Power Recap: Tasha Moves on + Tommy Learns the Truth


Power Recap: Tasha Moves on + Tommy Learns the Truth

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Tariq and Ghost ride the train back home silently after their encounter with Kanan and Jukebox.

While on the train, Ghost notices Tariq has blood on his collar, Ghost covers it up.

Tommy goes to the stash house Ghost robbed with Kanan and Grim informs him that Ghost was the one who robbed them with Kanan. Tommy is shocked to learn that Kanan is still alive. Grim also tells Tommy that they killed Marcus.

Seconds later, Ghost calls Tommy’s phone and demands they meet immediately because Tariq’s life is in danger.

When Tommy pulls up, he hops out the car and Tariq hugs him.

Ghost tells Tariq to get in the car so he can give Tommy a breakdown of what happened and why he robbed his stash house.

Tommy questions why Kanan is still alive if Ghost set him on fire, and Ghost tells him he’s surprised he survived but now half of his body is burned.

Tommy tells Ghost Tasha was right about Kanan being the one who kidnapped Tariq for ransom previously and Ghost is surprised Tasha didn’t tell him about the situation. When Tommy tells Ghost that Tariq lied and said the ransom was just a joke, Ghost says Kanan must have “twisted” his mind.

Ghost tells Tommy that this time Jukebox kidnapped Tariq and demanded money. He confirms that Kanan is the one who killed her and saved Tariq’s life.

Tommy cools off about Ghost robbing his stash house now knowing all of the details.

“If you were anybody the f*ck else, for any other f*cking reason, you’d be dead right now.” – Tommy

After the conversation, Tommy then questions Tariq about Dre.

“Did Dre know that Kanan was alive? Did Dre see you and Kanan together? Or was he telling the truth, that he picked you up on some corner the night you dad was arrested?” – Tommy

“Slim, I mean, Kanan, he stayed out of sight. Dre didn’t know and I didn’t tell him.” – Tariq

Angela gets an update on her suspension.

Mak lets Angela, Saxe and Mike know that their suspensions will continue while everyone’s individual involvement will be reviewed. He tells them that he believes they will all end up getting fired. He taunts them and assures them that his career will be fine while they may need to consider working in other industries.

Angela points out that he was the captain of the team and deserves to be suspended just like everyone else. However, Mak explains that he argued that he is a newcomer who lacked the institutional knowledge to avoid the mishaps of the case. Therefore, he won’t be suspended and his career will remain intact.

Mike asks what’s the status of Ghost’s case since it was dismissed without prejudice, and Mak says the department is hungry to get vengeance for Greg.

Mak says he’s going to find Greg’s killer and he doesn’t want any of them anywhere near the case.

“You are civilians now. And don’t do anything stupid and try to get your jobs back. I’m gonna solve this case. You guys should start considering the private sector.” – Mak

Tariq goes off on Tasha, Tasha and Ghost clash.

When Tariq and Ghost get home, Tasha questions where they have been.

Tariq goes off on her for not being honest about what happened to Shawn.

“You lied to me!” – Tariq

“Excuse me?” – Tasha

“When I asked you about Shawn, you lied straight to my face.” – Tariq

“Shawn? What the hell are you talking about?” – Tasha

“Tasha, he was with Kanan, okay? Kanan kidnapped Tariq and apparently it ain’t the first time.” – Ghost

“So, Slim was Kanan this whole time?” – Tasha

Ghost tells Tariq to go shower so he can talk things out with Tasha.

In their bedroom, they begin to argue about the whole situation.

Tasha tries to explain that she’s been trying to tell Ghost about Tariq’s behavior but he never gave her a chance to talk. She also tells him she did the best she could so but Tariq lies all the time.

“You had one job, Tasha.” – Ghost

“One job? I was dealing with you lying son, on top of scraping together money for your bail and playing wifey in court while your oblivious a*s was sitting around in prison because Proctor didn’t want you stressed out. What the f*ck?” – Tasha

“Okay, okay. So it’s easy to be locked up? For something you didn’t even do?” – Ghost

“That’s right. You were innocent. But please remind me again why you got arrested.” – Tasha

“For protecting Tommy.” – Ghost

“Wrong! You got arrested because you dipped your d*ck in that Fed b*tch.” – Tasha

“Give me a break. This ain’t got sh*t to do with Angela.” – Ghost

“Oh, it doesn’t? Are you f*cking kidding me? Tariq used to be a good kid, Ghost. Then he started talking back, stealing guns, and lying when you decided to live this family for her.” – Tasha

“I didn’t leave our family. I left you.” – Ghost

“Right. You left me because our life together was real. And with Angela, you could pretend to be something you never were.” – Tasha

Ghost tells Tasha that it’s not about them or Angela and it’s about “motherf*cking Kanan” and Tasha tells him he should have killed “motherf*cking Kanan” like she told him to do ten years ago.

Raina is hearing this entire conversation as she quietly listens on at the door. She knocks on the door and tells them that there and a man is there to see them.

Turns out their visitor is Stern.

He tells Tasha and Ghost that they need to do an interview with top journalist, Olivia Gorman, for an image makeover.

When Stern’s assistant tells Tasha that she and the kids will need to be a part of the interview, she tells them that it’s not going to happen because the kids have already been though so much.

However, Stern reminds Ghost that the interview will help people see him as a legit business man and clean the slate.

Ghost tells Tasha it’s for there family’s future and tells Stern that the whole family will be ready.

Tommy meets with Dre and pulls out his gun and asks him about Kanan and Jukebox on sight.

Dre denies knowing anything about Kanan and Jukebox kidnapping Tariq and Tommy puts his gun away. Dre asks Tommy if Tariq told him that he knew about Kanan and Tommy confirms that Tariq did not.

Dre then tells Tommy that he wanted to meet because he can’t get in touch with Julio. He found his car and he believes Julio might have been killed with the body being nearby.

They go inside the warehouse he was killed and find his body.

When Tommy notices that his neck tattoo was cut off, he realizes the Toros Locos killed him. He tells Dre he wants to meet with them and their leader Uriel immediately because they disrespected him and Ghost.

“With Ghost out the game, looks like the Toros Locos are sending a message that they ain’t scared of just me. Well they just f*cked up big time.” – Tommy

Dre is then promoted to distro before Tommy leaves.

Dre then keels close to Julio’s body and proclaims himself as the winner.

“I win motherf*cker.” – Dre

After their taunting session with Mak, Angela, Mike and Saxe start to feel the pressure. As they walk out the meeting, Saxe tells Angela that he plans on taking her and Ghost down as Mike watches on.

Tommy and Ghost talk about Julio and Ghost tells Tommy that he should not make a move now against the Toros Locos because it would be a bad look for him.

Tommy is annoyed that Ghost is telling him what to do but Ghost reminds him that he still has a case to beat and his case affects Tommy too.

After Ghost says he’s just trying to make calls that will keep both of them safe. Tommy brings up the fact that he didn’t tell him that Ruiz was wearing a wire the night he killed him. Tommy goes on to tell Ghost that Proctor told him that he broke into Greg’s apartment to steal the tape but wasn’t successful. He then tells Ghost that he got the tape but Tommy refuses to give Ghost the details.

Tommy leaves and says he’s going to handle to the Toros Locos.

Raina snaps.

Tasha has a talk with Raina and warns her to stay away from a man named Kanan.

When Raina asks if Kanan is why she was arguing with Ghost earlier, Tasha says no and tells her that conversation is nothing she needs to worry about. This angers Raina.

“What’s wrong baby girl?” – Tasha

“Stop calling me that. Stop treating me like a damn baby.” – Raina

“Raina!” – Tasha

“What? I know something is going on around here and no one is telling me anything. Who is this Kanan and why is he so dangerous?” – Raina

Tasha finally tells Raina that Tariq got caught up with Kanan and got in over his head. She wants Raina to tell her the next time he sneaks out so they can keep him safe.

Raina tells her she will watch Tariq.

Saxe and Mike meet with Mak and tell him they believe Donovan may be the one who planted the gun and killed Greg.

Mak asks Mak if Proctor got in his head but Mike says that Proctor made a lot of sense despite being corrupt. Mak says he will look into things.

Meanwhile, Angie meets with Donovan at a nearby restaurant and asks Donovan who else was at Truth when they found the gun. He confirms Mike and few others were there.

She asks him to look at the other tapes and find out who went upstairs to Ghost’s office on the day they found the gun.

Tasha and Silver’s attraction continues to build.

Tasha meets with Silver and tells him about the upcoming interview. He tells her it’s a bad idea but she has to do the interview with him because she’s part of Ghost’s image and “redemption story.”

She tells him to come so he can have Ghost’s back but Silver tells her he doesn’t want to represent Ghost anymore. However, after Tasha tells him that she needs him, Silver tells her he will be there but just for her. It’s obvious that they are attracted to each other.

Proctor updates Ghost on Tommy.

Ghost meets with Proctor and asks why he wasn’t aware that Ruiz’s tape resurfaced and that Tommy heard it. Proctor says he didn’t tell Ghost because he and Tommy handled the situation. He eventually tells Ghost that Tommy is out of pocket and killed the Homeland Security Agent who was in possession of the tape.

“James, Tommy wasted the guy in my apartment.” – Proctor

“You’re telling me Tommy shot a f*cking Homeland Security Agent?” – Ghost

“No, stabbed. Man, Tommy’s a f*cking psycho. You think I tell him what to do? He’s the real threat here.” – Proctor

“Where’s the tape now, Joe?” – Ghost

“It’s – it’s destroyed. It’s destroyed.” – Proctor

Ghost tells Proctor to have his apartment professionally clean. Proctor says he already did and Ghost tells him to do it two more times before walking away.

Tommy and Dre meets with Uriel and the Toros Locos.

They blame Julio’s death on one of their members but Tommy thinks it’s odd that one person could take down Julio. Despite that, Tommy shoots the accused in the head and then turns his gun on Uriel.

Dre tells Tommy that Uriel is telling the truth but Tommy wants the territory he and Ghost gave the gang in exchange for Julio’s freedom back.

Uriel tells Tommy that he can’t do that until he gets permission from the Jimenez. Tommy says he wants to talk to them and Uriel needs to set it up or he dies.

Uriel warns Tommy that the Jimenez are crazy but Tommy doesn’t care.

After Tommy leaves, Uriel tells Dre that he said killing Julio would work. But Dre quips back that he told them not to make it look like Julio was killed by the Toros Locos but they removed his neck tattoo anyway.

He warns that if a war happens, they will both lose.

Meanwhile, the Jimenez take out a couple as a result of the man snorting all of their product instead of selling it. They force the man to overdose and kill his girlfriend in front of their baby. Some blood gets on the baby and they calmly wipe the blood off and take the child with them.

Mak’s suspicions grow.

Mak meets with Sax and questions why he met with Bailey, the Homeland Security Agent. He’s starting to suspect that Saxe had something to do with Greg’s murder.

Saxe tells Mak that Donovan wasn’t his idea and Mike is the one pushing that Donovan is the killer.

Mak tells Saxe he’s waiting to hear back from Bailey to ask him about their meeting and he should remain in the city just in case an arrest needs to be made.

This concerns Saxe.

Ghost and the family have their sit-down interview.

Everything goes well at first. Ghost doesn’t shy away when he is asked about his affair with Angela. He says that he and Tasha are working on their marriage and Tasha says she’s committed to keeping the family together. But when Tasha is asked why she isn’t wearing her wedding ring, she freezes up and looks at Silver. He taps himself, and Tasha then tells Olivia that she sold her wedding ring to pay for Ghost’s attorney fees. She also takes some blame in Ghost’s affair.

“And I must say, the affair wasn’t entirely his fault either. I had stopped believing in his dreams. But now after everything we’ve been though, we’re stronger than ever.” – Tasha

“Amen.” – Ghost

Silver smiles at her.

Donovan comes to Angie’s place to bring over files. He tells her about the meeting Saxe had with Bailey but Angie says she knows Saxe isn’t a killer. Donovan agrees and they decide to start doing some digging at her place.

Tariq meets wth Dre to get some answers.

Since Tariq covered for Dre about knowing about Kanan, he wants to know the truth about his parents. Dre confirms that Ghost got Kanan sent to jail after killing their boss Breeze. Tariq now understands why Kanan hates Ghost and kidnapped him.

When Tariq asks Dre if Tommy knew about Ghost sending Kanan to jail, Dre says he didn’t know. But he confirms to Tariq that Tasha knew.

Tommy and Dre meet with Diego and Alicia Jimenez.

Tommy is surprised that the Jimenez isn’t two brothers but instead a sister and brother.

He explains that the Toros Locos were out of line for killing Julio since they made a deal with Ghost. However, the Jimenez point out that Julio was fair game because Ghost is out of the game.

Regardless, Tommy says they still had a deal that should have been honored. Especially since they gave up territory as part of the deal.

He now wants the territory back and six new Toros Locos corners and access to their port connections in California, while he will kick back a percentage.

When asked if the Serbs told him to ask for this, he says Jason wants him to expand to the west coast but they already owe him anyway.

He tells them that they owe him for killing Lobos, but they thought they killed him with the hit they placed on him while he was in prison. However, Tommy tells them Lobos survived and he killed Lobos later preventing him from snitching on them. Since Lobos’ death, the Jimenez have been the top dogs in Mexico.

Plus they are free to now travel stateside so Tommy says they owe him twice.

The Jimenez tell him they need time to think and will be back and touch. Tommy tells them not to take too long.

Tariq is still doing lean and playing video games when Ghost walks in to talk.

Ghost asks Tariq how the violent games don’t bother him after seeing Jukebox killed but Tariq says “it’s not real.”

Ghost turns off the TV and starts asking him about Kanan. Tariq says Kanan walked up on him while he was out and told him that he is a friend of Ghost’s and they grew up together.

Ghost says Kanan wanted to hurt Tariq but Tariq points out that Kanan is the one who saved his life.

He reiterates to Tariq that Kanan is a bad man who killed his own son.

Tariq then says Shawn said Kanan was in jail a long time and asks if he and Tasha had anything to do with that. Ghost says no and Tony calls him warning him that he has two days to put him in touch with Tommy.

Ghost sends a text to Tommy urging him to see him immediately to talk.

Tasha goes out for karaoke with Silver and ends up singing a Whitney Houston song.

Mike meets with Mak and confirms that he wasn’t watching his peers the whole time at Truth and there’s time that can’t be accounted for. Mak begins to get suspicious of Mike.

While enjoying their time out for karaoke, Tasha and Silver kiss.

Ghost tries to make things right.

The next morning, Ghost surprises Tasha with a new wedding ring. He tells her she earned it for the interview and he needs her to look the part for the welcome home party Stern pushed him to throw at Truth later that night. He puts it on her finger and he tells her that she made him a better man the day before. He kisses her on the lips and Tasha is conflicted.

At the party, Ghost meets councilman Leonard. Stern wants Ghost to work with him, and finds out that Stern wants to build property in Manhattan and avoid the hood. This doesn’t sit well with Ghost since he wants the opposite from their deal.

Tommy comes by to check on Tariq.

Tommy tells Tariq that Kanan isn’t coming back and he doesn’t have to be scared. But Tariq says he’s not scared.

He asks Tommy if he helped Ghost put Kanan in jail. Tommy tells him he didn’t have anything to do with that. Tariq then tells him that Kanan said Ghost and Tommy sold drugs and have killed people.

When Tariq asks Tommy if it’s true that he’s killed people, Tommy says that is a conversation they to have when he’s older.

Tariq asks why they can’t talk about it now and Tommy urges him to to just ask Ghost because it’s not his story to tell.

This annoys Tariq and Tommy tells him that he just needs to know that Kanan isn’t a good guy.

“It’s hard to tell who’s good and bad anymore.” – Tariq

Tommy then leaves.

Olivia meddles, Ghost meets Tate.

Later on at the party, Tasha plays her role, but it doesn’t fool Olivia. She tells Ghost that Tasha is obviously no longer in love with him.

“She doesn’t love you anymore. I can tell.” – Olivia

Seconds later, Ghost meets Rishad Tate, a councilman in Queens. Tate asks Ghost if Stern is pushing his interest in the Minority Trade Commission but Ghost says he just wants to give back.

Tate tells Ghost that a development loan can be a good thing if it’s used properly or be just another part of city corruption. He tells Ghost there’s a property in his district that Ghost might find interesting. Tate tells him to give him a call and Ghost says he will be in touch.

Tariq does more lean in his room and Raina comes by to talk about Tasha and Ghost. He tells her that Tommy, Tasha and Ghost are all liars and that Ghost is a drug dealer who has killed people. He says Tasha and Tommy were in on it too.

She tells him she overheard Tasha telling Ghost he should have killed Kanan a long time ago.

Raina suggests they leave and go to a prep school in Connecticut. But Tariq doesn’t want to go to a “white a*s nerd school” in the suburbs.

Raina says Ghost could go back to the jail if they don’t play their roles but Tariq says he doesn’t care.

Tariq calls her an idiot and Raina pushes him.

She reminds him they won’t have the lifestyle they have anymore if Ghost goes back to prison. Tariq gets angry and grabs her and pushes her out of his room. Raina falls on the floor in the hallway and he slams his bedroom door.

Silver talks to Tasha at the party and mentions her new wedding ring. He’s frustrated as he watches Tasha play her role.

Stern tells Ghost to stay away from Tate. Stern thinks Tate will be hard to control and Ghost tells him it’s a good thing he’s a silent partner.

Mike is ready to kill again, Donavan and Angie make a major discovery.

Mike heads over to Donovan’s place to kill him. But when Donovan’s daughter answers the door and tells him that her father isn’t there, he has a change of plans and leaves.

Angela and Donovan watch the other footage from the club and see Mike walking upstairs to Ghost’s office.

They start to realize that it was Mike who planted the gun at Truth. Seconds later, Saxe knocks on the door and tells Angela that Donavan is the killer but Angie shows him that Donovan is on her couch and Donovan confirms he heard every word. Both invite him in to watch the footage.

Tasha comes by Silver’s place and tries to explain the new ring.

She also tells him the she wonders how her life would have been if she met him first. They sleep together.

Tommy and Ghost come clean.

Tommy comes by the club to see what Ghost needs and Ghost tells him to call Tony. He explains that he killed a security guard and he’s in debt to Tony. He hands Ghost the phone Tony gave him and told him to call him immediately.

Ghost asks Tommy who discarded Bailey’s body and Tommy says Proctor’s guy handled everything. Tommy also tells him that Proctor is the one who took the tape. Realizing that Proctor could crack, Ghost tells Tommy he will handle Proctor.

Mak confronts Proctor outside of his condo and tells him Bailey is missing and his number is one of the last ones on Bailey’s call log. Proctor tells Mak he has no idea what happened to Bailey and Mak tells him that Tommy and Ghost are going to end up killing him and he should save himself.

“You’re going to talk to me or they’re going to kill you. It’s up to you what happens first.” – Mak

Proctor walks in his condo unbothered while Ghost looks on from across the street.

Tommy calls Tony.

Tony tells Tommy that he is his father but he wasn’t in his life because Tommy’s mother Kate told him to stay away.

He met Kate while she was a dancer and has a thing for redheads. He tells Tommy he wants him to come see him.

A stunned Tommy remains speechless in his car.


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  1. Anonymous

    August 7, 2017 at 11:18 am

    Tasha is a hoe.

    • Babygirl

      August 7, 2017 at 11:49 am


    • IJS

      August 7, 2017 at 12:19 pm

      She only slept with 3 people on the show. Ghost, Shawn and now Silver. I wouldn’t classify her as a hoe. I just think she wants attention and goes overboard when someone gives it to her.

      • Anonymous

        August 7, 2017 at 5:07 pm

        I can agree with that but in comparison to Ghost, she is a hoeish. Ghost has only had one affair. Tasha is on affair number two.

  2. Nicole

    August 7, 2017 at 11:27 am

    I didn’t expect Tasha and Silver to sleep together this soon. :-/

    • Anonymous

      August 7, 2017 at 11:54 am

      They are trying to make Tasha look like shoe and Angie look like a saint. The agenda is clear as day to make the black woman a slutty, terrible mother while the Puerto Rican saves Ghost and wants him to go clean! I’m just about over this show!

      • Anonymous

        August 7, 2017 at 11:56 am

        * a hoe

  3. Viv

    August 7, 2017 at 11:34 am

    It’s funny how Tasha and Angie are always called hoes on Twitter but no one says the same thing about Ghost, a married man who had no problem cheating on his wife and pretty much abandoning his kids for his mistress.

  4. Mona

    August 7, 2017 at 1:10 pm

    The last time I checked, Tasha and Ghost were over. So she can date if she wants to. Ghost had a whole relationship with Angela and moved in with her so where was the hoe accusations then?

  5. Lay Lay

    August 7, 2017 at 2:03 pm

    There has been too much Tasha slander on Twitter and I am not here for it.

  6. Lisa

    August 7, 2017 at 3:36 pm

    I love Power but they need to really be careful with how they write Naturi’s character. A lot of people are pissed about her sleeping with Silver and Ghost calling out her mothering. They need to tread lightly before they get boycotted.

  7. Damn shame

    August 10, 2017 at 8:03 pm

    Tasha a hoe why f-ck the dudes In your husband circle

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