Did Wendy Williams Disrespect Meagan Good During Interview?

Some of Meagan’s fans feel Wendy was disrespectful during the interview because the talk show host said the following while discussing Meagan’s husband, DeVon Franklin:

“Devon is a man of the cloth and Meagan is a woman of the streets.”

Regardless of whether it was shady or not, Meagan kept it classy and responded with the following:

“I’m both.”

So was Wendy being shady? You be the judge.

Here’s some other interesting quotes from the interview.

When asked about the backlash she received from Christians after wearing that dress while presenting the gospel award at the BET awards, Meagan revealed that she had no idea beforehand that she would be presenting the gospel award.

When Wendy asked if she would wear that dress again now knowing what she knows, Meagan says:

“I would have worn a different dress but it still would have been s*xy.”

On dealing with backlash from Christians on a regular basis, she says:

“Usually a lot of women come up to me and they’re like, ‘thank you because I wouldn’t go in to church because people say I don’t look the role. People say I don’t fit in. People say…whatever it is.’

“I appeal to people who have been bullied and people who have been told they’re not good enough for God when it’s like, you’re not God. Let God be God.”

Check out the video below:

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  1. Wendy is always shading her and trying to get a reaction. But Meagan is smart enough not fall for that sh-t. F-ck Wendy.

  2. Wendy really tried it. One day someone is going to come on her show and drag her worse than Omarosa did that time.

  3. Wendy is so jealous of beautiful black women. She only knows how to be nice nasty to them when she’s not being her flat out miserable and bitter self. It’s not Meagan’s fault Wendy is a bad bodied troll for a living.

  4. Wendy is so ignorant and jealous hearted. She feels threatened by any attractive woman whom she feel looks prettier than her. Thats where her ignorance steps in. An aged ape looks better than ugly bug eyed Wendy. I bet she would not have pulled any of that on Kendra or Vivica A. Wendy knows who to mess with.

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