Album Sales Projections Released for Janet Jackson & Tamar Braxton

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Janet Jackson told fans weeks ago that she is back and releasing new music to give them their fix, and it appears the first week album sales could be solid for the living legend.

With “No Sleep” performing strongly on the charts,  Janet is expected to see first week sales of around 90 to 105k.

Unfortunately for Tamar Braxton, her numbers aren’t looking so good.

Click next to find out how many units Tamar’s new album is projected to push in its first week.

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      1. I don’t care when an album drops if it is a good album people will buy it. K’s first album did better than both of Tamar’s and Tamar bragged and bragged about her albums and how good she is, yet why cant you sell any regardless. If you are on the Beyoncé, Rihanna, Toni list then where are your sales boo? I am just saying we all know you can sing but something is missing here. Maybe as time goes by and she continues to promote then it will get better or maybe they need to re-release down the road don’t know but, somebody at streamline records (cough Vince, Tamar)needs to sit down somewhere and maybe look at some other avenues of superstardom. LOl maybe Tamar needs to look into acting, TV, Movies. She has a big personality that I think she would be more of a success. Maybe just put out singles! A Braxton album is looking really good right now, maybe that will help. A song with Toni maybe. I don’t know but not even 50k first week that is very very sad. Tamar is multi-talented person that can do more than just sing, but when I listen to her speak, dance, and sing I feel her strength and her biggest success may not come from music but from TV, or Movies. I think her sense of humor and personality, to an extent, is way bigger than her voice. The people that buy music are very picky right now about what they buy. They want more than a snooze-fest at times. Ballads are great but I think people still expect way more than Tamar is able to give. Moving forward, I hope Tamar’s sales get better, if not she can so be alright with her other endeavors. Cant wait for Toni’s new single. Now that’s meant to be! No shade just truth!

  1. That’s why it was smart of Tamar to get more income streams. R&B music is struggling to sell. Janet’s numbers aren’t bad at all. Good for her.

  2. Happy for Janet even though I didn’t like Tamar’s album I thought she would sell more but she really didn’t like have a hit single like she did with the last album. People forget it is hard to sell albums in this day in age if you aren’t a big star.

  3. Now I respect Janet but the way her stans were all on he blogs dragging Beyonce, Rihanna and etc. talking bout get out the way Janet’s back you would think Janet would have gone at least gold her first week. I mean they were nastier than y’all think I am too. Lmao. Anyway, Tamar got screwed by her label.

  4. When Tamar’s album release date got changed, I knew she wasn’t going to do well. Janet’s numbers are strong IMO. Plus I hear it’s a good album.

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