Lil Wayne Says He Has Never Experienced Racism

Colin Kaepernick’s protest of the national anthem has caused many debates, and now Lil Wayne is weighing in on the topic.

He stopped by “Undisputed” earlier this morning, and when asked his thoughts on Colin’s protest the rapper claimed he doesn’t understand it and his only loyalties are tied to his four children.

Although he feels he doesn’t understand the protest, he said he respects Colin’s decision.

When Shannon Sharpe brought up racism, Weezy stated he believed racism no longer existed because he has so many white fans.

The Daily Beast writes:

…Appearing Tuesday on FS1’s Undisputed, the rapper was asked by host Skip Bayless what message he takes away from a performance in Westchester, N.Y., which featured a predominantly white audience. His response: “I thought that was clearly a message that there was no such thing as racism.” He later added that he believes racism is non-existent among millennials because “it’s not cool to them.” Co-host Sterling Sharpe, a black ex-NFL player, pushed back, telling the rapper: “He knows it’s real, he just hasn’t experienced it.” Lil Wayne’s responded by recalling how when he’d accidentally shot himself in 2009, it was a white off-duty police officer who personally carried him to the hospital.

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  1. But he grew up in poor and in the projects. His whole childhood is a result of systematic racism. I am so over these ignorant celebrities.

    1. Let the white people but his damn music then. One of the main reasons I do not support none of these celebrities is because of stupidity like this. If all us simple people that do know racism exist stop buying their music, going to their concerts and watching their movies we will see how long it will take for them to jump back to the real reality. Stop supporting these chumps!

    1. THANK YOU! How many white folks loved black music and style back in the day but still made our celebrities use back doors and pee in dixie cups. Lil Wayne gets no respect with this one.

  2. He started rapping as a child and before that his life was pretty much just interacting with other poor black people. He could be telling the truth. Black people with money are the most lost in most cases.

  3. There’s truth in the saying “it doesn’t affect you, unless it effects you.”

    It boils my blood to see how ignorant people can be. Acknowledging that racism exists doesn’t mean you’re ignorant to the fact that there are those out there who don’t discriminate against others based on gender, sexual orientation, race, etc. I really wish they’d stop interviewing these people. Stupid ass talking about only having loyalties to his children – well if that were true, he wouldn’t be hooping and hollering running up behind birdman crying about money he’s owed. Goofy.

  4. He’s out of touch and basically saying he doesn’t really care about his black fans. I know he has a couple of mixed children, but racists will still see them as n-ggers and they won’t have fame to protect them from those experiences. I hate to say it but it may be his own kids that get that dose of reality. He will understand then.

  5. What an idiot. He has white fans? Black people have been entertaining whites since the beginning of time. We could perform but had to enter through the kitchen. We couldnt go to other areas of the venue. Blacks alway had racist fans. They allow of to entertain them but they dont want us to be equal. As much money as he has he still would not be considered equal. Idiot

  6. Lean has f-cked his brain all the way up. He sounds like one of these delusional a-s young people. Grew up having a black president so they think racism is no longer a f-cking problem. They think #BLM doesn’t apply to them. Delusional as f-ck. They’ll see.

  7. I could be wrong but wasnt he ranting about new york being a racist state when he got arrested and served that brief prison stint a few years back?

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