Watch: Kenya Moore Calls Out Kim Fields During Brunch

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore isn’t fond of newbie Kim Fields, and it’s getting harder for her to play nice.

In the upcoming episode, the budding feud only gets worse.

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  1. Hmm I kind of agree with Kenya on this one. Kim acts all holier than thou and it’s annoying because she’s on RHOA for crying out loud.

    1. Didn’t the cast last season go to a spa and pretty much everybody had no makeup on? I didn’t hear ol’ crater faced kicking up a fuss then. Kenya is full of sh-t and jealousy!!!!

  2. So typical of storyline moore picking a fight with Kim. It’s time for Kenya to find a new tactic her games are getting old and stale. Hell she owes everybody on RHOA a piece of her check all she does is pick fights with people to fill the void of her nonexistent storyline it’s getting old and redundant.

  3. Kenya is just an innocent victim of everyone she comes in contact with , ladies leave this baby thug angle alone please . She has every right to feel attacked again..She suffers from CSFID ( Can’t Surgerically Fix It Disorder) , please accept that Kenya wasn’t born with these features in which her body entails today .Nooo , she’s had an extreme amount of work done ladies , I bet none of you guessed that huh..You see , Kenya’s bottom was a flat as her Twitter recited clapbacks , her breasts were much smaller and had a natural sag , her high cheek bones were non existent , her eyes didn’t possess such a meow pull back , and I’m positive that her eye color didn’t rotate like Xmas lights. Notice how she REFUSED to allow cameras to zoom in on her old picture album pics in Detroit , when she went to play soccer daughter undercover? Kenya’s skin looks like a never wiped , trapped in the day1diaper , neglected , heroine babie’s azz . # KenyaMatters# PleaseRespectThat

  4. It’s such a petty reason for Kenya to take things as far as she is. It’s like she wanted a piece of Kim from day one. She would not pull this on Nene though. Tuh!

  5. Kenya is evil, she holds no candle to Kim and it bothers her. Kenya believes she’s much better than her and more attractive, but have yet to succeed a lot with her looks. Kenya can’t understand how she can possess so much beauty and it hasn’t gotten her further. She should look at the man in the mirror, it starts there. Her ways are as ugly as her skin and lopsided butt.

  6. This is such a random beef. It’s like they don’t even really have a real reason to not even like each other. But it’s going to be interesting to watch it all go down.

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