Cynthia Bailey Changes Her Mind

In a recent interview with The Grio, Cynthia once again makes it clear that she doesn’t think Peter has ever cheated on her before, and her feelings about the video have changed.

She says:

“I think [Peter] got caught up in a moment in that situation. I didn’t see his tongue down anyone’s throat. It just wasn’t that serious.”

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  1. This is what Nene meant when she said Cynthia flows with the wind. She has no backbone and can’t figure out how she wants to feel about things. Peter will continue to act a fool and she ain’t going nowhere.

  2. Cynthia get outta hear with this lame a-s damage control. Now it’s not that big of deal because you are chosing to stay with your cheating a-s husband girl bye.

  3. She don’t want to see the truth, Peter gotta a whole girlfriend in Charlotte he flaunt like he ain’t married foh!

    1. So he really is cheating huh? I’m not even surprised. He was acting like he didn’t have a wife in that video. Cynthia better wise up.

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