Nicki Minaj Sued by Safaree, Vents on Twitter

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nicki Minaj’s romance with Safaree Samuels went south after her music career took off, and since then she’s managed to find love again with Meek Mill.

However, she claims her ex won’t let the past go and the recent lawsuit he slapped her with proves it.

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    1. I think that’s pretty obvious too. I think she would freak out if he got married and had some babies before she did.

  1. She’s happy but she is still tweeting about her ex over a year later? I guess her lawyer couldn’t handle this for her.

  2. This is the risk a successful woman takes when she dates a scrub and prays potential can save the relationship. And I honestly feel like she’s repeating the same mistake with Meek. Meek may have somewhat of a career but he still isn’t on her level.

    1. Maybe not but at least Meek has his own money and isn’t so desperate he’s in need of a reality show to survive.

  3. He’s suing for abuse when he’s the one who hit her in the mouth with a suitcase? LOL. Yeah, I feel Nicki on this. Please, sit down SB.

  4. They need to handle this in a courtroom with lawyers. Be done with each other for good get restraining orders, no contact orders,gag orders whatever and dead this issue once and for all. They have no children together no need for emails twitter rants just be done.

  5. This is why women should never settle or look at men as projects they should take on. That rarely works out.

  6. While I do agree Safaree is a bum, something isn’t adding up. If Nicki really didn’t want to hear from him anymore, she could easily just block his email address. Something tells me she doesn’t want to end communication.

  7. She should countersue for emotional abuse and b-tcha-sness because dealing with a b-tch n-gga is exhausting.

  8. People will put all there business on Twitter like it’s nothing. Nicki is always the victim but she treated that man like sh*t!

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