‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Evelyn Lozada & Jennifer Williams Finally Hash Things Out

Jennifer Williams returns, hosting a photo shoot that features Tami’s daughter Lyric.

The ladies are back in Los Angeles and Tami meets up with Jennifer Williams. Tami is at photo shoot for Jennifer’s clothing line and Lyric is going to model pieces for the line.

They are taking photos and Jennifer is motivating Lyric. During the shoot, Jenn and Tami sit down and catch up. Tami invites Jennifer to her stand up performance. She does let Jennifer know that the other cast mates will be there and there will be jokes made about them.

Tami informs Jenn that she’s no longer cool with Malaysia. Jennifer thinks Tami and Malaysia need to squash everything. She also wants to speak to Evelyn but she isn’t sure how things will work out.

A montage of past footage, detailing their friendship and their falling out, is shown. Jennifer mentions that they had a friendship well before the show originally aired. But she feels Evelyn needs to apologize before things can move forward. Tami, feels Evelyn and Jennifer are “two peas in a pod,” and they should sit down and work things out.

Jackie updates Malaysia on her antics in New York City.

Jackie and Malaysia are meeting at a salt spa. They recap the drama between Evelyn and Jackie over the past few episodes. Jackie does mention that she was rude, using the “build-a-whore” line. Malaysia said Jackie crossed the line in her interview and kids should be off limits.

Malaysia is afraid that Jackie can’t control herself and thinks she needs to stay around her to keep her from going over the edge.

Evelyn regretfully tells her daughter about the blowup she had in New York.

Evelyn takes her daughter Shanice shopping to tell her about what happened in New York. When she tells her about the “build-a-whore” bit, Shanice mentions that Jackie just tried to ruffle Evelyn’s feathers. Evelyn mentions that she feels regretful for trying to fight Jackie but felt she had to protect Shanice.

Evelyn also thinks Jackie’s strained relationship with her daughter Takari is shameful.

“It’s public knowledge that you’re a piece of s**t. – Evelyn

Evelyn begins to shed tears when she starts talking about being a parent to Shanice. Shanice consoles her, letting Evelyn know that she’s unaffected by Jackie’s remark. Evelyn tells Shanice she will never be okay or cordial with Jackie ever again.

Jennifer meets with Shaunie on-camera for the first time in years.

Jennifer and Shaunie reunite at a restaurant. Jennifer mentions that they are really cordial and cool, constantly calling and texting. Jennifer mentions that she’s dating a man named Tim. She calls him a real gentlemen, mentioning that he does things like open doors and other romantic gestures that her ex husband never did.

Eventually, the conversation gets to Evelyn with Shaunie asking if they ever talked. Shaunie feels that Jenn and Evelyn can have a one on one sit down and hash things out, without anyone there. Jennifer mentions she is open to it but she is nervous about how Evelyn will act.

Tami invites and warns the ladies about her stand-up show.

Jackie and Tami join Hazel at a lingerie shop.  Hazel invites them to her music showcase and they both are excited for her. Tami also invites Hazel and Jackie to her comedy show and mentions that they may be part of the jokes. When Tami lets them know that Evelyn is invited, Jackie’s mood changes.

“I’ll be honest Tami, I’m a little bit nervous.” – Jackie

Cristen Metoyer checks in on her man, Joe Crawford.

Meanwhile, Cristen and her daughter Bray are at a park hanging out. Cristen mentions that Joe Crawford is in Michigan working on his app. Cristen calls him via FaceTime. She checks on him. During her interview, she tells a story of how she caught Joe cheating on her. Basically, their daughter found his old phone, seeing an unknown person texting him. Cristen proceeded to look at the texts.

Tami lets the shade fly at her comedy show.

It’s the night of Tami’s comedy show and all of the invited cast show up but Evelyn. Jackie mentions that Evelyn should feel embarrassed of how she acted in New York and hopes Evelyn won’t change her mind and show up.

Tami hits the stage. As Tami’s routine goes on, it’s clear that she was right to warn the ladies about the jokes. The jokes were full of lots of shade. The ones aired focused on Duffey, Evelyn and Malaysia.

She shades Duffey and says she doesn’t know where her next check will come from.

She says Evelyn had a baby with an athlete to secure her future.

And she says Malaysia is pretty and dumb enough for her and Reggie to have a three way with.

Jackie and Malaysia are invited to Shaunie’s women’s empowerment event.

The next day, Jackie and Malaysia meet up for brunch. During the sit-down, Shaunie calls Jackie to invite both Jackie and Malaysia to her women’s empowerment event. Malaysia felt Shaunie was shady in the invite since she mentions “substance” again.

Shaunie mentions that Evelyn will be at the event and on the panel. Jackie tells Shaunie to make sure that Evelyn won’t talk about her daughter. When Jackie asks if she is going to attend, Malaysia mentions she is going to Chicago, saying she isn’t ready to hang around the other ladies, yet.

Lastly, Jackie tells Malaysia she wants Shaunie to ad her her to the panel.

Evelyn and Jennifer squash their beef.

Jennifer reaches out the Evelyn, wanting to have their sit down. The two of them meet up at a beach in LA. Neither one of them are sure of how the conversation will go.

“Is she gonna turn into that girl that jumps on the table? I don’t know.” – Jennifer.

Evelyn’s goal is to let Jennifer know that she has changed and is “in a totally different place.” When they finally meet up, they bring up the passing of Jennifer’s mother and both break down in tears.

After they make use of some tissues, Evelyn brings up the fact that Jennifer never responded to her text.

Jennifer thanks her for flowers and condolences. She also apologizes for not responding to Evelyn texts. Both of them mentioned that things were crazy when they stopped talking.

Evelyn apologizes for being a mean person, harboring negative feeling towards Jennifer. Jennifer says that stuff was stupid and it’s time for them to move on. The two of them leave the beach with their friendship in tact.


What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Jackie is so fake. She had all that mouth last week but was shook at Tami’s event and kept looking over her shoulder afraid Evelyn was going to run up on her. I can’t stand Jackie right now.

  2. I am somewhat ok with Ev and Jenn being friends kinda, sorta, lol again. Forgive but I would not forget. Ev sold that friendship for cameras. They cannot go back exactly where they were but maybe they can build something new. It started over something stupid anyway. Both of them are in different spaces in their lives. Jenn is divorced and with someone and Ev is engaged with a new baby. That was then this is now. I think its ok that they are cool again. I guess. lol

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