Major Publication Accuses Wendy Williams’ Husband Kevin Hunter of Cheating

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: A.J. Niles

Wendy Williams is normally the one who is dishing out the shade and crazy gossip.

The host of the hit syndicated talk show, is most known for her shady comments and unfiltered commentary of celebrities and socialites.

However, she may be the one that has to deal with scandalous drama and gossip thanks to her husband Kevin Hunter.

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  1. And she won’t say a peep about this on her show. Anyway, this ain’t the first time Kevin has been exposed. Wendy won’t divorce him because she has no backbone. But she should because he’s the one who needs her since she’s the breadwinner and has been for years.

  2. Open marriage = both people in the marriage are seeing other people

    Kevin just cheats and has for years because he knows Wendy won’t do anything about it. Wendy is just the typical weak woman.

  3. Yet Wendy had the audacity to say Rihanna isn’t marriage material. The good sis needs to keep Rihanna’s name out her mouth and figure out why her husband has never been faithful.

  4. I believe this 100%. It’s so funny, because the other day during her hot topics segment she was speaking on Jesse Williams situation with his wife, and she basically said how f-cked up it is for men who come up in life to leave the woman who stuck by them during their struggle to get where they are for a new chick. It’s not what she said it’s how she said it, her tone was upsetting and I just knew something wasn’t right and a few days later this story come out. No coincidence at all!

  5. So Kevin bought this chick a house with Wendy’s money and his name is on the mail with hers too? Oh hell naw. Wendy needs to get a backbone asap!

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