Brandi Maxiell Takes More Shots at Draya + Draya Reveals What Could Make Her Return to BBWLA

Draya said she was done with the show for good after she got plenty of backlash for her comments about Brandi surviving cancer, but it looks like she would return if she could force VH1 to make some changes.

For one thing, Draya wants a brand new cast of women to interact with.

She also feels the name of the show should be changed to reflect a more diverse cast.

And of course, she would need even more money to return after she told her followers that she was wiping her hands clean with BBWLA.

Read the tweets from top to bottom:

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    1. And I don’t think she should get it. Draya needs to move on and be the high and mighty thot she pretends to be on Twitter. Now that she’s been claimed, she thinks she’s Beyonce.

  1. I’m so over Brandi I don’t know what to do. I used to really like her too. She’s boring and petty as hell. She’s not any better than Draya because she got her cheating man to marry her. Most athletes ain’t sh-t anyway.

  2. I wish Brandi’s boring a-s would find a new shtick. If ain’t cancer, it’s Draya or Shaunie pretend firing her a-s.

  3. I want to like Brandi. I really do. Anyway, Draya will probably come back next season. She seems to want what Shaunie wants. A brand new cast.

  4. Feel how you want, but Brandi told no lies!!!! Draya was a jump off, never a wife & has delusions of grandeur…..

  5. Draya may be a thot but if we’ve learned anything about these athletes, it’s that they really don’t care. They will marry a thot in a heartbeat and treat them like royalty. Look at Chris Bosh. For all we know, Brandi could have been a draya before he married her. I mean really these athletes don’t care. Only other women seem to care about how many people other chicks are sleeping with. Now watch her be salty when an athlete marries Draya. And yes it’s going to happen one day.

    1. That’s because deep down inside most of them know what they have been taught his hypocritical BS. A woman deserves to be free s-xually just like they are.

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