them this way. Sheesh.


  1. I liked Brandi but I’m tired of her hiding behind her cancer all the time. Yes, it’s great she survived but it’s not a pass for her to be messy. She’s not innocent either.

  2. But is anybody really surprised Draya is the same woman that talked down on the teaching profession like she was better because she made more money at the club than teachers. So it doesn’t surprise me she would say something so ignorant & insensitive about cancer survivors. This is exactly why I don’t like Draya never liked her and will never like her.

  3. F-ck Draya’s bird a-s. B-tch finally gets a baller and loses her got damn mind. Now she thinks she’s Beyonce or some or sh-t.

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