Tammy Rivera Explains Why She Took Waka Flocka Back

Waka Flocka admitted to cheating on Tammy Rivera on social media weeks ago, and Tammy claimed she had enough of his cheating ways.

But she changed her mind when Waka decided to go to church, something he doesn’t usually do.

When asked what made her finally answer his phone calls and hear him out, Tammy says:

“He went to church…for him, it wasn’t for me but that was out of the norm. But that made me see that he was really trying to change.”


Tammy also confirmed that despite a photo of her rocking what appeared to be a baby bump going viral on the blogs, she’s not pregnant.

Check out the video below:

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  1. She took him back cause that’s all she knows and she’s comfortable. the thought of going out there and focusing on yourself and your life and then eventually meeting some1 new is scary for some women

  2. Waka’s has that entitled attitude a lot of men have. They think they are supposed to cheat and it should just be understood by women. And that’s why he will cheat again.

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