Tina Campbell Claps Back at Backlash over Voting for Donald Trump

Mary Mary recently appeared on “The Real” to discuss the final season of their reality show.

While there, Tina Campbell addressed the backlash she’s been receiving for voting for Donald Trump.

Check out the exchange below:

Tina Campbell: What I said is, if during your campaign what you said appealed to me and it appealed to my Christian values more than the other candidate then when it comes down to it; I chose based on my faith. I didn’t really like either one of the candidates if I could just be honest. But it was two people that had the chance of winning and so I voted based on my faith. Do I agree with everything that’s being done and being said? No! Do I promote and advocate any of that? No. And do I choose to give any more of my time to anybody who has an opinion about my right to vote and to who I vote for and what behind it, not at all. So what’s the next question?

[The Real audience cheers and claps.]

Loni Love: Okay!

Erica Campbell: Tina Campbell ladies and gentlemen. [Laughs.]

Jeannie Mai: That’s it and I like what you were saying on that last part right there.

Tina: I’m a Christian. I’m supposed to pray for the leader, “stand with” does not mean I agree with everything. It means that I pray for you and I pray…

Erica: Let’s pray for him to get out of there that’s what I… let’s pray for him to be impeached.

Loni: But do you understand that people were a little upset because of the things that he’s been doing to this country?

[The Real audience cheers and claps.]

Tina: I’m upset with the things that he’s doing in this country.

Loni: We got a follow up though for you.

Tina: I’m upset with a lot of that, but I don’t agree with a lot of the choices. And I established that in my letter, but nobody wants to talk about that.

Loni: But you do have a right to vote for who you want to vote for… but people were upset and you can understand that.

Tina: I ain’t out campaigning for nobody but Jesus, you know what I’m saying.

[The Real audience cheers and claps.]


Check out the video below:

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  1. There’s no need for her to be snotty about it. She’s getting dragged because she sounds stupid. Donald Trump is not a Christian. Stop the foolishness.

  2. What Christian values does Trump have? He’s been divorced multiple times, he’s a bigot and doesn’t even care about poor people. He’s literally the opposite of Jesus Christ. People are so intellectually lazy these days. They don’t even try to use their brains.

  3. Fake christian hiding behind her faith. I been done with her since she said she was thinking about killing herself and her kids but yet you such a devout christian.

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