Black Ink Crew Chicago Recap: Ryan Has a Medical Scare + Charmaine Clashes with Cobra’s New Boo

The gang discusses Cobra and Lily’s fight and Bone coming to the shop.

They agree that Lily is out of line for getting frisky with JR in the kitchen, and they all agree it was a major moment for the legendary rap group to come to the shop.

Danielle then announces she plans on having her fashion show to promote her new fashion blog. Styling is her passion.

She says she will have a formal audition but she plans to have the crew in her lineup.

She also asks if she can have the fashion show at the shop and Ryan says it’s fine since she’s always supported his events.

After Van’s daughter gets a F in PE, Van decides he needs to whip her into shape by doing some physical training. He says he wants to do it everyday until her grade improves.

She then tells him she misses Jen and she wants them to work things out.

After she tells him to do something similar to a prom proposal to win Jen back, Van agrees.

Lily moves in with JR.

After fighting with Cobra, Lily has been shacking up with JR. In a green screen interview, JR says he likes spending time with her and it feels like they are in a real relationship.

While out for drinks one evening, JR’s phone keeps ringing and he ignores it and tells Lily that it’s just clients calling.

When he gets up to go to the bathroom, Lily looks at his phone and sees a text message from a woman calling him “Zaddy” and asking him to come to her house later that night and “tat” her.

When another text comes in, Lily tells JR that’s not a client and JR questions why she looked at his phone.

In a green screen interview, JR says it really is a client texting hm and she jokingly calls him “Zaddy.” He’s annoyed by Lily’s jealousy.

He gets up and walks out of the restaurant.

At the shop, the gang tries to come up with ideas for Van so he can woo back Jen.

His daughter suggests they have someone kidnap her.

Charmaine doesn’t think it’s a good idea but Van is sold on it.

Lily tries to make things right with Cobra.

Lily comes to the realization that she doesn’t like living with JR and decides to return to Cobra’s place to talk things out.

Cobra a happens to be cleaning the countertops during this, and Lily apologizes for allowing things to get so bad. Lily says she’s tired of fighting and Cobra apologizes too because she misses Lily’s company.

They hug it out.

“I’m really glad we got to resolve things.” – Cobra

Cobra tells Lily that she has her first date with a girl and she’s terrified. She tells Lily that Danielle helped her pick out something to wear.

“I’m excited for you. Just have fun.” – Lily

Ryan gets honest with his mother.

Ryan spends some time with his mother and he tells her that he’s really stressed out from work and being in a serious relationship with Rachel.

He says they are working towards marriage but sometimes he feels like he needs a break.

His mom reminds him that Rachel is a stay at home mom and he needs to be careful not to stress her out.

In a green screen interview, Ryan says Rachel is hard to please and it can be a lot to take at times.

Cobra goes on her date.

Her date, Velvet, drinks a lot and tells Cobra she’s nervous because she hasn’t dated a lot of women.

Cobra tells her she has the same predicament and she was with a man for seven years.

When Velvet tells Cobra that she’s a stripper, Cobra is intrigued because she feels it’s a cool profession.

Velvet also opens up about getting a boob job and she and Cobra start kissing.

“I feel pretty lucky. I can’t wait to see where this goes.” – Cobra

Velvet suggests they go to the bathroom and make out and Cobra is down for it.

Lily reconnects with a male friend.

Her friend, Plug, is an up and coming rapper. He invites her to come watch him film a music video and they catch up in the studio after.

In a green screen interview, Lily says they had a fling before she got serious with JR. Plug tells her his father passed away recently and he wanted to talk to her because he knows she would understand what he’s feeling.

She hugs him.

After she tells him she will always be there for him, they start making out in the studio and she invites him to her place with Cobra.

Van gets some help from JR, Charmaine, and Phor.

They all meet at the shop, in all black and prepare to kidnap Jen.

When the locate Jen in a parking lot, they hop out the car and place a bag over her head. She removes it and they reveal themselves and greet her with balloons and a sign asking for her to take Van back.

Van apologizes to her and kisses her.

She reminds him that he caused their split and he surprises her with her old keys to his place. He tells her it’s a pre-engagement gesture.

Jen is not amused but eventually admits Van is a “lovable idiot” she loves for better or worse and he better be serious about getting married soon. They kiss and make up.

“I got my woman back, finally.” – Van

Ryan becomes a target of the gossip blogs.

While in the shop, Cobra tells Ryan that she read on the blogs that a woman who is claiming to be pregnant by Carmelo Anthony is claiming she dated Ryan and it could be his baby as well.

He says it’s not his baby. He eventually admits they used to date in the past but he’s with Rachel now.

Danielle has her fashion show, Charmaine clashes with Cobra’s new boo.

Danielle’s nerves are a wreck.

Charmaine plans on keeping her calm but things get interesting after Cobra’s new boo Velvet comes in.

Phor and Don immediately recognize her from the strip club.

JR calls Lily while she’s at the party, and once again reiterates that he’s not cheating and the woman who texted him really is a client. He apologizes and tells her he loves her.

He’s out in Kansas City because his friend just had a baby.

Lily is happy he has deep feelings for her and regrets not trusting him.

Ryan is late to the fashion show and they suspect it may be because of the gossip.

They also can’t locate Van, just minutes before the show starts.

Charmaine starts twerking on stage to give Danielle some extra time.

Danielle locates Van and Ryan eventually strolls in. She tells him he’s too late to walk down the catwalk. This annoys Ryan but he didn’t want to walk anyway.

The show finally starts and everything comes together.

After the show, Charmaine tells Danielle she can’t locate the watch she loaned Cobra for her date.

When they see Cobra, she tells them she lost the watch after she got drunk and sick.

Velvet calls them out for thinking Cobra stole the watch and Charmaine says in a green screen interview that Velvet has a history of being a thief.

After arguing, Cobra throws cash at Charmaine.

Security intervenes and breaks it up. Charmaine tells Cobra to get her “build a bear” out of the shop.

Cobra and Velvet leave.

Later, Ryan can’t get in touch with Rachel and ends up calling his dad. He tells him he is having chest pains and can’t move his arm. His dad calls him an ambulance.

They arrive and transport him to the hospital.


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