Monica and Shannon Brown Respond to Cheating Rumors

Shannon Brown is responding to the rumors suggesting he had an affair with a woman he allegedly met on Instagram, and he did such by posting a photo of a wrecked car and a vague caption:

I survived this, so you already know I could give two f*cks about the lies they tell or the people that believe them. I got my own back. #InCaseYouWasWondering

You can check out the photo below:

crash shannon brown

As for Monica, she wanted her fans to know that she’s decided not to feed into the rumors and she’s decided to focus on her children instead.

She writes the following on Instagram in the caption of a video of her kids:

Center of My Joy ❤️ In life tests are sure to come & because of my faith & belief that God is in control I don’t run to talk about my problems because I’m too busy thanking him for the good he’s doing in my life… I’m not fake I just refuse to give the devil Glory that only God should have!! My babies got me smiling!! @chefbaul thank you for fixing dinner for my family …. Much love

Check out the video below:

A video posted by Monica Brown (@monicabrown) on

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  1. He probably did cheat but why would he actually admit it to strangers on Instagram? Of course he denied it.

  2. Why do celebrities even get married? The odds of it working out are a lot worse than it is for normal people.

  3. So this basically confirmed that the rumors are true or are putting a strain on their marriage. The thing about always broadcasting the happy times is that people are sure to notice when the bad ones occur. Don’t choose to focus on just your kids when isht hits the fan, yet when everything is roses and sunshine you’re plastering it everywhere for the world to see. I don’t know when people will learn.

      1. That’s not what I’m saying. What I am saying is that when people are inundated with a number of posts about how happy you are and how great your man is, they’re sure to notice and say something when things go wrong. People share too much of what’s personal on social media but want privacy when something surfaces that’s embarrassing or uncomfortable. There’s a such thing as balance, and I believe in it… If that sounds crazy, I’ll own it.

      2. I think the point was couples who like to Instagram their happy times everyday shouldn’t expect privacy when sh-t goes down lmao. That’s all. And I love Monica btw.

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