Mimi Faust Explains Her Grievances with Black People

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star Mimi Faust is all set to film another successful season of the hit reality show, but for the last couple of seasons, she’s had to deal with the drama surrounding that “tape” she filmed with Nikko.

Now both are blaming each other for how the tape came to be…Mimi claims Nikko set her up (she later admitted they did agree to do it together), and Nikko claimed Mimi was the true mastermind who pitched him the idea to secure a storyline.

Mimi now claims she’s over the whole situation and ready to move forward with the upcoming season, but she does still feel some kind of way about the backlash she received.

She kind of feels like black people slammed her more for it than anyone else.

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  1. So I guess her dumb a-s is Stevie Wonder to the way white folks stay dragging Kim’s air headed a-s for her tape. They still call her a p-rn star on the white sites to this day. Don’t get it twisted Mimi. White people aren’t dragging you for the tape because they don’t even know who the f-ck you are.

  2. Cause white people DONT even know who you are!

    #SoapBox: Ya know as a people we have to stop giving these horrible people “celebrity” status! These pseudo-celebs get a platform & don’t do anything but bash the people who supported them! I’m sick of these uneducated, gold digging, strippers/porn “stars” getting the limelight & then not contribute to the black community. Mimi can get these hands along with the ambers, black Chynas, and Michael Jordan’s of the world…..


  3. Society as a whole is very judgmental. People have opinions. It’s easy to say only black people are this way when you’re in your feelings and you really aren’t familiar with how white people get down. LOL.

  4. Nah those white people were dragging Mimi all up and down TMZ when the tape came out. People generally don’t respect people who get fame without having talent.

  5. I hate when black people say this stupid crap. Yes, we do have to do better when it comes to s-xuality but that’s more so an effect of the church than our race. Just go to those white conservative blogs and see what they say about Kim Kardashian. It’s not a race thing.

  6. People don’t like to hear the truth about themselves. What she did was very thirsty and desperate. To make a tape for a reality show isn’t something people are going to praise. Why doesn’t she understand that?

  7. White people didn’t drag her as much as we did because they have no idea who Mimi Faust is. For her to call herself a savvy business woman you’d think she’d understand how demographics work.

    1. She’s another Bow Wow….talking crap about the folks that put them on and keep them relevant. White people didn’t say sh-t cause you are a non muthafking factor in their world, Mimi!

  8. I don’t agree with her at all because I see Kim and her family getting dragged for that tape everyday on the white sites. I know she sees it too but she’s going to pretend otherwise because she got her feelings hurt. You can’t fool people that much anymore now because people know how reality stars get down. Kim made the blueprint and Mimi tried to follow it with no success. It’s not our fault.

  9. So in other words, black people expect more from her and want her to do better with her life than what she’s doing? That makes sense since white people don’t know her enough to even care what she’s doing. People actually rooted for Mimi in the first season and she’s been nothing but a huge disappointment. But she can continue to sell out for her VH1 coins. She can’t be making that much if she’s still renting in Atlanta though, which I know she is.

  10. Now there she go playing victim
    NEWS FLASH MIMiI, we are not judging you bc you did it we are judging you because you tried to play dumb and act like you did not know what is going on ?

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