Keyshia Cole Checks Her Fans

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Keyshia Cole made a name for herself as an artist because she effortlessly was able to put all of her emotions into her music, and for many years she made the kind of music that helped people cope with bad breakups.

Her own personal life has made it easy for her to make heartfelt music considering her marriage to Daniel Gibson didn’t quite turn out the way she wanted it to and she’s had a complex relationship with her family.

Keyshia may be no longer putting her personal business out on social media, but she continues to interact with her fans daily.

And recently she had to set a couple of them straight.

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  1. Sadly this is how a lot of fans think. They think an artist can’t make good music unless they’re on drugs or heartbroken.

    1. True. It’s what Adele is going thorough right now. Some people say her new song ain’t sad enough. LOL.

  2. As f-cked up as it sounds, artists make the best music when they are going through some real sh-t. But you can’t expect an artist to what to keep doing the same thing. They have a right to grow and all that sh-t.

    1. True becuz Mary’s My Life album was her best, and she said years ago she had major shi*t going on in her life when she made that one.

  3. Not gonna lie, she lost me after her second album. But she had some rather “happy” songs on both of those. Single or not, she just fell off and that’s all it boils down to. Artists try to switch lanes all the time once they build a fan base. I’m all for growth, but you gotta know your lane and stay in it. She’s been on the shoulder like hell.

  4. I think the real problem is Keyshia has lost her passion for music. She lost it after her second album in my opinion. Her second album was her best.

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