Invite Only Cabo Recap: Kamani Goes off on Emily + Larry Regrets Planning a Trip with Friends

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last night, Bravo’s new show “Invite Only Cabo” premiered, and drama wasn’t scarce at all.

In fact, it’s clear that Larry Sims’ idea to invite all his close friends on a vacation is going to blow up in his face in a huge way.

Here’s a recap of “Tick Tick Boom.”

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    1. Emily is WHITE TRASH!!!!! She is like that in real life… Loud and trashy.. and so inconsiderate of everyone around her!!! She is a narcissistic low life Bimbo! And she is a drunk… She really needs to get her a-s to AA…although it won’t give her class…nothing will… too bad because she seems to be a talented makeup artist… this show will destroy her career and her reputation … but it will probably bring her to rehab … hope she can learn from this!

  1. I’m really feeling this show. Emily can’t be as clueless as she’s letting on. LOL.

  2. Why is everyone buying she is ‘originally from Australia?’ Her fake a-s Eurotrash by way of Boston accent. She probably lied, told him Austria, he heard Australia and she was like, sure, if you buy that. Lol

    Other than that, no problem with kooky folks, just don’t lie about yourself

  3. All it took was to hear Larry speak and I knew he’s gay but since he’s attracted to Bianca he must be Bi(maybe just don’t want ppl assuming he’s gay)

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