Travis Scott Responds to Reports About Stalling Rihanna’s Album

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rihanna’s upcoming studio album, “Anti” was rumored to be dropping in November, but just days away from the new year, it’s looking like the release may not happen this year.

Several days ago a producer hopped on Twitter and blamed the delay on Rihanna’s rumored boo Travis Scott,

Well Travis is responding.

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  1. Rihanna is going to have to save herself. She’s been in the business long enough to know you don’t change what works. She has to go back to making hit singles.

    1. Umm didn’t she try that already with those 3 singles she released this year? Seems like when those 3 singles she dropped weren’t big hits, she went back to the drawing board. The hype for the album died and everything about the so called album has been sloppy.

      1. True but those singles she released weren’t radio friendly. The producer who tweeted about this said Travis has talked her into straying away from hit singles. Kind of like what Kanye did with Yeezus. But that approach won’t work with Rihanna because she’s a hit singles dependent artist. It’s nothing wrong with that but I think she needs to get back to that. Diamonds was her last radio hit and you can tell it was created just for the radio spins.

        1. So you’re just going to act like FFS didn’t happen? Lmao. I think everyone needs to calm down. Rihanna will be just fine and when the album drops, it will go platinum. People have been waiting on her demise for how now long?

        2. FourFive was radio friendly but most people hated it and America Oxygen was an American Flop. She going in that Kanye West direction and you see how well that worked for him :-/ . And I’m sorry but the album name, album cover, those weird Samsung commercials are just confusing and strange.

          1. Most people hated FFS but it went platinum and number four on the Billboard 100? Girl Lmao! Y’all need to just sit back and prepare for another platinum album. It’s gonna happen.

          2. @MyFave girl shut TF up nobody was even talking to you. I refused to go back and forth with a psychotic stan.

  2. Said it before and will say it again, she has falling off. And now downgrading to this young, D list, butta face rapper is hilarious.

  3. Y’all acting like Rihanna can’t make her own decisions. If she wanted the album out it would’ve been out. Please stop using Travis as a scapegoat, thank you.

  4. Rihanna will remain just as successful as she’s always been period . Honestly , you all should look closely at what Glass tweets..He is obssessed with Rih and creepy …
    He talks as if he’s mentally incompetent , calling her his wife and saying if he can’t have her no-one can . His argument lacks merit and realistic substance . Her Navy has grown tired of him already .Rih is to blame for pushing back her album , she’s too head strong to be controlled by any man period .Rih needs to drop ANTI now .The more she stalls , the more people will expect perfection , leaving zero margin for error .

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